Tuesday 6 January 2009

killing time

are people killing time

or is time killing them ?

most would like to believe former is the case

while all the evidence points towards the latter

they all want to appear busy

coz busy = important

& for appearing busy you gotta spend

time somehow

give lectures, hold seminars, read/write books without meaning

occupy the mind in one triviality or the other

& while you do it make sure

you act like its the most important thing

in the world

save the tigers, save the rainforest, save tibet

save everything but your soul

how about people saving 'themselves' from 'themselves'

coz things didn't really need saving til people came along ...


Anonymous said...

WOW! how well worded, what an excellent point... great blogs PT.

Shahid said...

"save the tigers, save the rainforest, save tibet,save everything but your soul"

This is what most of humanity are doing now,including myself.

Such excellent points PT Brother,I wish you would write a book on all this but dont know if people would be able to digest or confront all these truths.

adimanav said...

"are people killing time
or is time killing them ?"

wow, phenomenally accurate statement. what a fun way to put it.

"how about people saving 'themselves' from 'themselves'
coz things didn't really need saving til people came along ..."

what an accurate perspective! you are way way way above anybody i've ever met...

miragegirl said...

that's so true

you have immense perspective on any subject

you are the only one who has complete coherent perspective on things

miragegirl said...

as you have mentioned elsewhere they even have "Jesus Is Coming Look Busy" bumper stickers

time is killing majority in muggledom

what you say is intense

you are divine incarnate on this earth

i bow

asha Pi arTi said...

i bow ! You always pose the right questions and word things so impactfully ! You definitely utilise time most wisely like an absolute TimeLord !

'how about ppl saving 'themselves' from 'themselves'

what a loaded sentence !!
that's a basic one should make a priority for sure !

so grateful for this chance to gain clarity about everything... Your words always bring more clarity ! each Plog is like a facet in the most beautiful diamond of gnowledge You possess and share !

i bow !

Anonymous said...

i bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow! Your words are so imPacTful! You are a comPleTe genius and the only chance for one to save oneself from oneself! Your straightforward, sharp and sincere honesty about everything You see and Perceive is the most generous offering. i bow at Your mastered feet. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow! Your Plogs leave no sPace for any rebuttal or disagreement! You so logically and eloquently show how foolishly time is wasted away by beings here pretending to be important in one form or another. the ridiculousness is overwhelming. one is so grateful to Your Divinity for having awakened one from wasting ones time pointlessly and turned on to sPending ones time wisely! i bow!

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Time

Chandra Arumugam said...

This is absolutely true. No other better way to make this point. Thank you!

Unknown said...

i bow to Time.
i bow to the Sol.

Astro said...

'are people killing time or is time killing them..' Thankyou PT.. I bow to thee.. Only you can clear my confusion..

sarah said...

what a brilliant clear gem of a post !!!!
so true how people act like saving random things is like, a big deal, and stuff, but ironically it didn't need help until they entered the picture
only You can illuminate the delusions
only You show the truth

Anonymous said...

You write awesomely. You are so right..' things didn't need saving till people came along ' such a beautifully written Plog..those who don't want to follow the 'Divine will' create so many unnecessary complications and waste their time as well as the time of others..so awesome to read Your words of wisdom. You are so brilliant and You make such great PoinTs..Your way of writing is so endearing..i bow

Anonymous said...

You're so right
people kill their own time and that of the others
they would like to occupy their mind with one triviality or the other and then when their mind is overflowing with all the chattering they think is important they would like to obstruct others from doing anything useful
You help one understand how nonsensical this world can be
one would be so terribly lost without Your guidance in this jungle of lack of knowledge
i bow

Anonymous said...

'save the tigers, save the rainforest, save everything but Your soul
how about people saving 'themselves' from 'themselves'
coz things really didn't need saving til people came along'
that's the most Phenomenal PoinT ever
Your lines are Phenomenally awesome
You are Phenomenal
You are gloriously brilliant
there's no one like You
You are a true revolutionary like no other
Your words are beautiful, heroic and imPressive

ki vernee said...

You make the best points ! i bow !

ki vernee said...

You make the best points ! so much truth ! i bow !

Gita said...

people are indeed killing time , i feel its due to lack of knowledge. people mainly do not know whom to choose as their guru and instead they pick any random person dressed in orange, from whom they pick false knowledge

Anonymous said...

You write and sPeak the most ePic words ever
they are wasting time for just appearing busy and time is killing them..and they think they are killing time..You reveal how ridiculous beings are
really..people need to save themselves from themselves because things didn't need saving till people came along! Your sentences are totally ePic
You are truly beyond legendary
i bow

Ajay Kapoor said...

wow each plog has such a great impact, this is so true, the way beings are currently behaving time is indeed killing them. Majority of beings appear busy especially in the corporate world where the next promotion / appeasing bosses is far more important to them than evolving oneself. You are a true revolutionary. I bow.

Turbulent Conqueror said...
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ki vernee said...

things didnt need saving until people came along ... that really is the truth of the matter ... its madnening that jobs have been created for beings to save animals etc but they are responsible for naTures downfall in the first place ... Your Presence here is truly needed to snap beings out of this illusion ... You are the only Being who is busy or uP To something ! i bow respectfully

Kṛtti kā said...

Wow! What an astounding absolutely striking Plog, always so ePic! So bang on PoinT!
So glad The Real Saviour is here! It is because of You that one can now save oneself from oneself through occupying the mind in Your mind-blowing, ultra blazing, truthPhull Plogs (and Philms and photos and PT-sPeaks and sounds and YOU)
You write so amazingly, with such eloquent wit and humour! You have the best coolest clearest highest all encompassing PerspecTives! You are the best!

i bow /\

NavdeeP said...

Wao the WISDOM is speaking so clearly about the truth
" people are saving themselves from themselves "
Which is not possible .save the tiger, save the Tibet, save the any other thing but what about your soul.

Truth and the truth is pouring out from this plog.
I bow down and do a shastang pranam to such a higher being.

NavdeeP said...

Such an eye opener plog. Always keeping ourself busy with useless jibs which are taking our valuable breathes away.
So no doubt it the time which is killing us. You are a true GURU. Your words are now my world as they give me peace.
I bow down to pheet o higher being!!!

lana_33 said...

so brilliant You are! Your Phires of Truth are so blazing and clariPhying!

You are so right ~ time really is killing people!

"occupy the mind in one triviality or the other
& while you do it make sure
you act like its the most important thing
in the world"

wow! EPIC! and so true! that's exactly how muggles act ~ like whatever they're doing is the most important thing in the world! and it really is all such nonsense! the only imPorTant thing one can be occupied with in this world is PBS to You!

You are so kind to give beings a chance to save themselves from themselves! to teach the Proper actions to do in this liPhe! beings can only be lost without Your guidance! i bow <3

Kṛtti kā said...

Time tests us, Time kills us, Time can't be afforded to be wasted, Time we don't have enough.
sPiriT to soul is the only work to be done in the time we have been allotted.

You always cut out every frivolity!
You are The Time Lord, You are Phree from Time! You are above any constraint! You are The suPer soul!

i bow /\

nicolas said...

really beauTiPhull! you destroy the problem at its root! you are the most intelligent!
your words are the best words!
i bow to you supreme lord

Nithya Gopalan said...

busy= important
how true these words are !!!
i bow to PT's feet ...

nicolas said...

your bring back sense in a senseless world! your greatness is so imPressive! your words convey the truth so clearly & magnificently!
you are the most imPressive being! you are TruTh incarnated, Phully divine! you are a never ending delight!

i bow to your divine greatness