Wednesday, 10 February 2016

running commentary

people here

would do

much less nonsense

if they had to give

running commentary

on their own live actions

as they do them



females ...


Anonymous said...

i bow
what a striking Truth!
it is amazing how no nonsense Divines approach is to everything!
ALL You do and say in every moment is done with PerfecT sense!
Your comPleTe objectivity is humbling.
Your every action and word shows that You are the highest BEing
PerfecTly aware of everything in every moment.
and so telling that running commentary on You is nothing but Praise!!!
everything You do and say and the way You do it is Praiseworthy!
You do everything with untold style and Grace!
all You do is done in the most suPerior way!

i bow in shame for all the nonsense one has done in ones life
it is SO True how much less nonsense one would have done
and would do if one had to give constant running commentary on ones actions!
You have the most Profound observations P!
and the way You state them shows one constantly that one doesn't gno anything!
'especially so called females'
i bow
one is most grateful for Divines guidance in how to learn to DO with awareness of You!
for Your guidance in how to become aware of Divine in each moment and rise above ones lower nonsense.
how to stop behaving in ways that keep one trapped in hell.
for the ways You guide one to develop self awareness, self control and self discipline
SO grateful there is One here who sees and states nothing but the Truth!
You are the ONE to Pay attention to in every moment.
so grateful for all the ways You guide in how to move out of hell toward You!
i bow

Asha said...

i bow ! Your comPassion for the Truth and Kindness to helP phemales get to it is so admirable ! You truly care more about people than they care about themselves. this is a Beautyfull idea P ! if one did it for even one day one would be so embarassed and ashamed of how many times there is no attention on Divine, there is no seeking for Truth and learning about oneself and the world one is in and how to get out of it too !

i bow ! Your Words and Your Actions are always humbling because running commentary about You for any period of time goes very EPICALLY ... You are always so fully ON and in the moment !! Your observations and commentary are continously educating one and You never ever ever stop Paying attention to PhacTs and Truth !

i bow ! You helP one see Reality P ! am really gratefull that because of You one's running commentary is not as terrible to do as it once was and its inspiring to imProve and evolve the content and quality !

i bow ! all because of Your comPassion one can do actions that are good for one and Pleasing for You !! if one didn't do any bowing Praising and Serving in the day which is only Possible because You are here ... it would unbearable the running commentary and the consequences of it all too !!!!!!!! it is all still so embarassing P, what an excellent Reality Check this Plog and method are !! !!

i bow ! You are just the Best P ! You really clarify how phemales are champions of not looking at their actions and the consequences, doing things without acgnowledging the ONE who allows to even carry on being here and doing any good actions now for oneself and Higher and Divine !!

i bow !

sarah said...

its really nice that Your P-logs are here to provide a running commentary on people, because as far as i can tell, females genuinely cannot distinguish things that they do or that other people do, they can only tell what they feel, and assume those feelings must be what is happening. so elizabeth bathory's self narrated commentary would probably be like, "now i am helping this girl relieve her boredom and helping her surrender". the way people are wired to narrate their story so that they are agents of good is frightening, and female exceptions are uniquely unlikely. after reading Your commentary someone who might have previously said they "had lunch with friends" might learn to narrate that they engaged in quasi-cannibalism with people trying to end their freedom. it is beyond cool that You provide a factual resource to bring glaringly absent sanity to the situation. Your commentary shows what people actually do, not what they think they do, and it is very inspiring to read more of it. You provide the resources to make honesty happen, and You educate that honesty is the only way forward. being honest and clear moment to moment is another strikingly fantastic idea.

Your exhilirating Presence and beauty are the ePiTome of what happens when one follows the PaTh of truth that You teach. You are so kind to show step by step how You do it.

Vintish said...

I bow

Unknown said...

Acknowledgement can lead to correct action.

Anonymous said...
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Unknown Andanonymous said...
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ki vernee said...

yes ! very true ! beings would definitely do less nonsense if they hear their nonsensical actions commentated back to them ! wow ! Your view Points are so amazing ! i bow respectfully

veena iyengar said...

i bow..

Anonymous said...

so True😀

i learnt from you that one has to admit to one's own realiTy first no matter how good or bad it is before doing any other actions.

Your PercePtion of realiTy is always so Pure and True. It is simPly commendable.😎

You are the most innocent, clever and Truthful being existing on the face of the earth.🙏🙂

i bow to you. 🙇🙏

nicolas said...

This is so true! Wow... Your observations are so sharp and to the PoinT. You sPeak the real TruTh and that is impressive!
i bow

ankita said...

so true 🙏🙇
one wouldn't walk or talk in a lazy graceless uncentred way if one had to give running commentary on one!
that would be so funny!
Your Plogs are so Phun
i 🙇