Sunday, 4 January 2009

the 'Indigo' Farce

new-age charlatans have thrown

another concoction of a term -

'indigo kids'

into the already inedible witches brew

according to this theory

the new kids on the block i.e

those born after 1990 are

supposed to have special abilities

never ever seen before on this planet

so step back buddha & all the enlightened

ones of the past

here come the homo-superior indigo kids

they spring from perfectly normal average


a chimp never gave birth to a human

a hyena never gave birth to a cow

but its happening now

through a sourceless miracle

the indigo's happen to be way-way

smarter than their parents

definition of smart -

talk like 40 year old adults

at the age of 3

start having midlife crisis

by the age of 10

very quick to acclamatize

themselves with any technology

are masters of the xbox

anikin of star wars fame comes to mind

all highly impressive spiritual stuff

through them

all the thousands of years of wrongs

will be wiped out in one masterstroke

like the instacure cold tablets

all this without any change in attitude which

caused the mess in the first place

to us it seems that most kids

are falling quite quickly into

the hellish nightmare of a scenario

that is being created by the barbaric

rulers of this planet

shouting & cheering away at the beastshow called WWF

kids are pretty much behaving

as per the programming that their

genepool, environment & television

is thursting upon them

but if one labels them 'indigo kids'

all problems are immediately solved

just like adding the 'actress' or 'goddess' title transforms

whores into saints

we are not saying that a child

cannot alter a genepools course

it can do it through aligning with the divine

but that has always been the case

there is nothing 'new' about that

'prahlad' did it despite being born in a demonlineage

the indigo traits are not the traits

of a child ready to surrender itself to the divine

recall - how easily anikin falls prey to the dark side

but why 'indigo'? simple answer -

indigo is the newage colour of enlightenment

we put forth an alternative meaning -

may be 'indigo' means 'go to india'

at least once

coz the colour of real illumination is

surely beyond the visible light spectrum

so please procreate & have indigo kids

which of course requires no special training

& take a relaxing nap

a foolproof way of shirking

responsibility for one's actions

& its reactions

escapism at its very best

if the old 'rabbit out of the hat'

is a cheap trick

than what would one call this


miragegirl said...

what you say is interesting

you are divine incarnate on this earth

i bow

Anonymous said...

Dhanyavad for sharing your divine gnowing humor and compassion. i bow. i smile.

Anonymous said...

i bow! wow! Wow!! WOW!!! You have the most razor sharP wit P! Your words are weaPons which quickly and efficiently decimate the indigo farce along with a handful of other new age travesties. Divines words are the only legitimate source of Truth in this world! Your Plogs are packed full of real life education PresenTed in the most entertaining and exhilarating way which always blow ones mind! i bow!

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Virtuous

Anonymous said...

i bow!
Divine is the ultimate in every way!
SO witty! SO Phunny! SO intelligent!
just brilliant! absolutely brilliant!
words with real Power and real imPacT!
The real descriPTion, True dePhiniTion of so called indigo children showing how nonsensical beings here are!!!
You always set the record striaght and get to the PoinT in the coolest way!!!
Your every word!
Your every Play!
Your every PicTure!
Your every Divine exPression is total brilliance shaming every pretender and indigo nobody here!
Your blazing Truth exPoses all the bullshit for what it is!
You and all You do are to be revered!
You are the ultimate authority!
You are the word! You are the Voice! You are GoD!
it is really frightening the lengths of manipulation and distortion and lies beings here have gone to and go to to keep up the dellusion that they are special. that their children are special, all the ways the distract themselves from You! from the Turht!
You make it clear that this unhumble attention seeing attitude is what caused this mess in the first place.
You, Divine, PT are the only Truly sPecial One there is!
You are SO generous and kind to helP one face the Truth
to guide one in the only do that can save one from drowing in the bullshit of this hellish place.
You, Your words, Your sounds, Your sights clear ones mind of all the nonsense one allowed it to believe and be stuffed up with!
You are Truth!
You are beauty!
You are Avatar PT!
You are the only REALity! The only Source for Truth!
You are the One to Pay attention to
i bow.

