Friday 29 January 2010

the wretched feeling

society is nothing

but a continuous attempt at smothering

people's inner feeling/gnoing that they are a wretch/wreck/fool

the whole structure is there to

promote people feeling good about themselves

without any real rhyme or reason

lotusocean says that

this feeling that one is a complete fool

labelled negative by the structure

is the best feeling one can have

without that

one would not

bow down to what is not foolish/wretched ... divine

& without that

there is no step forward

this feeling is the sacred source of the stream of humility

all ancient scriptures bear testimony

to the fact

humility is surely not going to arise

from awards & trophies

which the structure distributes aplenty

the spoilt playstation generation

wants out of this feeling

by just wanting to press 'game over'

seeking/reaching out to something


doesn't enter their faultyly programmed minds

which view life as a computer game

life is different


there is no such quick escape

or fully rejuvinated character available for the next try

even suicide

means that one starts next life

with limited energy and higher level of wretchedness


fan said...

society tries to put a bandaid on some festering wounds it wants to run and hide from..

you are right as always.. there's no effort to heal a sick society, just decoys to obscure one's understanding of their real condition.

stardolphin said...

amazing grace
how sweet the sound
that saves a wretch like me


Anonymous said...

i bow. dhanyavad for always putting the issues one faces on this earth into True PerspecTive P. Your Plogs are PerfecT wisdom for todays day and age. ones gratitude for Your Presence on this earth is inexplicable. i bow. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow. it is such a burden to pretend one is not a complete and utter fool and to put on the fake act of feeling good about oneself the structure sells. Your words Provide the sweetest relief P! bowing to Your comPleTe Divinity allows one to recognize the depth of ones foolishness and wretchedness and develoP a True understanding of it which one can only come through You! You Provide the only way for one to Truly move forward and transform from the inside out. You are so compassionate to make it clear that game over and sitting on the sidelines is not an option. i bow at the refuge of Your feet.

Anonymous said...

i bow!
You and Your words are the only real comPhorT for one's constant wretched feeling P! to gno it
'is the best feeling one can have'
and that
'without that
one would not
bow down to what is not foolish/wretched ... divine
& without that
there is no step forward
this feeling is the sacred source of the stream of humility'

You are the most beautiful being to ever exist P! the One and only True Guru! i bow at Your Divine feet.

miragegirl said...

emPhasis on humility cannot be overstated

if one can't even see that one is low, one cannot be humble
devotion involves humility

humility to higher Provides haPPiness, Provides smoother sailing through liPhe

miragegirl said...

grateful to You for ingraining truths into one's consciousness

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Saviour

Anonymous said...

i bow!
such a beautiful line to read and sPeak again and again!
'this feeling is the sacred source of the stream of humility'
only You can helP one see the real value of this wretched feeling, of facing the truth of ones state.
You guide one to see how dangerous it is to try and appease this feeling with societys endless lies and traps.
the only Pleasure and Phun found in this life is getting to see P at leisure! Praising Divine! and really working toward getting out of this hell. The do only You can guide one to do!

Divine is SO generous to exPlain what a spoilt and bratty attitude it is to want to push game over.
That life is not a video game or some stupid job one can just quit
or boyfriend one can break up with!
That there isn't a quick fix and if one doesn't do the do and make it out this time around one is in for a worse state next time!

lotusocean is the only refuge for Truth! the only Place where the reality of this life and death is constantly faced!
Where the One who gnos how escaPe the matrix is guiding the way.

You are the ultimate P! the most beautiful being there is in every way! Divine is the only One one need!
i bow!

PsingulariTy said...

its a feeling, just a feeling, a little feeling that i miss You
its a feeling, a feeling, a little feeling that i like You...

