Friday 1 January 2010

it was all worth it

the most repeated line

in muggleworld

has to be

'it was worth it'

it can be anything

from a bad trip ( travel or substance related )

to a hangover after a night out

to an unfulfilling relationship

to unnecessary damage to the body in sport/war

to a reflection on the year, decade, century, millenium gone by

to a reflection upon all those wasted years

in a job they hated

it is the ultimate comforting tool

what the 'it'

at the end of 'it was worth it'


needs some explaining

'what exactly is not worth it'

will also be an interesting listen


snowwhite said...

haha, that's too brilliant.. you are so's true one is always trying to make sense of something so trivial and silly, just to affirm the ego..

Shahid said...

LOL...Laajawab....All your blog posts
reflect the Truth,whether people like it or not in the 3D World:)

Looking forward to more of your Fantastic posts in 2010.

sarah anne said...

All of the excruciating torture was worth it, if it gives me the proper motivation to get out of hell. Perhaps if it had been less, I would not have found Lotus-ocean. The more I reflect, the smarter it is bow as much as possible.

Anonymous said...

i bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow. You PuT it all into PersPecTive P! the last 31 years of ones life were comePleTely worthless. You and LotusOcean are the only thing worth "it" or anything else. i bow.

miragegirl said...

You have such simPle suPerb sweet wit & beauty !

not concentrating on Divine whom one gnos to admit as PerfecTion embodied is not worth

Divine is the One in whose beauty one can truly lose one’s self
it would be true, worth it to be that way
Divine’s attributes, qualities are True, unchanging, PerfecTion

a wave i am
i wish to become coherent
much more than i am right now

i wish for the wave i am to rise in thinking about the immense absoluteness of Divine !
i was to Phase~in so

PsingulariTy said...

You humour is otherworldly

P avaTar is way more interesting than anything else in the world
nothing comes any close to how interesting what all You say is
You are The Best Blogger, CaPTain
You are The Grand Master of humour, of liPhe, of Truth

'Pun, Phun & evolution'

miragegirl said...

a wave i am
i wish to become coherent
much more than i am right now

i wish for the wave i am to rise in seeing the immense absoluteness of Divine !
i wish to Phase~in so

miragegirl said...

Divine is Absolute !

Unknown said...

i bow

asha Pi arTi said...

You have the most intelligent and eloquent delivery
love the way You effortlessly take one's attention to 'it'
one is gently forced to become more conscious of one's being
and through that compassionate action of Yours, one then questions
the essence of this and what 'it' (one's own spirit is the answer
that dawns on one after Your education) actually deems
worth doing and why ... so many questions come flooding to one when
one reads this and it is very kind of You to do that !!

the questions that one ignores and refuses to answer out of stubborness
to stick to this immature 'it was all worth it' mentality. somehow one
even did that when the consequences are coming continuously to remind
one how not worth it all actually is !

You are truely kind to awaken this PerspecTive and help one understand
how to center on Truth ... You are so overstanding !

Your Plogs are so crucial for any centering !

so so glad one can ready them outloud P !

You are so kind to give so many PresenTs all the time !

i bow

ki vernee said...

You are so right and so phunny ! i bow

Anonymous said...

You really make beings face PhacTs
beings in this scary prison are saying it's worth it..really You reveal the crazy situation of this world..You truly make one understand more and more that the craziness of this world knows no bounds
You are the only One who gnos
without You beings are totally lost
the only hoPe is reconnection with Your DiviniTy
You are all beauty
You are so natural and true
You are so real
You are so beautiful and wonderful
You are real and true glory
You bring beings back to their senses
You are lovely
You are beautiful, sweet and wonderful DiviniTy on this earth
Your Presence is invaluable
i bow

ki vernee said...

lol ! that would be a phunny listen of what beings come up with for things that are not worth it ! everything that one has done in the past was worthless ! the only thing worth it was phinding You ! one is so happy one did ! phinding You is tne only thing that can be defined as "worth it" ... i bow respectfully

nicolas said...

BeauTiPhull words! amazing how accurate this is
your words are removing the ignorance of this world
you make all better effortlessly
you are the most amazing of all beings
i am so graTePhull that you exist

i bow to you ShivNarayan