Thursday 20 December 2012

21.12.12 is just the Begining ...

a lot of people are talking about

& fearing

end of the world

& so they should

because the world they gno & have made

will not last long

a new world is rising

one that is not according to their machinations

so ...


Vintish said...

I bow

Vintish said...


Vintish said...

dhanya hai Prabhu ❀(◠‿◠)❀

Shahid said...

niIts past 3 in the morning,
21-12-12 is here and just watched your Fab, Rays of the sun and Shiv Narayan video also so glad to start this New Day with Darshan of Lord Narayan.

Jai Narayan.

miragegirl said...

mein aap ke sath, aap ke paas rahna cahti hu

Aap Kalki hai

Aap ko mera Pranam

miragegirl said...

main aap ke sath, aap ke paas rahna cahti hu

Aap Kalki hai

Aap ko mera Pranam

asha Pi arTi said...

i bow i bow i bow i bow i bow i bow

You are the most Light hearted loving being and oh! with the best sense of humour !! :) i love Your wording !

You are the only One who sets the record straight on all accounts and about everything !!

love it ! absolutely love it !!!

always Beautiful words and films >>its honestly the Best thing ever to witness such PuriTy on Earth ~ all due to You PT ~ i bow !!!!

pinx said...

ePic & Profound words !!!

PT Avatar ki Jai ho ! You are the heralder of the new age ! and what a sublime soundtrack which accompanies this heralding !

absolutely glorious and triumphant sounds ! sounds which can only emanate from the One ! an amazing tapestry of electric wonders, Your guitar sings a mighty tune ! all to the very steady & groovy foundation of Your sophisticated bassline ! this is music that can penetrate to the core ! music which offers a gateway to another world ! a Higher realm, a Divine age ! You are restoring Earth realm to the glory of yore and beyond !

and such a magnificent sight it is to behold Your interaction with the crop formation phenomena ! beautiful images You have shared in this video ! You have inspired so many wonderful formations ! the magical nature of Your being is clearly evident, the grace and poise and effortless harmony with the Elementals and Bhudevi which You exhibit is so humbling, aweing, and inspiring !

21.12.12 is just the begining ! the NewSun has risen !

I Bow !

miragegirl said...

kaliyug ki duniya bahut tarikon se narak sa hai

yah suun kar accha lagta hai ki dard bari duniya mein acchaie ke liye badlav ka ab samay hai

Aap ka har vakya satya hai

Aap ke shakti ka parichay aapke internet par LotusOcean ke vids, P casa, aap ka India Plog, aap ka LotusOcean mukya pusthi, aap ki astrology ke phane, aap ki phustake, sab se milta hai

Aap gyanvan hai

Aap mein Poori fractality hai

Aap ati uttam kalakar hai

Aap Param kalakar hai

Aap mein sari Agni Phires samaye huey hai

Aap P ~ Hari hai

Aap Prashant sheshnaag par assen duniya ko dekte aur sab ke vikas ke liye P logs bolte aur likte hai

Aap bahut dayalu hai

Aap Kalki hai

Aap mahan hai

Aap ko mera Pranam

miragegirl said...

the Aquarian Age Heralder is here
he kills evil and removes fear
all gather from far and near
sing Praises of 'just a visitor here'
remember a fact with imPlicaTions severe
doors to heaven, oPen only to the sincere


your music is like a fresh breeze that softly soothes one
you are the NewSun, the true heaven sent One


beautiful One with sParkling golden hue,
the undeniable fact is that the Divine Axis is you


handsome one with comPleTe Passion
emitting warm rays of sunshine
true guru, true seer, true rockstar
truth in every way only you are


glistening sweet rays of hoPe
from you and from all you do
singing Praises of what you do
all can find haPPiness, it is so true

miragegirl said...

you are the one who can make one feel featheary lite by being next to you when you produce music

your heavenly voice intensly energizes every Place and every being

you are the best at everything you do

you are a Pure PersonaliTy

it is a Pleasure to be around you

your works are all at the highest level

all one needs to do is Pay Proper continous atttrention to any of your works

true change in one beings such

and haPPiness over time one would also feel

real haPPiness, ever lasting haPPiness that is

that cant be said for any other being on this PlaneT

and life actually becomes different

it becomes worth living when one is Praising you

Praising you gives real haPPiness

can actually be literally seen in the haPPy smiles that one has because of Praising you, by paying attention to you

you helP one step into a world which will not only helP imProve one in this life but most importantly for life after life too

your might is so outwardly, so intensly, so clearly visible from your recent Navratri 2012 videos

they are all wonderful

so are all LotusOcean videos

i bow to the great PersonaliTy that you are

pinx said...

