Friday 29 April 2011

out to impress

a simple but important question -

how to approach a being

higher (more evolved)

than yourself ?

it seems

most of the genepools

here in present on earth

have come to the conclusion

that the best way

is to try and impress

show the higher being

what you are capable of

break bricks with your forehead

while doing splits

sing & dance

unfurl your beauty & magnetism

pass entrance exams

do whatever you can do best

the higher being

will surely be impressed enough

to take you in

they will all be very surprised

when all of their efforts fail

& the higher just laughs

the only way

to approach

the higher

is with


not a show of ability


sarah anne said...

It is so kind to teach how to interact with a higher being, as one does not get any practice in the West. I bow.

miragegirl said...

bahut adbut vyangy hai aapka

aapne higher se vavahar ke bare mein adbut bataya hai

kisi mein koye bhi sahi kshamta nahi

kshamta to sahi kuch bhi karne ki tabi hoti hai jab log ParamaTma ki Prashansa kare

vahi vinamr hona bhi hai

Aap ne saral par mukhya Prashn ko uthaya hai aur uttar bhi aapne diya hai

Aap dayalu hai

Aap ParamaTma hai

Aap ko mera Pranam

Anonymous said...

Lol. :) i bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow.
this causes one laugh out loud at ones self every time one reads it.
how ridiculous ones own approach to Divine!
You are so comPassionatTe to Phind humor in the pathetic and pointless attempts to impress Divine and guide one to develoP ProPer humility P.
i bow at Your merciful feet.

Unknown said...

i bow

ki vernee said...

wow ! so kind of Divine to show beings how to behave ! it is pointless to try to impress Divine with useless actions ! being humble toward Divine is the only way ! P just explains things so well !

ki vernee said...

wow ! this is such a beautiful PoinT ! its phunny that the only way anyone tries to 'impress' the Higher is with their hellish state ! love how You say that 'the only way to approach the Higher is with humility not a show of ability ' ... i bow

sarah said...

i bow to Your divine clarity and magnificence

ankita said...

You are very kind to sPeak and write this
it's such a mistake beings make when they think that higher is impressed by ability..
You are so kind to clarify
Divine is kind
You are Divine
You are beautiful and kind
the only way to aPProach the higher is with humility
it's not ability that matters
it's just disciPline, service attitude and humility
You are so kind to accept beings with whatever they have and help them increase that
one doesn't have to loose humility obsessing about ability
You are comPassionaTe and kind!
You are so kind to help beings get to right attitude and right behaviour
You have a kind and beautiful heart
bowing to You

Anonymous said...

You're so kind to give insights into Divine
You are so kind to clarify that Divine doesn't judge beings by their ability
You are very kind to clarify that beings are judged by their behaviour towards Higher and anyone can behave correctly no matter what state they are in

and it's so totally wrong to not behave correctly in front of a beautiful Divine benevolent being like You
You are the best most comPassionaTe teacher full of all the PaTience kindness and goodness ever

You are so kind to give beings so many chances
so kind of You to so ComPassionaTely teach beings the right way of being which one should gno immediately after coming across You because You are such blaring shining higherness and comPassion..You are clearly the most resPecTworThy One
from the very first instant one set eyes upon You, You have been such an enriching and PhascinaTing exPerience ..and so giving giving giving right from the start.. such a beautiful comPassionaTe blaring shining higher being.. You fill this world with real beauty and gnowledge

You are so helpful
You are so kind to give beings a chance to get away from unreality
so kind of You to clarify that unreality always creates problems

You are so kind to give beings a chance to increase their capability so that they can be of more service to You but how You judge beings is by behaviour and attitude ,not by the capability they have or do not have
You Prefer beings who are graceful but they are graceful in the first Place because of humility and right behaviour
..arrogance is graceless. .whining whingeing is graceless. .so kind of You to help beings rise above gracelessness of different kinds ..
You are all PuriTy
You are all grace
You are suPremely righteous
You are the eternal sunshine
You have always taken one away from impurity towards PuriTy
You are the most beautiful kind ComPassionaTe heart and You are the only One who truly wants good for beings
only You make sense!
only You truly care about the evolution of beings
You save beings from their untrustworthy and crazy genetics
You are the Pure and true saviour
You are all that a being can ever want!
it's the greatest blessing and good PhorTune that You are here

You never support any negative quality or wrong behaviour
You are the star of stars
the real shining beauty
the youthful rocking Divine being
so kind of You to help beings develoP the right qualities
You have the PuresT intentions
Your Presence here is the greatest giPhT
You are so kind to teach beings ettiquete and behaviour
You are the most beautiful Presence and all the good ever
i bow

Anonymous said...

i bow to you divine.🙇🙏

ankita said...

wow very beautiPhul and rePhreshing clarifications ..Divine only likes humilty..not a show of ability
Divine likes ProPer centred sPeech, ProPer PosTure, PracTicaliTy and not necessarily attractive laughter or physical one doesnt have to stress about it since one can't change the way ones physical features are..
it's so great to gno that there is a way out for everyone and multiverse is a kind place in that way. .so kind of You to reveal
it gives beings equal oPPorTuniTy to evolve...You are so kind to take time out to reveal the truth
You are the only real beauty with all the real caPabiliTy
You show a way out of the hurt beings create for themselves
You are the only One who never hurts anyone...
You are Divine sweet kind ShivNarayan. .the only one who truly cares.. and not for just one being who is special in some way to You, but for all beings ..You are the only One kind of You to keep the exit door oPen for all ..such liPhe boats Your Plogs are!
i 🙇 bow

Shruthi said...

Your suPerioriTy and state of consciousness is so high that any display of any ability would surely be such a joke. Such a relief to gno that there's nothing possibly available to offer the higher except for one's humility. Surrendering to your obvious divinity is so natural. One bows to you. You words cut a lot of misconceptions.