Saturday, 2 January 2016

the HEAVIEST thing ...

people have

have different ideas

about what is heavy

some find things heavy

some find the body heavy


the heaviest thing








the Minds

of sheeple are

full of

notions, concepts, worries

etc etc etc

heavy enough

to drag them down




Vintish said...

lol O.o

Vintish said...

I bow

Anonymous said...

i bow
'the heaviest thing here is the invisible thing called Mind'
'heavy enough to drag them down to hells'
i bow
it is remarkable how beautiful You are in every Possible way P!
how Truly beautiful, brilliant light and free and weightless Your mind is!
how You are not weighed down or burdened in any way!
by the body, things and definitely not a mind filled with heavy nonsense!
it is amazing how PracTical and objective and clear and sharP Your mind is! Your way of seeing is! Your judgement is!
how PerfecT You simPly always are in all ways!
so grateful for all the heavy nonsense bubbles the Truth of Your words burst!
for the endless ways You helP one to learn to change the way one uses ones mind!
to emPTy it out, to simPly do and not think!
to allow Praises of Divine to naturally flow freely through it from an oPen consciousness at all times.
i bow

Asha said...

i bow ! it has never been easier to surrender it than with the Avatar on Earth now ! how ashamed one is to still be carrying it like a tortoise instead of leaving behind and running the fuck out of dodge ! so gratefull You still allow Time for one to surrender over and over as many times as it takes to align in harmony with Your Beauty and Bowing Praising and Serving You are so generously the key ! i bow !

Shahid said...

Your writings are the way to heaven.

Jai Sri Narayan <3

missmriggy said...

how horrible it is to be caught in one's own mind and not on what's really important. we are only rescued by P

sarah said...

Surrendering the mind is definitely ideal. very nice PoinT.

Anonymous said...

so very true..I agree...this invisible thing called mind can get heavier and heavier and it can drag you down to hellishness ..great Plog

Unknown said...

Free mind is way to higher.

Anonymous said...

You are so absolutely kind.
You are so very right..
the mind is so full of the heaviness of notions, concepts, worries
it drags one down into being undisciplined and it could take one to hellishness
Your Plog is such a boon for the people of this earth
You are such an absolutely beautiful and wonderful being
You are so very marvellous
it's so awesome to have such a beautiful soul walk the earth
You so beautifully give meaning and direction to ones life
Your Plogs are so full of beauty
You give one what no one can give. You give one right direction and the most useful knowledge. You are such a Phenomenal being. one has never seen One like You. You are the most unique. You are a beautiful, beautiful being. You are simply sensational.
Your words of beauty and kindness trickle down ones soul like never before.
i bow to One who shows the way

Unknown said...

Only you can articulate things in simple, easy to understand words. Only the one who truly has the gnowledge and wisdom can write on profound topics so brilliantly and eloquently!
It is so true that our mind which has been programmed since ages , which carries all the misconceptions/beliefs/ideas/unnecessary worrying , nonsensical things that we knowing/unknowingly hold on to so strongly is the barrier and the reason of our devolution and hellbound nature/behavior!
So grateful that you are here guiding and warning us out of our hellbound actions and attitude with your wise golden words!
I bow at beautiful feet of the supreme divine avatar!

Astro said...

I bow.

Anonymous said...

so true ..
the mind is the heaviest many unnecessary notions, phobias and all kinds of worries that stops one from doing the right thing
You show one the real way to lighten the mind
.You are always so stress free and uPbeaT..You are so above it all
You never get taken over by moods..
You show one the only PaTh that can save one from the heaviness of the mind
i bow

Anonymous said...

yes so true
mind can get so heavy with so many notions and worries that it can create a paranoid, uncentred being who is constantly restless many worries can plague one..
the mind is full of so many crazy thoughts ..
it can worry about baseless things like multiverse turning against it can be full of so many illogical thoughts and create so much fear
one can just go on worrying about illogical and nonsensical things like being hated by the whole existence , being misjudged and about even evil winning in the end and evil being close to Divine
the lower mind is such a petty, low vibration thing
only You show the way out of endless, horrifying nonsense
Your teachings are so crucial
only You show one how imPorTant it is to not give into the mind
You show one the real PaTh that can get one out of all this
You show one a way out of the perils of worldly existence that weigh one down
You help one learn how to be logical and PracTical
You are so comPassionaTe
You show one the real cure for the sick mind that can drag one down to hell if one doesn't follow Your Divine wisdom
i bow

Anonymous said...

