Sunday 27 June 2010


there is a reason for everything

and there is a reason why

haPPy has

2 P's in it


ShivaYaShive said...

very sweet:)there must b a reason for why y is with 2 pp:)

Anonymous said...

:D! i bow.

Unknown said...

it is so impressive that You are in a PermanenT state of haPPiness. You had the honesty to fully confront the situation before You got to that state as well, which is also really impressive.

miragegirl said...

more the P, more the haPPy

haPPy haPPenings are only around P
those which involve P

You are Divine !

PsingulariTy said...

haPPy times, P Times, Phun Times, ProsPerous Times... only if one is humble to You

You are Divine incarnate on earth
that's grand !

Unknown said...

i bow...

ki vernee said...

wow ! You are so Phractal ! so cool ! i bow

sarah said...

You are the source of haPPiness !!!

nicolas said...

You are the haPPiest of all beings, the supreme enjoyer! Your state of being is worth inPhinite praise!!
You are a genius, a hero, a sage
You are the true saviour of the Earth
You are the real avatar of divine, God embodied

The wisest and coolest of all beings

i bow to you, all gnoing one

NavdeeP said...

Yes more P more happiness and Phun and Phi ratio. As you are the Pole, the axis around whom everything is spinning. You are the highest being. I bow to you the HIGHEST P.

nicolas said...

you are truly haPPy and the real reason for haPPiness! no real haPPiness is possible without you! you are the most amazing of all! your gnowledge is always fascinating! one can never get enough of you! you are legendary

i bow to you supreme one