Wednesday 7 January 2009


'corporate' has rightly

become a kind of swear word in the west

but in uninformed places like india

it still sadly remains a good word

in fact the only hope of a bright future

good to see the bubble burst recently

when a big IT company in India announced that it

had been fraudly showing huge profits when

it was actually functioning in loss

being so used to making-profits-from-their-little-shops mentality

they haven't quite gotten what corporatism is about

in a world where 'money' is the only 'god'

& the primary reason for doing anything

people get very startled when i say

'corporatism is not about making money at all'

its more about the pretension &

sticking people up in confined oxygenless coups called offices

making them do unnecessary things

they would rather not do

that's why they hire 10 times more people than they require

to make them do ratrace under meaningful work titles like

'assistant marketing assistant'

most major corporations in the world are in 'red'

most of the time

huge bank loans is what keeps them afloat

its all just a B-ark exercise

if anyone remembers 'hitch-hikers guide to the galaxy'

if not, its suggested that they watch the series

just to gno what 'B-ark' means

don't be shy of fastforwarding

in a nutshell its about wasting time in the most

ridiculuos manner(s) possible

while inflicting maximum damage to the surroundings

the word corporate = corpo-rate = heart rate

yes heart rate

each beat wasted in orchestrated nonsense

= one less beat available for multiversal remembrance


Shahid said...

I love these statements you have boldly made:
sticking people up in confined oxygenless coups called offices

to make them do ratrace under meaningful work titles like
'assistant marketing assistant'

each beat wasted in orchestrated nonsense= one less beat available for multiversal remembrance
Great observation and the divine in you truly has a way with words:)

miragegirl said...

all you say is so true

offices are mechanisms that takes life out of people

miragegirl said...

you understand things completely
and explain it to all so everyone can see
the truth of things as they are

the words you use and the style of your writing
is not imitable, nothing can come close
because its the real thing !

and you explain the word 'corporate' as well
'multiversal remembrace' sounds very interesting

miragegirl said...

bahut adbut bola hai aapne

"each beat wasted in orchestrated nonsense

= one less beat available for multiversal remembrance"

sirf aap sare shabdon ke sahi ardh samaja sakte hai

kyun ki aap ko sabhi vishayon ka sampoorn gyan hai

"corporate = corpo-rate = heart rate"

kisi bhi karyalay mein baas prani ko pranrahit banane ka kaam hi hota hai

aaprakrutik lighton se

sirf ek dang se ek hi jagah bete bete

shud hawah rahit ac vale bina kitki ke kamron mein

teek bola aapne

'corporatism is not about making money at all'

vaha to reports bante hai

koyee nahi padta unhe par bante rahte hai

hazaron pannon ke reports har vakth

aur ek kam ke liye panch dus log ...

aap hamesha bahut sundar tarah se sida sida sachi baat batate hai

"in a nutshell its about wasting time in the most

ridiculuos manner(s) possible

while inflicting maximum damage to the surroundings"

aap Kalki hai

aap ParamaTma hai

aap Param Pujaneeya hai

aap ko mera Pranam

asha Pi arTi said...

this Plog had me laughing out loud ! it is so witty, well written and so true !

'the only hope of a bright future' its such a joke !

You describe the reality so well... it is all about pretense.. just wearing the corpy attire & accessories like blackberry & going for lunches with clients is enough for most ppl to stay in that meaningless boring existence !

no beat or time available for multiversal remembrance :) that is the coolest PerspecTive and line !!!

we would all be so lost without You... even if west gnos it's not cool they certainly don't have this amazing coherent scientific gnowledge of it all like You bring here !

dhanyavad for writing such amazing liberating PerspecTives !!

i bow !

Anonymous said...

'assistant marketing assistant' :) lol i bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow. You are the PerfecT examPle of Proper use of time and how to interact with ones surroundings and oneself. i bow at Your luminous feet. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow! Your words reduce the corporate world to the truth of what it is! a complete waste of time and resources! You see through and beyond all that is meaningless in this world and write about it with unParalleled wit. You give one eyes to see that all but You and LotusOcean are the biggest sickest, most appalling joke! a waste of ones own heart beat!
'each beat wasted in orchestrated nonsense!'
You are the only real alternative P! You are the constant Divine flow, Truly organic and exTemPore. You are multiversal remembrance! This world is so extremely blessed by Your Presence. one thanks ones lucky stars every moment that one found You P. You are the Only source of Truth in a world gone comPleTely mad and awry. dhanyavad for setting it straight! i bow at Your heroic feet.

