Saturday 2 April 2011

the vow to evolve

people take many



very few take the

vow to evolve

those who don't

take this vow

will always devolve

evolution is not automatic

it doesn't happen by just existing

or in time

as darwin may have some believe

there is no

evolving by chance


there is no

neutral ground

of stasis

it will always


up or down


for those who

are not fully committed

to evolving

it will

just be down


asha said...

what a perspective!! you always call one into action from the lazy unconscious state we go through most of life in & disperse any false notions of evolving one's mind body or soul...

no brain teasers or mind/intelligence testers or self help books can be as stimulating and inspiring as what one finds on this website!

your blogs are the most exciting and self-challenging aspects to one's day...such an array of life-changing, mind altering topics and each eloquently covered in such comprehensive depth and clarity!

mrig said...

thanks for keeping one's mind on what's real

miragegirl said...

bahut sundar P log hai

log vikasit honge ya phir avikas mein doob jayenge


"there is no

neutral ground

of stasis"

bahut ghambir baat hai

Aap vikas ka sahi marg sab ko dikate hai

Aap dayalu hai

Aap Kalki hai

Aap ParamaTma hai

Aap ko mera Pranam

Anonymous said...

i bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow. You Truth is undeniable! You never pander to silly notions. You tell it how it is! You are True insPiraTion to rise above the lower and move uP not down. You helP one see constantly how serious the Process of evolution is and how one must always act with dedicated Phocus and cant leave anything to chance. dhanyavad P. i bow at Your Divine feet. You are the guiding Phorce. Narayan! Narayan!

sarah said...

Your commitment to going uP is the most beautiful thing. You are the ultimate example.

Anonymous said...

it will always
up or down
for those who
are not fully committed
to evolving
it will
just be down

Your words are so enriching
yes a thought can come in and send one spiralling down even if one gives oneself a seconds time without being aware

You are so absolutely right
evolution is not automatic
one has to be fully committed to evolving
You make such great PoinTs
You are so kind
You are so benevolent
it's so great that You have come from dimensions beyond dimensions to give one a chance to get out of the nonsense and sickness
i bow

Anonymous said...

Your words are the most imPorTant words ever
You insPire one to keep striving for evolution no matter what ones situation is..
You are so PosiTive
Your words are the most helpful words
even if the mind is jumpy one still has to keep striving for evolution..
..its either up or down..
one always thinks there's some neutral ground of stasis but You help one get rid of all rotten notions in ones mind
You show on the true PaTh
Your guidance is invaluable
You make the best points
You make all the sense in the world
You are the real guru
You are the best teacher
Your words are Precious and Priceless
Your words are truly Profound
there's nothing better than Your words
i bow

Anonymous said...

wow such ePic words
You write so beautifully
Your words are so meaningful
Your words are the best
You word things so wonderfully
You make all the sense
these are words to live by
You are the greatest
Your words are the best words ever written
only You help one evolve
only You can take one to a land far far away where there's no sorrow
one should evolve and be free of the mind and body that one is trapped in
and has no control over
You are the only One who is truly freedom oriented
You guide us all to freedom so beautifully
You are the only hoPe
You are the only roPe out of hell
You are the best
You are beyond legendary
You are the only refuge
You are so full of kindness and comPassion
You correct so much that is wrong in one
i bow at Your PheeT

ki vernee said...

wow ! what a powerful PoinT ! You are so right ! the vow to evolve is the most important vow one can make ! i bow

Anonymous said...

You give the greatest reminders
there is no neutral ground of stasis
You are the only one who tells one what the real imPorTant is
only You make one realise how absolutely necessary it is to evolve out of ones state to get to a state where one can selflessly align with Divine
how Pure Your Vedic stories are
how Pure a state You can guide one to where there are no thoughts and only Praise of Divine..You show such a Pure way of being
You can guide one to freedom
You so kindly and comPassionaTely guide one to freedom
i bow

ki vernee said...

You put Your heart and soul into everything ... You are so overstanding of everyone... i bow <3ॐ

Anonymous said...

i bow to you divine PT.