Tuesday, 16 February 2016


its not

lack of clarity

which is the problem

its the

lack of

striving for



Vintish said...

I bow

Anonymous said...

i bow
wow P! You are SO clear and Precise and concise always!
the brilliant, shining highestness of Your flawless clarity is awing!
The royal crown of consciousness only You wear is SO beautiful!
Everything You say and do is a Priceless gem!
an imPeccable Pearl of wisdom!
You are comPleTely bedazzling!
all in this world are SO indescribably lucky to have Your PrisTine examPle of constant PerfecTion to Praise.

one is SO grateful for ALL the examPles You share of how to strive to be!
of the state to asPire to! to work toward constantly!
one is SO grateful for all the ways Your scriPTures clearly helP one, guide one in how to strive to get out of hell!
to strive to always be clear in what one thinks and does and says!
The crystal clear state of Your consciousness and way of being is remarkable P!
You reside in a state of PerfecT clarity, awareness and consciousness, constantly!
SO grateful You are here to bow to! to Praise! to strive to serve in every moment and every way!
You are SO generous to guide the only way our of hell!
i bow

sarah said...

the way You are so honest and clear, but without using blame, is so insPiraTional and awesome. the not striving for clarity way is so the opposite of You. You are such a glorious example !

miragegirl said...

a real moment
when He spoke
from miles away
a glad heart awoke

stones echoed
they smiled then
Peace reigned
when Peace came

sarah said...

You have seemingly infinite clarity, but still get to more !!!!!!! so imPressive !!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

wow Your Plog is so helPful. it's not really that disastrous if we keep striving for clarity.Your Plog is so comforting.i bow

Unknown said...

Any lack can be fulfilled by striving.

Anonymous said...

only through Your Plogs and Your Praises can one revive oneself
You take one towards consciousness and clarity
i bow

Unknown said...

People don't want clarity because then they'd have to change 👍 Work in progress ibow

Anonymous said...
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Vaishali thaker said...

your words bring the needed clarity for any situation!! you speak in straightforward way, your word is the only real truth, you have mindblowing perspective, you have a sharp vision.. only under your guidance one can rise in real sense, you overstand everything so well, you are the master of everything, you see & gnow everything, you give a clear judgement, you are so unbiased & kind.. i bow 🙏

Unknown Andanonymous said...
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ki vernee said...

absolutely ! everything would be so different if beings actually strived for clarity ! i bow

veena iyengar said...

i bow..aeioum..

Anonymous said...

so True.

i learnt from you that the attitude of not wanting to gno the reality is itself so hellish.

We are so PhorTunate to get the clarity from you the divine itself.

Thankyou very much PT for demystifying many mysteries for us. Only you can make things clear and simPle for us to understand.

You are the guiding light for us.🙂

i bow to you.🙇🙏

nicolas said...

Wow so great. Such a key distinction! One can easily tell that you have PerfecT clarity of any situation!

Your words are Precious! i bow

ankita said...

yes You're always so flawlessly right
so kind of You to helP beings understand that its imPorTant to strive for clarity and then maintain that clarity through rePeaTing it. ..clarity cannot be taken for granted! so kind of You to show the way of increasing clarity instead of getting a piece of it and then loosing it because of lack of work ethic. ..and only and only You helP beings understand the imPorTance of basics to get to clarity... one cannot get clarity by jumping to the secondary and tertiary. ..one gets to clarity by the step by step learning Process in which one corrects ones PosTure, comes to the centre and works to remain in the centre so that one can be balanced and ProPer enough to learn ...so kind of You to helP one understand how imPorTant it is to first work on being conscious of the body and it's movements all the time... they have to be gracePhul and centred continuously for one to be able to get anywhere close to being able to handle secondary and tertiary ..and that actually requires a whole lot of work!
You are so immensely kind to show the real way
one bows