Tuesday 14 September 2010

PT's world

people ask

what kind of world

would it be

if my precepts were followed ?

the answer is

it would be

a world







it would be

a world

which would be

advanced in

the real sense

of the word

from all perspectives

an ever-evoluting


which would

be a model

for the

rest of the galaxy




Sree said...

Wow! Thinkig of the world itself is so exhilarating.

a* said...

really truely makes one long for * PT's world *...such a touching description of the results of bowing to the higher !

asha Pi arTi said...

love coming back to PT's World over and over... You are the best !

Anonymous said...

i bow. Your world is Heaven on Earth. the real shangri la. dhanyavad for Providing PrecePTs for us to follow to serve You as You usher in Ps world. Praises to P and the PerfecT Possible world You are creating. i bow. dhanyavad P! Narayan! Narayan!

miragegirl said...

one day i would like to get to that world that one has never gnown
You show us a bright PhuTure that we can work toward
its oPen to everyone if one is humble & wants to serve Divine

Your world is a beautiful world, that one desires to enter
where ever You are is where one wants to be

You are ultimately Profound, all Your acts, Your intent is full of meaning
You are benevolent, ProacTive

You show what it is to live

You have PerfecT coherence
PhracTality bows to You

You are the Master of the Multiverse !
to ever move towards You is ones aim

Your Plogs are Truth
grateful to You for Your Plogs

Your vids are otherworldy, Your sounds, You are otherworldly !

You show us what Your world is like, a sParkling, soft, beautiful, full of life, flowing constantly towards evolution world !

You are grand ! everything related to You is grand !

You are the sweet scent of flowers, the innocence in nature
You are the beauty of the sky on a moonless night
You are the full moon as well
in Your mind 'moonlight glows'
Your world is a magical world
You are a magical being, sPreading magic ever around !

charmer on this land & in the multiverse !
absolutely benign, absolutely beautiful !
so sumPT~uously gorgeous You are !

Your world here is a Preview of that world
Your world here is filled with organicness only
natural construction, living structures
where one can actually ProPerly breathe, Your vibrations make the Place a Par above the rest of the world
water Phlows on colourful granite in Your world to reflecT the colourfulness of rivers Prancing towards their source, the colourfulness of inner world that is oPen for the mind to flow on
birds Phind refuge at Your door, literally !
butterflies & dragonflies dance around Your cottage

You look at the world from above, You are so far uP !
You are at the center of this world & other worlds as well !
You live surrounded by mountains, in nature, easily accessible but difficult to Phind

Your land Provides vegetables, all organically grown, all that are induced with Your ultimate high vibrational energy

there are merrily jumPing, Playing cows to begin, enhance & add to the scene
there are Phlowering lotuses, lilies, water roses & roses ...
there is bamboo
every PlanT on Your land has some use, utility !

there are fishes, colourful ones, golden ones, transParenT, little sword fishes, schools of fishes...

the river is at its best, most colourful, most clean, suPer charged near Your abodes

flowers dance, mayflowers bloom in Profuse, all year round there are berries some or the other tyPe for humans & birds to eat


& there are dancing skies & more of course

You are a ultimate absolute sweet PersonaliTy
where ever You are is heaven indeed !

Unknown said...

i bow

ki vernee said...

so beautiful ! one is so fortunate to experience Your world everyday through PBS ! i bow

sarah said...

You exist in PermanenT Paradise

Anonymous said...
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Gita said...

Wow the P's world surely brings a lot of happiness... imagining how it would be wen all the spirits follow P... You surely are the most Divine P

Naina said...

Paradise starts with the teachings and application of PT, paradise starts when one enters the PT world. I bow to PT, the only Avtaar 🙏💛