Sunday 19 September 2010

meat & violence

in the so-called west

they have gone to great lengths

to disconnect themselves from

what they eat

so if its 'beef' one is eating

it has nothing to do with a cow

when one is eating 'pork'

its nothing to do with a pig

when one is eating 'mutton'

its nothing to do with sheep

& so on and so forth

there is not much wanting to gno

how that stuff got to their table either

its uncivilized to even mention

the violence involved

just close your senses/mind/heart

& chew

talk about head in the sand

in a wonky witches tale

funny how the very same people

talk about

love, freedom & justice ...

the meat consciousness

based on unnecessary violence towards animals

which is prevalent on this planet

makes it impossible for

there to be any real positive change

most cannot even fathom that

violence amongst people

cannot be stopped

unless violence towards fellow creatures

is stopped

as long as there are cages for

chickens & cows

there will be cages for

homo erectus too

the way they cut them down

the same way they will be cut down too


amruta patil said...

A difference in sensibility nicely illustrated in the whining Skeksis at the banquet table in 'The Dark Crystal'!

a* said...

PT, as usual you bring such clarity and an important perspective that many would never realize or would gladly ignore after reading this... no one illustrates the ludicrous violence here better than you and absolutely no one points out the consequences of such actions!! what a poignant ending to the blog!

it is really so compassionate of you to reveal the bigger picture going on here... you are truely the hero of all senselessly killed ones.

sarah anne said...

You make the laws of nature/karma so clear ! You are so grounded in reality, and so sensitive, yet You still have enough compassion to explain things to people who have never seriously considered what they put in their body.

Anonymous said...

i bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow.
You PoinT things out with such clarity and Precision P!
You see the connection and correlation of all things and make it clear why things are the way they are and why beings and things continue to remain the same in this 'wonky witches tale'.
You are the most logical and PracTical being.
The One who lives by this logic!
it is so kind of Divine to bring awareness to facts everyone else overlooks.
i bow!

miragegirl said...

its a hell here with meat & violence ramPanT

wow ! how You show the Truth !

eating meat means one thinks they are high enough than other to totally actually consume it, they neglect to even look at the violence involved in meat eating
smell of meat is disgusting
meat causes lower vibrations to abound
imProPer meat eating is non resPecT to Shiv & Shakti

when one has raised a hand over another, one is causing harm, one causes fear & P~ain
until one changes, avoids meat & violence, there will be degrading influences PresenT in one

i wish to get out of 3D to a higher realm

Unknown said...

i bow

Anonymous said...

Your observation of this world is too awesome
You write awesomely
Your Plogs are great
Your words are of great imPorTance.
very, very awesome words
Your Plogs are so vitally imPorTant and awesome

ki vernee said...

what a beautiful PoinT ! love how You teach that actions have consquences ... i bow

sarah said...

You are the ultimate seer

Jane of the jungle said...

What perfect use of the english language PerfecTly said so glad you said it people accepting the unacceptable and the judgment is coming

Jane of the jungle said...

PerfecT use of the English language people blindly allowing such horrific things and accepting the unacceptable oh the judgement is coming animal liberation!

Anonymous said...
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rachel said...

"We are the graves of murdered beasts, slaughtered to satisfy our appetites...".
The way to sanitize the horror is to call sentient animals "meat", "roast", "chops",
"burgers" and so on. When humans discuss animals they refer to their body as "meat".
Similar to how some treat prostitutes. Incredibly cold, linear, and impersonal. Most
humans could not raise and slaughter their own animals. But if someone else anonymously does it for them, they willingly participate. I can't kill a dog or cat and eat it than I can a cow, piggie, or chicken. God bless the animals for the horror we have inflicted upon them. And The humans who chew and swallow their sad injured bodies. Its' a horror show. namaste', rachel