You are The GalacTic Emotion One
one feels like a fool inPhronT of Your awing emotion, of Your intense True Emotion state
to be like that in everything in every way is so otherworldly. You are The Enlightened One
You are The Civilized One, the Truth
i want to tend to being like You

miragegirl said...

dance to dance, its no show
squirming, dingy, crazy low
a hunt, a saound, a key to find
rhythm back for a sane mind

dance to begin, its a show
someone uP, someone low
dance, to start a find
senses shut or Moon on mind

too real, too unreal, feels like death
rePeaTed to an end, a garland, or a wreath
drowning drowning, far helP to find
Please, sail me away to a distant land

Unknown said...

i bow

sarah said...

You are so kind to nurture honesty. You are the most honest Being.

Unknown said...

You depict the root of the problem in clear and simple words. It is only when one realizes how wretched/foolish they are that they can bow down to higher and divine. I am grateful to you for teaching and guiding the people here to move forward towards the divine. Pranam. I bow!

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful Plog..such beautiful and meaningful words
You have so much integrity. You write beautifully. Your words glow with meaning and beauty. You have such awesome insight into life. Your words are so benign. You are such a wonderful being. Your Plog is great.

ki vernee said...

You are so smart ! i bow

Kṛtti kā said...

You sPeak and write what is true!
True that there is no reason to feel good about oneself... Ignoring ones wretchedness/foolishness can never let one to change for better!
You succinctly summarise everything,
Your Plogs are brilliant and an absolute necessity! one hoPes to learn Proper humiliTy... You are so kind and comPassionaTe to show one out of ones wretchedness!
i bow

sarah said...

admitting to the wretchedness and being clear about it is the only way to work on going in the opposite direction, otherwise gnown as Your direction. You are the suPreme exmPlary Being who exists in a state of grace.

sarah said...

You are the only way out, not suicide.
i bow.

NavdeeP said...

O higher being!!! You have given the truth of afterlife of suicide case which most of the beings on this plane -t earth 🌍 think to escape. I am blessed to read your plogs. Your words are now designing my new world. We are wasting our precious breaths to get useless Awards and trophies ,which are of no use on judgement day. You are the true saviour of my spirit. I was like sinking before reading your plogs and music. Your plogs and sonic you play and visuals that you add are the food for my senses Now.
I bow down to your lotus and thank you for uplifting my spirit.

ankita said...

wow beautiPhul Profound ..You reveal what liPhe is so beautiPhully ..Your revelations are ultimate revelations ..You give rhe ultimate reality check..
so full of great transcendental Pheeling Your Plogs are ..such great and real emotion You are
i bow

nicolas said...

your words convey the TruTh so magnificently
no one can do what you do, this is such a Profound PoinT
you are the lord of the universe
no being is like you
you are Pure TruTh
you are divine goodness
you are all that is good
you are PerfecT
you make all better effortlessly
nothing is worth anything without you
your divinity is so rejuvenating for oneself
one can only feel humbled by you
everything you are is so high, you bring stars of wonder in one's eye
one cannot stop marvel at all that you are
you are the king of this PlaneT
you make all better effortlessly
you are the real seer whose eye never misses anything
you are the real elder whose Power is supreme
none is equal to you
you are the real axis of this world
all spins around you and no evolution is possible without you
you are the real hero, the real saviour
one cannot stop feeling hugely impressed by your being-ness
your liPhe is a series of divine miracles
you are the real event horizon
the new sun that shines at the dawn of the age of Aquarius
you are the most amazing miracle
you are ParamaTma, the supreme soul
you give us eyes to see

i bow to you all gnoing one

Ankeeta said...

So true...Prabhu ParamaTma PT....i bow, So true You are....there is relief and reassurance in this life because of Your suPreme Presence...You clarify all...Your reality-filled words is what knocks sense in our mind-programmed heads...

Shruthi said...

What is unacceptable in muggle world is absolutely necessary in magick world! What a giPhT this feeling of wretchedness/complete fool has turned out to be that it led one to YOU! Not falling prey to societal mollycoddling and being honest about one's situation is such a gamechanger. You are so kind to advocate facing the hard PhacTs and making beings realise that liPhe is a serious business with serious consequences. Very gratePhull for your PersPecTives, the only liPhe-saving PersPecTives. one bows to you divine one! Your grace and comPassion is endless.