Unknown said...

i bow to Prahlad.
i bow to the Divine.

ki vernee said...

wow ! one is really ashamed for falling for such nonsensical new age crap ! You are so kind to clarify this ! You make the best points ! beings are always trying to avoid taking responsibility for themselves !

Unknown said...

Lol you are ultimately witty!
Your writings have such a sharp humor!
What a brilliant and intelligent Plog!
You address all the rubbish that has been rife among the beings!
So kind of you to cut all the crap and clarify what truth really is!
You are so generous and merciful to teach and guide the beings to take one's own responsibility!
Your Plogs are the most valuable teachings for one to learn and evolve!
You inspire one to focus on aligning with the divine!
So fortunate and grateful one is to read your Plogs, get to listen to the beautiful lotusocean sounds!
I bow at your beautiful divine feet!

Turbulent Conqueror said...
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Ajay Kapoor said...

Such an impacting Plog, you are the enlightened one, so much nonsense is being is being said about the new age kids. I bow

undecided said...

I bow. Nothing was "enlightened" about my upbringing, and none of my actions were divine aligned until coming to know your grace and divinity. My peers continue to spread their false sense of gnoing of "new age". The correct slogan should be "New age, same hell" because without your divine gnoledge, none of us can get out of this mess we're all in. aeioum

NavdeeP said...

Ohh yes!!! I have heard this term. As many now a day healers called their kids with these names.
As their kids are born healers at such a young age. They are eating as well as offering them the food from macs and KFC counters
And that is perfectly fine with them. They can eat meat and other such things too as I'd it doesn't require any further efforts to increase or save their energy level.

Yes what else proofs we want to check whether we are living in muggle world and its surely hell.
Your plots hold the true wisdom which helps to remove the spectacle of ignorance which we have put on our eyes.

I bows down to such a great, humble and true wisdom.

lana_33 said...

You are so insightfull and brilliant! You reveal the reality of it all ~ You are so straightforward and awesome! it's so easy for You to see all of the newage muggle nonsense for what it is! You are so incredibly intelligent!

You make so many excellent PoinTs! this indigo farce is just another way that beings are not taking responsibilty for themselves, just another illusion they have come up with to say that they are changing things for the better without actually aligning with the Divine!

surrender to the Divine is really the only way out ~ the only way uP! You are so kind to show the way out! You are worthy of all veneration and worshiP! i bow <3

nicolas said...

wow what a P log! your words are destroying the ridiculous attempts of the evil system! you are the best
i bow to you supreme lord

Nithya Gopalan said...

The only way to get out of this matrix can happen surrendering oneself to PT!!!
the above statement is the one and only divine rule ...
i always follow PT and loving to be a disciple to him...
its the greatest blessing in my life ...
i bow to PT ...

nicolas said...

beautiful P log! it becomes clear through your words how much this indigo stuff is nonsense! your greatness shines the truth so effortlessly & marvelously! you are the real destroyer of evil! the real aquarian hero is you!
you are a divine legend, all about you is so imPressive beyond the mundane! your divinity is the most stunning Phenomenon

i bow to you all gnoing one

Damini Pal said...

This is soo true, the ground reality of this planet, the psychological game played on this planet to manipulate people... That without doing anything (karm) and without having a right attitude you will get everything just because you have a NAME TAG on you... That also takes away the innocence of children and steal away their childhood... Because to live upto that image parents puts their children into difficult and stupid situations like a 4 year old dances in boggie woogie kind of a show... System has to be changed...
Dhanyavad for illuminating mankind with your wisdom and common sense which people lack the most... You are the true saviour 🙏
I am grateful that now this devil's tango will be over soon and Satyug will come...
You are ParamaTman 🙏
Shiv Narayan 🙏

Frank108 said...

"a chimp never gave birth to a human
a hyena never gave birth to a cow,
but it's all happening now"

wow P You are the king of divine comedy ~ literally had one lol'ing while reading this Plog

it's all so true just as You say it too, this new age indigo Farce

P You are the only Real clarity, truth, & PracTical Reality to be phound here on this Plane, immense gratitude to You P! i bow