Saturday, 20 February 2016

















Vintish said...

I bow

asha Pi arTi said...

i bow

Anonymous said...

i bow!
its so mindblowing to get to glimPse Divnes gnoing of words!
to read the real dePhiniTion!
You are the One in the lead! always!
and the only One to be lead by!
so grateful for the chance in this life to be lead by Divine!
to be lead by P!
You are the only One who can lead one out of hell!
so grateful for the chance to read/ sPeak the Truth!
to bow, Praise and rePeaT!
so grateful for the real brain food You Provide P!
for all the ways You helP one avoid being lead by ones faulty, stupid, mind into deeper hells.
SO grateful You are here stating and sharing nothing but the Truth!
i bow

sarah said...

This is so accurate !!! only You have a PerfecT heart to empathize with pleading, only You are a prize worth pleading for !!!

missmriggy said...

Without the lead of Divine it's all wasteland and paths leading nowhere, frustration, depression, hopelessness, confusion.. P is Light, Love and Truth.

asha Pi arTi said...

You are so intelligent and PhracTal ! Your words resonate with so much logic in one after one reads them out loud !! You are so kind to give one an opportunity to speak more sensical words than one is used to doing by oneself !

i bow

Astro said...

True :) I bow to thee PT... Aeioum

Unknown said...

Only higher can lead.

Unknown said...

I bow! You state the truth as it is! You are so kind to lead the lost!
Your words are a Precious giPhT. I haven't come across anyone with such a great heart, your comPassion to helP beings is so endearing!
You so effortlessly give all the answers to all the questions one has about life and beyond through your Plogs with rational reasonings, making it comprehensible for our minds.
You are a true leader and the only guru who gnows the absolute truth! You have the coolest way of writing the most comPlex things, no fuss straight to the PoinT talk! You are Pure awesomeness Personified!
I bow at your PerfecT PhracTal feet!

Anonymous said...
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Vaishali thaker said...

So true!! one is fortunate enough to be lead by the divine himself.. i bow.. 🙏

Unknown said...

One is so grateful to have a chance in this life to be lead by you. My utmost gratitude 🙏

Unknown Andanonymous said...
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ki vernee said...

ooh woow ! there is no coincidence that that word is spelt like that ! P lead ! You are the only leader worth following ! i bow respectfully

Lorina said...

PT, I see so much more than I could have ever hoped to see because of your divine Presence in my life. The only gnown way out of this hell that i knew it was is what I have discovered. How could it be Possible I found you? Am so very limited to how I could even exPress myself and must remember how blind I am to anything I think is going on here in this world. Won't you forgive my ignorance and mis-takes as I have only half an alPhabeT with incompetant sounds and gnow little of to how to use it. Eye am so grateful for you in my life to lead me out of hell. I praise and i bow to your Precious lotus Pheet and am true to your words and ways. Sticking to the basics to build a strong foundation so as not to be a flimsy house of cards that most are. Always and sincerely, PaTchouli
Ps I listened twice to your show today with trumon it was PosiTively divine.

veena iyengar said...

beautiPfully said..
i bow..

Anonymous said...

😀 so True..

When one is lead by P one automatically becomes Powerful.

i bow to you.

nicolas said...

This is so Profound! You are the real leader i would follow everywhere!
your gnowledge is Perfect
your mercy is matchless
your kindness is unequalled
your Power is unrivalled
your divinity is obvious

i bow to you, all gnowing one

ankita said...

yes because You are the only One sPeaking all the truth ever in a coherent way. ..You are the only One who gnos it all. . and Your intelligence is suPreme. ..You are the only One who can lead because of Your gnoing intelligence and above it all suPerioriTy. . You're the only One who can really see.. You are a beautiPhul blossoming of a being. ..You are the foremost One ...You are the only One free and can show beings a way out of this trapped prison world are just prisoners. ..You are the only One nature resPonds to because You are above it all. ..You are the beautiPhul Pure truthPhul One
one bows