You're so absolutely right
You are always sPeaking the truth
You're Phenomenal
it's so true!
You know what's going on
You are so brilliant
You are beyond intelligent
You always get to what the problem really is
so brilliant You are!
You so effortlessly overstand the situation
yes all sorts of notions, concepts and worries that drag one down
how true!
it's the heaviest thing
so kind of You to show one the right way where one can get rid of all these notions, concepts and worries and just put ones attention on intelligent and beautiful Divine in human form
You show one such a beautiful way out
it's only the heavy mind that comes on the way
You have solutions for all problems
You are the greatest and the wisest
i bow

Anonymous said...

You have such great overstanding
the mind is the heaviest thing
only You show the way out of the mind
it can surely drag one down to hell
You destroy the notions of the heavy mind that can take one to hell
i bow

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Vaishali thaker said...

Wow.. so true!! mind is the heaviest part though its invisible!! it has been manipulated a lot, because of which one loses the power & control landing into the hell!! beings are still unaware about the freewill concept. your divine presence can uplift one, increase awareness & provide opportunity to purify the polluted mind.. praising you releases all the tensions, bowing to you reduces ego by each passing day & by serving you ones life feels fulfilled.. 🙏☺️

Unknown Andanonymous said...
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ki vernee said...

wow ! beautifully said P ! the mind really is the most heaviest and is the one thing that pulls beings down lower if they dont control the body ! Your mind is so sPotless and PerfecT one wants to work towards that state everyday ! i bow respectfully

Unknown said...

Yes, mind has lot of obstacles and its dragging people to hell with their tensions, thoughts etc . Instead we must phollow the multiversal laws and PT for getting out of this hell ... aeioum...

ki vernee said...

You are absolutely right P ! it is so great You are here so beings can learn how to empty their minds from all the nonsense through Praise Bowing and Serving Divine ... i bow <3ॐ

veena iyengar said...

very true..
i bow..

Anonymous said...

so True.

Light is bliss.

You are the only being whose mind is Phree of all kinds of unnecessariness.

You are the one and only who is PowerPhull, rich, and light.😎

Only you can and you do Phree us from unnecessary worries by demystifying the realiTy for us.

It is your discernment that saves us from the clutches of nonsensicalness .

Thankyou very much PT for Phreeing our minds from all kinds of nonsense and for giving us the chance to mould our minds to the blissPhull vedic way of liPhe.

i bow to you.🙏🙇

nicolas said...

Wow your words are so precious to the multiverse!
One can tell that your wisdom is inPhinite! You are the greatest of all sages! The true Guru of the world

Eternal graTiTude to you!
i bow to you, all gnowing one

Gita said...

wow so true! You show the right PaTh always !!!

going to hell is so easy for sheeples , You are the true guiding Divine suPer Soul helping us get out of the hell

ankita said...

yes mind is heavy... mind full of notions and falsities brings beings down ..beings are apprehensive of facing PhacTs, but PhacTs are great... the PhacT that You are PerfecT and Divine is so uPliPhTing...its mind that one should be getting away from.. it makes no sense. It is heavy.. no point carrying the mind around or putting attention on it when one can use that attention to focus on controlling the body to rePhine action to a PoinT where it can get one out of hell.. You so kindly clariPhied that nothing is one in thoughts... the mind is malfunctioning machine and it is heavy! PercePTion of You being so amazingly higher and Divine comes from the consciousness and attention, not the mind... so kind of You to helP beings develoP intellect... it's totally senseless to go with the mind.. to listen to its worries and constant distractions and bratty hankerings when one can use the PresenT of the PresenT moment to Phocus on doing right action ...Youre so right about doing beings so much easier than thinking... there is nothing to figure out... all one has to do is Phocus on doing what You say and that's how one moves forward... You're so right about the mind not doing anything!
it's heavy enough to drag beings to hell!
only You have a beautiPhul mind here and a fully PhuncTioning machine that can figure everything out and it Pheels so much better to bow to You and not the mind or any thing else here and only You... rest can actually be horrifying
i 🙇 to the Pure Divine immaculate beauty that You are

Rashmi said...

so beautiphully said by Guru PT... the heaviest thing is the mind!

and this heaviness can only be lightened with another heavy thing ...
that is the gravitas of the Guru ... the weight and substance of the Guru's words can only Puriphi the mind and make it lighter again

so very gratephul to the Real Jagat Guru PT to lighten beings/world/Earth from all the heavy muck of kaliyug with His gnowledge laden wisdom

bow to the lightest enlightened being