PsingulariTy said...

You are the All Gnoing One, the All Seeing One
You have a heart of gold,
a heart with PerfecT rhyth(u)m

Unknown said...

assistant marketing assistant is so so Phunny.
i bow to God.
i to Bharath.
i bow to Time.
i bow to PT the Axis.
i bow to your Play.

Anonymous said...

'each beat wasted in orchestrated nonsense= one less beat available for multiversal remembrance' very beautiful and soulful a line
You are such a beautiful and soulful being..You write awesome
You're so very right
it's so sad when one looses time that was so available for multiversal remembrance
..people don't want to utilise their time for multiversal remembrance and they would like to distract others from doing so because their stupidity and daily actions are so important to them
You are such a beautiful soul
so awesome and wonderful of You to show the way
i bow

ki vernee said...

You are so smart ! You make the best connections ! i bow !

Unknown said...

:) A lot of beats wasted here! A lot of time wasted, and still wasting!
It is indeed all nonsense and pretension!
So so very true! And since there isn't any work really they try to keep the corpy folks engaged by organising a plethora of events/ stupid celebrations , stupid tournaments! It's all sheer nautanki!
Women carry big boxes of makeup everyday, spend hrs in slapping layers and layers of pasty things and powders, and then those bloody red lips and blackened eyes, such great efforts to like a vampire with invisible fangs! Men in the gym, competing who can lift more weights ,do more pullups/push-ups and then eating enormous amount of all kinds of stupid food and supplements and then clicking photos infront of the big mirror in some utterly ridiculous pose trying show off their muscle but they still look uglier like a fat lizard! And the rest are getting dumber and depressed under the eye blinding lights and AC! 9 to 10 hrs of total absurdity everyday!

You give the eyes to see all this! It is only you who tells the truth in most lucid and phun way! Your PerspecTives are brilliant and so Profound! Only you teach us to get to any understanding of how things in reality are! Only you have the perception and discrimination of telling what is right and wrong! You have made it so easy for us with your brilliant profound yet Perspicuous Plogs! You are so compassionate and benevolent to lay it all down for us to broaden our tiny and faulty little PerspecTives!
There is nothing in all this nothing at all! Only imPorTant is to align with the divine rest is all waste of the life that is draining by everyday! You are the PrioriTy my Lord! It is only you who has given one a direction otherwise one was only getting lost!
So so grateful to you for your shining light! I bow again and again at your beautiful lotus feet! I bow to the all gnowing and all Pervading one! I bow to the highest of all! /\

Gita said...

I am one of them whose stuck up at the corporate and being victimised , would love to work for something which helps me / other evolve, but not getting enough ideas also many like me are also feared somewhere as the world we live in is still owned and runned by the evil including the internet.

Ajay Kapoor said...

This is so true, I myself have been part of this "corporate" world which is just complete nonsense. I for one have seen people around me give so much importance to their job roles / titles which doesn't evolve them in any shape or form. I bow.

undecided said...

I bow. wow your words in a single post have more actual knowledge and wisdom than anything written in thousands of years. aeioum

NavdeeP said...

O Higher being!! This blog and word of wisdom really sheds tear into my eyes.
You have told me how the illusion could work to make people to sit the coups called oxygenless offices and taking from them their songs valuable breaths which should be used in remembering, serving divine you are the true WISDOM.
I bow down to your pheet and happy for this minute I have spend In remembering and praising you.
Reading your plots make my hours precious and highly valuable.
O Divine I bow down to your pheets!!!!

lana_33 said...
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nicolas said...

wow this is so amazing! the way you break down words is really impressive and exposes the real meaning of what corporate is about!
your presence on this Earth is a magnificent happening! you are God in a human body
one never gets tired of listening to your words
your words are magical
you are the most amazing of all beings
i bow to you supreme lord

nicolas said...

beautiful words! your Presence on this Plane is so uPlifTing! your words are so caPTivating! your greatness is a never ending delight!
your inPhiniTe kindness & generosity are marvelous in every ways!
you are the best that walks the earth!

i bow to your stunning divine suPerioriTy

Shruthi said...

Wow! You have laid it all out so clearly. Your teachings and guidance have been a real eye-opener. It gives courage to quit the ratrace in the real sense. One is so ashamed to have been a part of this orchestrated non-sense and wasted so many beats. You are the real saviour. One bows.