Tuesday 6 January 2009

boring & interesting

fact - many are bored, really bored

so bored that the safety mindlessly associated with boring

has gotten boring too

mindlessly i say coz boring = safe means dumb = safe

dumbness leads to accidents/disasters not safety

so why do they cling to the dumb & boring

& not make a movement

towards the more intelligent & interesting ?

interesting not in the sense of

'bungee jumping' coz that gets boring too

after one or 2 tries

interesting in terms of the

'real gnowledge of all aspects of multiversal existence'

i.e really interesting

in this hyper-connected world

where more interesting can always be found

there are no excuses

but still very few actually are able to do it

maybe this scenario will help explain

people on buses, trains, airports hide their faces

in books that lead nowhere

& pretend that they never saw you

they would 'be' the same even if 'god' walked by

a difficult to pull-off-act considering the

huge gulf between interesting & boring

at play in the situation

but they achieve the impossible

by robotically repeating this holy chant loudly in their head -

book is more important

book is more important

i have chosen the book

my choice is no.1 priority

i am in control of the book

through the book i am in control of the situation

replace book with pet, partner, mobile & so forth

& you get the picture


miragegirl said...

its funny that there are no comments as yet on this Plog

all you do is worthy of Praise

you are the most interesting being

with the most interesting talks on the state of the world and the multiversal functionings

you are divine incarnate on this earth

i bow

miragegirl said...

bahut adbut manbavan likte hai aap

"robotically repeating this holy chant loudly in their head -

book is more important

book is more important"

log aapne aap se kehte rahte hai

hasne vali baat hai

aaj kal bahar dekho to log mobile par kuch na kuch kar nahe hote hai

ya phir ipod se unke kaan band rahte hai

ya phir dono

sabi raftar se borg ban rahe hai

dukh ki baat hai

aap ne poora poora dikaya hai

"replace book with pet, partner, mobile & so forth

& you get the picture"

aap is duniya mein sabse dilchasph vaktiv hai

vastav mein sirf aap ek matr dilchasp vaktiv hai

aap sab ko tarah tarah se dilchasph manbavan sach diklate rahte hai

aap bahut dayalu hai

aap ki duniya har tarah ke sache jadu se bari hai

aap ka LotusOcean joh internet par hai bahut hi adbut hai

aap Kalki hai

aap dharm ko is yug mein punar stapith kar rahe hai

aap Param Pujaneeya hai

aap ParamaTma hai

aap ko mera Pranam

Anonymous said...

one is so grateful to gno it is your Divine being that is truly in control. i bow.

Anonymous said...

You are the funniest P! The Truth is hilarious through Your Divine PersPecTive and clearly shows how boring all else in this world is but Pursuing You! the Truth! The One and only source of real gnowledge! All You do, all you write, all You Play inspires real feeling, real seeing, and real gnoing. You are what is really interesting! You give such an honest examPle of the tedious ways false sense of control is focused on. You are so amazingly kind to write about the ridiculous nature of the beings on this world and give one a chance to see and transform ones own ridiculous nature. i bow at Your Phascinating feet.!

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Interesting One
You are The Truth

asha Pi arTi said...

wow i bow ... the ease with which You describe one's former life is humbling ! this is exactly how one ended up in so many bookstores and coffee shops pretentiously wasting time like a rich bastard ...

'real gnowledge of all aspects of multiversal existence'

You are the ONLY ONE WHO GNOS THIS !! what an incredible giPhT Your words are P !!

i bow to Your Presence and Grace here on Earth now !

i bow to The Avatar on Earth now !

Nithya Gopalan said...

i found the real higher.i bow :)

Nithya Gopalan said...

i found the real higher.i bow :)

Unknown said...

Attention to the higher and divine.
Bow to the accurate observation.
Gratitude for the perfect answer.
Your words are wise.
I bow.

Anonymous said...

You are so right. only the 'real gnowledge of all asPecTs of multiversal existence' is really interesting...how true. Your observations are awesome.. all else is boring except the gnowledge of the multiverse. You make such awesome PoinTs.You are great and so absolutely interesting.

ki vernee said...

You make the best points ! You are the only intelligent and interesting Being !

sarah said...

You are a master at creating a picture using words.
You are the antidote to boredom.

Gita said...

People (including me) sometimes are so self conscience that we think only about ourselves and our image as to how the public look upon us and end up hiding our faces behind the books , newspapers etc like you mentioned.

Rules of the society (human made evil rules) have become so strong that now we need a strong divine force to get us out of this self thinking.

Kṛtti kā said...

True! Boring finally equates to dumb! And one has been and is dumb in that way!
Glad one's shown how to move towards that which is truly really interesting...
Really interesting can make one smart along with multitude of all other great good things! You are the most interesting being with the most interesting liPhe, You comPassionaTely show all a way out from ones boring dumb existence.
i bow

Ajay Kapoor said...

This is so true boring does equate to dumbness. There are vast amounts of books available which is just full of nonsense, especially within the Astrology field. You are the knowledgeable one, full of wisdom. I praise and bow.

undecided said...

I bow. Boring is safe and this "safety" is dumb...the cycle which includes a partner, a pet, little gadgets. As long as they stick their head into the sand, all is safe! but the same way we see how pointless that technique is to an ostrich, the same can be said with humans. Your divine consciousness sees through all illusion, aeioum.

Zoom In said...

Lol your sense of humour is ultimate.
Yes It’s natural to gravitate towards the most interesting and put all the attention upon it. However we are encapsulated in layers of programming , conditioning etc, which create a boundary around us. Not sure if this boundary is always a hurdle or it may safeguard us from the evil at times? Depends on the sanskar I guess. One needs to be sincere in the pursuit of divine in order to learn about the truths of this multiverse. Only the strong divine phorce can wake us up. I humbly bow to the ultimate supreme soul !!!

NavdeeP said...

O DIVINE!!! you have spoken these words 9 years ago.i could see the situation which is currently going on this plane -t. As majority of the population I'm control of these things. I did this mistake too in the past as I was searching the truth and now I find although I was in control of that book but that was indeed boring too. You are the MOST Interesting Higher Being on this earth.I AM feeling blessed, Happy for the seconds, minutes and Hours those I spend in reading your plogs and remembering you.
You are the True Guru. I bow down into your pheet.

sarah said...

ignoring the most interesting Being is too much effort !!!

lana_33 said...
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nicolas said...

wow so beauTiPhully explained! liPhe is boring without you! you are the mosT interesting of all
your gnowledge is wholistic and complete! you are divine
you are the divine avatar!
i bow to you ShivNarayan

Nithya Gopalan said...

yes, i am now ashamed of being a being like that ...
especially this P-log is an eye-opener for me ...
i chose that and so am in control of that situation...very true in my case...
i bow PT , the greatest of all beings in this world...
you have showered the ultimate Gnowledge in P-logs, P's giTa ,and astrological books ...
yet you would say ,those Gnowledge are glimpse/sample from you..
even grasping those Gnowledge reqires a life time...
i wonder seeing you always ...
i bow to PT's feet ..

nicolas said...

really beautiful words! your greatness is a magnificent Phenomenon! your honesty & straightforwardness are unequalled!
you are so kind to write these Plogs! your gnowledge is mind blowing!
your Presence on earth is a legendary miracle!

i bow to your divine greatness