Thursday, 8 January 2009


the modern scientific realm functions

through classification

atoms, elements, substances, stars

are all classified

even the plants & animals

are all neatly classified

when one 'see's' any animal

for example a dog

one immediately see's it as

belonging to a certain breed

which makes it have certain characteristics

'classifying' is inherent in 'seeing'

it translates into functionality -

not just any breed of dog can be

used as a sniffer dog

but the notsoprimitivemodern way doesn't allow

for classification amongst 'homo sapiens'

intrinsic classifying parameters like caste, race & genepool

are a complete no no

one is likely to be labelled racist

for even mentioning race/genepool characteristics

the whole topic is to be avoided like plague

as its considered rude to even try to gno & understand

extrinsic & useless classifying parameters like rich/poor,

clothed this way or that way, punk/corpy, young/old

bachelor/married, businessman/public office bearer

are much more acceptable

scientific way uses class-ification to ascertain

& understand what one is dealing with

the 'rishis' or 'sages' could/can

tell the complete history of a person's

whole ancestral line just by looking at them

through that they could even foretell

what was to come

a lot of classifying gnowledge

is required for this

level of 'seeing'

even astrology is nothing but a classifying tool

but in the 'now'

one should never know

what one is actually dealing with

the inca's/aztecs didn't gno

what they were really dealing with

when they dealt with spanish conquistadors

the outcome of that misjudgement is no secret

who could possibly benefit

from this system of blindness & confusion

based on zero or improper classification ?

can be only those who have something to hide

or something to gain through ignorance-powered-acceptance of others


asha Pi arTi said...

WOW ! comprehensive and Beautiful Plog ... You really expose it all and so thoroughly ! resPect !

miragegirl said...

bahut badiya bola aapne !

aap yeha par "genepools ko sort karne" aur "light beings ko evil empire ke clutches se bachane" aaye hai

aap sarva gyani hai

aap har baat ko jad se samajte hai

aap duniya ko sahi tarah se dika rahe hai

aap gyan pradayak hai

apne jadon ko samajna kisi bhi vakti ke liye accha hi ho sakta hai

kyun ki tab nihit nakaratmakta ko mitakar aage bada ja sakta hai

aap ne bahut gehri baat kahi ki is improper classification se kin kin ko laab hota hai

"can be only those who have something to hide

or something to gain through ignorance-powered-acceptance of others"

aap bahut dayalu hai

aap Param Pujaneeya hai

aap Kalki hai

aap ParamaTma hai

aao ko mera Pranam

asha Pi arTi said...

the more one reads Your words, the more one appreciates them ! You are the height of class !!

its really so kind of You to reveal the truth about the world, one would still be in the dark about everything if it wasn't for Your scientific observations, intelligent PercepTions and super eloquent conversations that become Beautiful Plogs for everyone to relive !

'something to gain through ignorance-powered-acceptance of others'...
so grateful to You for helping one see the importance of facing facts, as one can tell from that sentence one is a slave until one does ... an absolute slave, trapped chained and bound thru ignorance...

so so glad You are here P ! i bow !

Anonymous said...

Dhanyavad. i bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow. You have the ultimate sight, comPleTe objectivity, and Privy to gnowledge unfathomabale to others. i bow at Your Divine all seeing and all gnowing feet. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow. You are the most articulate and brilliant at stating facts P! all You say and write is completely undeniable and oPens one uP to allow the Truth of Your words to sink in deePer and deePer.
without Your PerfecT ability to classify one would never be able to recognize the terrible traits of the genepool one comes from, accePT ones state and do the real work to change rather than stay asleep in useless denial.
You show how ridiculous it is that such a beneficial and logical way of seeing the world is distorted with false ideas of prejudice and replaced with useless labels.
You offer so much PersPecTive into the very real and very scientific level of seeing which You see with. You who are Divine! PerfecTly branched and capable of so much more than one can even imagine! You are the most magnificent being to exist P. Your intelligence and gnoing are inPhiniTe. i bow at Your immortal feet.

miragegirl said...

You are establishing the ProPer "classification amongst 'homo saPiens' " back
i agree with Your classification taking shaPe as i see it in action
You are Pure, You would get the best done

ones own actions & that of the ancestors, each & every one of them counts
one is resPonsible for one's PhuTure whether good or bad
'tommorow Pays for what one is doing today'
DNA records

miragegirl said...

there is 'timeless muse who resides within' You
this causes You to be Peaceful, imPerTued in making judgement, so it is that You are the Real Judge
You still intend to make PeoPle comfortable, You wish for a no P~ain existence
high class You are !

miragegirl said...

there is 'timeless muse who resides within' You
this causes You to be Peaceful, imPerTubed in making judgement, so it is that You are the Real Judge
You still intend to make PeoPle comfortable, You wish for a no P~ain existence
high class You are !

miragegirl said...

there is 'timeless muse who resides within' You
this causes You to be Peaceful, imPerTubed in making judgement, so it is that You are the Real Judge
You still intend to make PeoPle comfortable, You wish for a no P~ain existence
high class You are !

