Saturday 26 November 2011


beings on this plane-t

are doing all kind of actions

but majority of them are PoinTless

as they are PTless

PT ( ParamaTma )

gives the Axis

around which they can

raise themselves

pointlessness of it all

becomes clear to them

from time to time

especially near death

but they keep on regardless

there can be no other evil

except relentness immersion

in pointlessness

their pointless actions

may at best

create amusement for divine

but will bring only misery

for themselves


ShivaYaShive said...

very beautiful. PoinT(BINDU)is an exPerience thru sound n light.

Si iris P said...

Yes ! PT gets to the PoinT !

You expose evil with your clear & precise & truthful observations & give a way out of it.

PT is the Axis around we can raise ourselves ... ! what amazing grace !

what great good fortune that You are here !

i bow

asha Pi arTi said...

This is so True.

Love your clear precise wording ... and perfect definition of evil... ' relentless immersion in pointlessness ' !

i'm so glad You are here to immerse one's time in instead !

* bowing to the real Truth of PT *

Shahid said...

" majority of them are PoinTless

as they are PTless"

Wah Prabhu, ekdum sahi baat hai.

Most of the world seems to be lost in the jungle of Pointlessness. In such a world, your crystal clear writings are such a blessing.

Jo paday PT Log , woh bajja day Maya ka band :)

I desire to serve LORD NARAYAN 24 X 7. Please take me under your shelter Lord.

Jai Sri Narayan

Anonymous said...

i bow. dhanyavad P! Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow!

PT is the PoinT!
Your words are a brilliant guide for one to see that anything which is not centered around P is not only meaningless but life draining and evil!

You are the ParamaTma! The Divine Axis around which one can evolve! the only way for one to evolve!
You are the ultimate reality P!

i bow at Your liPhe giving feet.

miragegirl said...

the extreme imPorTance of an axis is quiet aPParenT through this Plog
Axis is Axis forever, one has to always sPin around it to rise uP to heaven

heaven, Orion is uP in the Sky
Sun shows & Provides the way
NewSun shows & Provides the way

enhancing once energy through ProPer Praise of Divine & sPeeding out through the 'local wormhole' to a higher dimension is real science as shown by You !

world is PoinTless, worldly activities are PoinTless, most of those are not related to basic survival
how stuck everyone is here !
world is a mighty botheration ! evil is ramPanT ! its hell ! PeoPle make it unbearable hell ! no justice in their, no law , no order, just meaningless chaos !

then there is 'the Other Side'
Your world is full of gnowledge, full of activities that lead one to The PoinT
You show one what the PoinT of everything one does is, You riP the evil in one asunder, You tear the layers of falsehood to uncollectible Pieces ! one eliminates unnecessities in Your refuge

elePhanTine Your benevolence !

You are uPholder of righteousness
You are the one to whom Dharm bows !

sarah said...

there is nothing more terrifying than PoinTlessness

Unknown said...

i bow

Astro said...

PT ( ParamaTma )

gives the Axis

around which we can

raise ourselves ! I bow to thee PT. Aeioum...

sarah said...

so nice to have the chance to not be PoinTless anymore

sarah said...

only through Your examPle could anyone hope to get the faintest idea that there are points to doing actions, such as improving ones state, or ttying to get on the winning team, or simply not annoy someone who is cool.

ki vernee said...

You are so liberating ! You Provide so much meaning to all of existence ! i bow

Anonymous said...

You write so comPassionaTely

You are the most imPorTant and Precious being ever!
Your words, guidance and messages are absolutely Priceless

there can be no other evil except relentless immersion in pointlessness ..
Your words are truly the most legendary and ePic
each word of Yours is so soulful and so full of comPassion
it's the greatest blessing to get to read Your amazing, clarifying and enlightening Plogs
You are so kind to give Your beautiful words and music to beings trapped in this scary hell ..Your gnowledge is ultimate and soothing
Your words are words of suPreme wisdom and clarity
Your Passion is amazing
You are the most beautiful and comPassionaTe being
Your words ring true and eternal

You words are such shining and beautiful words of clarity and truth
each Plog of Yours is so Profound
so great that You are here to guide beings out of craziness
You are comPleTely free
You don't owe anyone anything and yet You so comPassionaTely guide beings
You sPeak eternal and never ending words of wisdom
Your words are the PuresT
You are the ultimate refuge
You are the only refuge
You are so kind and comPassionaTe to be here and make so much Possible for dumb beings
You are so miraculously kind to guide beings out of their mess
i bow

Vaishali thaker said...

PTless is pointlessness!! so true!! you are the axis, you are the paramatma.. the supreme being!! i bow to your lotus feet.. 🙏

Unknown said...

I dont want misery... I want bliss... PT gnows it all ... I bow !!! aeioum

Anonymous said...

You are amazingly to the PoinT always. i bow to you PT.🙏🙇

nicolas said...

You are the besT! i love every words you say! You are always amazingly to the PoinT!!
You are the greatest of all beings, the coolest and the mosT PowerPhul!
Your clarity is so valuable!

i bow to you all gnoing one

nicolas said...

Magnificent Plog! you are the axis around which it all spins! no evolution is possible without you!
you are simply the best! this is inPhinitely kind of you to incarnate here on this plane! your liPhe is a legendary Phenomena
i bow to you supreme one

Anonymous said...

You are so gracious to Provide total liberation from relentless immersion in pointlessness. You are the Number-One-Observer of all actions pointless and otherwise. the sPecificiTy with which You relay the comedy is too much.