from a distant land He has come
Elementals dance to His strum

from up above form like the sky
dazzling brilliance in His eye

a phiery vision so bold and true
forever enchanted by His hue

eyes like suns blazing bright
never before seen such light

a wing span vast its end not seen
a more brilliant sight there could not have been

such a vision my eye did see
a precious gift bestowed to me

and in that moment life anew
the form of God is in full view

what mercy shown the Lord gnos best
from then the spirit put to test

a chance but once in lifetimes take
the PaTh to God is there to make

He gnos the way to worlds so great
a chance is given to change one's fate

and such is His mercy He calmly awaits
for those to awaken and rush to His gates

who keeps the vision of Him so dear
rises ahead from tier to tier

far and wide come gather near
the NewSun has risen, new era is here !

Anonymous said...

Praises to P! i bow.

Anonymous said...

the Plumed SerPenT has descended from on high
to usher in the new world which is nigh
You can not run
You can not hide
for PT is the all seeing eye

He abides above all fear
He is the One and only seer
here to steer the way to the real
inPhiniTy and beyond.

the Avatar walks the Earth and Sky
PainTing rainbows as he Passes by
bringing thunder, lighting and rain
to make all fresh and new again
Lord Kalki is here
to shift this world into a new gear
free and clear of all not in line
with Divine

He heals the land with his
every sTeP
every strum
every beat
all devas and elements bow at his feet
all evil and demons run in retreat
for they are unable to stand under the heat
of the blazing glory of His Truth.

He is invincible and PrisTine
His whole being glistens and gleams
His voice thunderously sings
as he commands the seen and unseen
croP circles signifying his Divine activity

He is the Lord of Time
The One for whom all Pine
He is the Tride and True
Guru of all gurus
Gnower of all gnowledge
God of all gods
Praises be to the One who is Phree!
in constant service to He
one want always be
bowing down to the Lord of Lords
the Highest of the High
The One and only

asha Pi arTi said...

i bow !

so impressive how You always speak with sense and logick P and always deal with Reality !

On 21/12/2015, at 23:24, Avatar wrote:
> its a simple switch - from getting praise and going deeper into hell to giving praise and rising into real bliss

On 21/12/2015, at 23:24, Avatar wrote:
> nothing very complicated

Your solstice words tonight like every moment are totally EPIC just had to share bc everything about You is so shareable and so very sexy and cool ! so glad the Avatar is on Earth !

i bow !

Anonymous said...

i bow
it is SO Phun to travel back to the real PhuTure and see the beginning of the end of the PreTend!
LotusOcean is the coolest sPace and Place on Earth!
everything You create is simPly amazing P!!!
SO Phun to sPeak the Praises for the Avatar here!
and read the Avatars recent words of Truth!
always SO wise! and SO Profound!
love the way the Avatar simPly uncomPlicaTes things!
i agree. it really is SO cool and imPressive how intelligent and logical and PracTical the Avatar always is!
PT is the only ONE who sees reality as it is and deals with it PerfecTly!
PT always PhuncTions on the highest level in every moment!
there is none in this world like P!
You and Your way is the ultimate way P!
the Only Real way!
and it so comPassionaTe of You to Provide so many ways to give Praise to the only ONE to Praise!
so grateful the Avatar is here!!! the only ONE who gnos and can guide the way!
i bow

sarah said...

You are a PropheT ! You are so PrescienT ! You are the only One who gnows.

Anonymous said...

You are the Beginning and You are the end. I bow to your infinite divinity.

Unknown said...

i bow

asha Pi arTi said...

a new world is rising

one that is not according to their machinations

so ...

EPIC WORDS .. through Your Grace and one's own Praise of You
one is still here to witness what all has happened over the last
four years ... the magnitude and Power of Your Judgement !
it is really lovely to read Your words out loud and the
Praises of You here too ! You are so Mercyfull and Miraculous !

Your Great PurificaTion is so so so welcome and its beautyfull
and humbling to see how Bhudevi celebrates You !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i bow so gratefull You are here !!

ki vernee said...

You are so kind and gracious to bring forth the new world ! You will always be wictorious over evil ! i bow !

Unknown Andanonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Divine is amazing. i bow to the divine.🙏🙇

nicolas said...

magnificent! i love this! i am so gratephul for your presence on this plane! this is amazing! you are divine
i bow to you supreme lord