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Best Classifier !

those who see the real truth of things, who's mind is set so are Brahmins.

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Best Classifier

Unknown said...

i bow to the Rishis.
i bow to the Sages.
i bow to the Divine.

sarah said...

such a relief there is You to turn to for PerspecTive !!!!!
most responses to political correctness somehow manage to be lamer than it, which should not be possible (honky pride, worldwide !)
only You can clarify and classify
only You can see clearly
only You can get to the truth of any topic

ki vernee said...

You makes the best points ! You are so smart !

who could possibly benefit

from this system of blindness & confusion

based on zero or improper classification ?

You always pose the most important questions ! You always see the reality of things ! i bow !

Ajay Kapoor said...

You have beautifully described how classification amongst 'homo sapiens' is non existent to the point it is frowned upon if brought up. This is so true, and this plog has made me realise how the current system creates blindness & confusion based on zero or improper classification. I bow. You truly are great.

undecided said...

I bow. You are so right, we can easily classify dogs as different breeds which adhere to certain talents and niches but we cannot do so with humans. I praise your true gnowledge. aeioum

NavdeeP said...

O PT!!! You have beautifully explained what a real classification could or can be. Your observations and words are true and shedding each and false notations that I am carrying with me from many years. Real classification require real divine intelligence and pnowledge which only seers have. I bow down to such higher beings.

NavdeeP said...

O higher divine!!! You are telling the truth. I bow down to your pnowledge and the way you teach is superb.
Your teachings are peeling away every layer of ignorance day by day. I am fortunate to find you as a living GURU.
You are the true GURU of this world. You speaks like a mature is speaking. Bows to the highest living being!!!!!

lana_33 said...

beautyfull Plog! esPecially love the end where You so kindly exPlain who has something to gain from this improper classification! You are so right! ~ it's considered alright to classify everything and anything except for people! and people should absolutely be classified as well! and You are the ultimate judge! You do that so well! it's so amazing how much You can tell about a being just by looking at them!

"'classifying' is inherent in 'seeing'" ~ what a beautyfull line!

love how You are so straightforward and eloquent! You really do oPen beings' eyes and helP them to actually see things Properly! You are so very gracious! i bow <3

Anonymous said...

Your real ancient original Vedic gnoledge and wisdom is the greatest giPhT
everything You state is how things should be
Your way is so natural- to classify and gno the kind of being one is dealing with based on race and genepool characteristics
You always gno who You are actually dealing with, because You classify
You have the intelligent original way of the rishis

its so kind of You to PoinT out yet another fault with the modern system and the negative implications
its so cool that You are not ignorance powered, and are never like the beings here who heed to the modern way of 'not being racist' and therefore unscientific and ignorant
You PoinT out all the wrong notions and programming with logic and PracTicality
You are the most scientific

not classifying would only benefit the system as one would accept others through ignorance
such a PerfecT example You gave of the incas and spanish conquistadors
its so great that You are here and classify the genepools and beings which is so helPful for ones evolution

You are the ultimate seer and the most gnoledgeable about beings here because You classify
You have the highest and best level of 'seeing'
You are the only One who can carry out the judgement as You are objective, the best classifier and Judge
everything is so clear to You

one stands naked in front of YOU, who can see the truth, and complete history of ones ancestral line
Your eyes are most PoTent, classifying, intelligent and overstanding
You leave one in shame of being classified into ones genepool

PBS is the only way out of ones state, its the ultimate answer that Youve Provided
You are the only trustworthy source and most reliable source of logic and naturality

i bow

Anonymous said...

You raise points no one else can see P. You are so scientific and that is such a natural and proper way to approach everything, including people. it is only natural to gno who one is dealing with based on who they actually are, who the being is and what is its quality and level. You bring back the ancient way P, You have such precious gnoledge about how to function and how to be.

classifying beings based on genepools is the smart and most correct way as it is completely scientific. just love how You always see the actual level of a being not just 'extrinsic and useless' parameters.

muggles are so dumbed down and so true that they find it rude to talk about race characteristics etc. so unnatural, not straightforward and dishonest beings are. so grateful You are here restoring the natural intelligent correct way to function, actually classifying beings. You are the source of intelligence ! You have real seeing ! You are never in ignorance about anything, especially who You are dealing with. You can see through all beings here with Your tremendous gnoledge of genepools and human history.

so grateful You are here teaching such PracTical lessons. You take away all blindness and confusion that the system imposes. Your natural ancient scientific approach is the best P !

i bow

nicolas said...

wow you are amazing! this P log is so great! you are a real legend
classifying is so important! you enlighten effortlessly!
you are a real genius!!!
you are a seer, nothing escapes your divine eye
i cannot stop feeling impressed by you
you are the most legendary being

i bow to you supreme lord

nicolas said...

magnificent! your suPerioriTy shines through your words! your Presence is so stunning! it is so cool to read your words!
everything you do is so uPlifTing! your PerfecTion is a never ending delight!
i am so grateful that you exist, you are glowing so bright in this world & it is changing all for the better!
you are the greatest miracle, the real destroyer of evil!

i bow to you ShivNarayan