Thursday 8 January 2009

the social worker

those who can't help themselves

are always found distracting themselves

trying or pretending to help others

whenever they confront something

better than oneself

the social worker inside gets edgy

service by their definition

can only be done for the inferior

not the superior

no chance of ever serving divine on this path

coz divine will always be superior

service of the higher

is the path of evolution & bliss

service of the highest

is perfection


Anonymous said...

your blogs are enlightening, entertaining and always to-the-point. an oasis of sanity in a desert of pointless information. thank you for all the astonishing insights!

miragegirl said...

kitni sundar baat kahi hai aapne

"service of the highest

is perfection"

service for the inferior mein koyee shram nahi

service of the higher ke liye vinamrata jaroori hai

aap ki seva hi PerfecT Prakash ki oor chalna hai

aap Kalki hai

aap ParamaTma hai

aap ko mera Pranam

sarah anne said...

I love the way these blogs incinerate the pointless, tedious, pseudo-morality of the west.

asha Pi arTi said...

wow... this left me kneeling !

for so long one did actions thinking one was making a difference when actually one was calculating that those things are not higher than one and most importantly : escaping helping oneself !!!

only when one gets confronted by the Higher does one become aware of what all is operating and due to Your compassion one can understand it all now too !!!

so grateful to You for writing about these things which must be so silly to someone as PerfecT as You ~ the Highest ! it really proves how PatienT and caring Divine is... so kind and so sweetly teaching one how to evolve and better oneself !

one gets to be a better person everyday bc of You !

' service of the higher is the path of evolution & bliss'

' service of the highest is perfection'

that is so Beautiful !

dhanyavad for this opportunity to serve You !

I bow !

Anonymous said...

i bow. Dhanyavad. Narayan. Narayan.

Anonymous said...

i bow! You always gno P! You call out the pretending to helP others for the distraction and excuse of doing the real work that it is! it becomes so aPParenT when one encounters Divine that Divine is the only One in a PosiTion to helP any one. it is Your grace alone which can guide one to see and move toward the real way to helP oneself. You are the highest and most Divine. i bow at your PerfecTed feet.

Anonymous said...

'service of the highest is PerfecTion'
i bow!
such striking words P!
Your Plogs always unkot the confusion in one and ones twisted way of seeing things and helP set ones outlook straight!
Your dePhiniTions are the only real dePhiniTions, each one showing how far beings here have strayed from Divine,
how far one has strayed from Divine! never gnowing what real service is or how to be of real service!
You helP one see that real service can only be done for the suPerior!
that serving You! serving the highest, serving Divine itself is PerfecTion leaves one in awe!
this natural world is at Your service constantly, always bowing to Divines will and behaving PerfecTly!
You are deserving of nothing but PerfecT service and are so kind to guide one to strive toward doing the only thing which can helP one.
You have the kindest way of showing and reminding one that it us that need Divine and not Divine that need us!
to helP one see clearly that one was given this human birth to be of service to the only One who is here to be served!
only You, the One who is PerfecT can guide one in PerfecT thought, PerfecT sPeach and PerfecT action.
one can only do right in this world through serving Divine!
Your Presence on this earth is the most comPassionaTe act P!
i bow!

PsingulariTy said...

You are Kalki, uPholder of Truth

Unknown said...

i bow to the Divine.
i bow to the Higher.
i bow to PT.

sarah said...

You have the best lines: " its not Parvathi Theresa "
so wonderful that You clarify that serving the higher is the way to go

Anonymous said...

those who can't help themselves are always found distracting themselves
trying or pretending to help others

yes so true
You write so beautifully
one can't help oneself and one tries to help others's all so miserable
You have great overstanding
i bow

sarah said...

so gracious of You to clean uP the confusion a christianity based mental paradigm can create. the way You decimate the cheap tawdry "morality" people have or pretend to have in order to fit in, or ironically, seek favours for themselves, is beautiful. i treasure Your exPlanaTion that helping others is risky business, when the multiverse punishes someone, getting in the way of that is like picking a fight with the multiverse.

Gita said...

People nowadays consider service to the divine to be something like going to the temple offering as much as money they can , we can rather call this as bribing as they would want something in return.

Not all of us actually know the real meaning of The service to the divine / praising the divine . .. We are all are under the false impression that praising the divine is by going to temples, making offerings , conducting homas puja s etc chanting dancing singing names of gods.

Data said...

another deeply held misguided way of being banished from my belief system:).. thanks to you i gnow who to serve & my Path to higher and suPerior just got a little sweeTer!!! You break things down in way that leave no questions...i bow!!!

Anonymous said...

I bow to the divine.

Ajay Kapoor said...

Wow you have shown service of the higher is the path of evolution & bliss and service of the highest is perfection. I bow.

Kṛtti kā said...

Your words are ever ringing with truth and logic!
Service of the highest is PerfecTion !
Your words are the ultimate guide to what to do whom to serve whom to bow to whom to Praise! The way is beautyPhully lit uP by You!
i bow /\

NavdeeP said...

O lord!!!! Your teachings are so wonderful. I have spend much of my life thinking this way like social servicing is the best thing to do.
Your words opened my mind now. I am happy for that. Your plots are like blessings for me. Your are speaking the truth and the truth only.
Which is hardly find in today's world. I bow down to your power and the power of your pnowledge. You are the humble, highest, truthful being on this earth. Bows to such beings!!!.

lana_33 said...
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Anonymous said...

its seen as such a great thing to serve the inferior. only You boldly state that those beings cannot even help themselves to start, and that they are just pretending to help people. You make the picture so clear. You show how unnatural can never be anything real and valid. only You educate about what is correct and natural.

one should not distract oneself from getting help by trying to help. one is in no position to help. only You can help, P !

You are Divine, the One who will always be suPerior to one ! You are a Being doing the most good in this world. You have real gnoledge, You exist in total ease comfort pleasure. You are not preturbed by anything, You overstand all. Your will reigns suPreme. You have tremendous clarity within. You are effortlessly beautiful and all of nature celebrates and serves You ! You are the master of all, You are the One to serve P.

You provide an oppurtunity for evolution and bliss by being here and giving chance to serve You. You are the Ultimate and PerfecT Being. so grateful to serve the One uplifting the earth, setting things straight, bringing out the truth, educating about the right way of living, undoing the unnatural evil programming, releasing beings from ugliness and pain of ignorance and evil within, giving a chance at real perfection and bliss. so gratefull to dedicate ones energy for real the Divine Savior, the only right there is.

serving the system one gets absolutely nothing but pain stress discomfort confusion heaviness and deterioration over time. You are the opposite end, the winning side, the One who can lead to PerfecTion ! serving You, the Highest One, leads to PerfecTion. so grateful that You have put one on the right path ! Your Presence here saves one in so so many ways.

i bow

nicolas said...

beauTiPhull! serving you is the best thing one can do! you are the highest of all! you are divine

i bow to you ShivNarayan

nicolas said...

really beautiful words! these divine words are not to be found anywhere else! your greatness is unequalled!

your liPhe is a divine miracle, you are the kindest one! PBS to you fills one's heart with so much haPPiness! you are so generous
all about you is so touching in the most Profound way! your Presence is so uPlifTing

i bow to you all gnoing one

Shruthi said...

You are so cool and clever to point out that service always flows upwards and not downwards. And it's so true that serving the inferior ends up being such a futile attempt and does nothing but boost the false sense of gnowing - such a pointless exercise.

You are so kind to be Present here and show what to serve to. You are the sweetest kindest loveliest. One bows to you!