Friday 16 October 2015

unconscious zombies

this world is

full of

unconscious zombies

who keep on



after they hit

stones and walls


in their unrestrained


put their

hand in fire

time after time

and forget that

it burns

from the last time

to get conscious

is a choice


not many seem interested

as they have

no shame

about being unconscious


Vintish said...

you shows the what reality is ! I bow

Vintish said...

aap amar hein

Vintish said...

I bow

asha Pi arTi said...

i bow ! You describe it all so PerfecTly ! You describe how one has been many times before so well ! You are the shining blaring example of the Most Conscious Being, never stumbling in life let alone expressing a hint of muggle disgrace and unconsciousness. You are the only One qualified to Judge and so glad You do and share Your observations so eloquently here ! many are clearly interested in experiencing more hell but it makes sense as horror is what zombies are in !! so grateful for the choice and change that You Provide so compassionately ! You are all the answers to all the Prayers !! i bow !!

asha Pi arTi said...

i bow !! Your words are so Great !! i bow !

Anonymous said...

i bow!
Your Plogs are always SO straight and to the PoinT P!!!
'to get conscious is a choice' wow!
SO simPle and SO Profound!
You helP one see constantly how necessarry shame is!
one is SO ashamed at how many times one chose to be unconscious!
so ashamed that one acutally chose to inculcate stupidity!
to bang agaist walls and stones and put ones hand in the fire again and again stupidly thinking it wouldn't hurt!
such unrestrained nonsense!
the amount of self inflicted pain and torture and stupidity one unconsciously chose to endure is such a horror story!!!
SO grateful for the chance to become fully ashamed of ones unconsciousness and stop being an unconscious zombie.
that one can actually choose to become conscious.

You are the ultimate examPle P! You are the ONE who has always been consious! always been fully alive!
You have never done anything unconsiously.
There is nothing and noone more interesting than You!
You show that the PersuiT of You, The PursuiT of consious is the only interesting thing one can do!
it's just SO mindblowing for one that You made the consious choice to come here!
to come to a world over populated and burdened by unconsious zombies!
That You always chose to remain consious!
They are all around and they could never and can never and will never bring You down!
Your incarnation here is SO signiPhicanT!
SO much more imPortanT than any could ever fully gno but You!
it is SO generous that You give zombies here a chance to wake up and see the Truth P!
That You have and continue to share so many beautiful scriPTures, PicTures and Philms of Your time here on Earth!
such a Treasure for all who are here now and such a giPhT for all who will search for You in the PhuTure!
You are the real legend creating the only real legacy!
Your comPassion is unbounded!
There is nothing more real and more interesting than You, Your Presence and Your judgement here!
the only choice is You!
i bow!

sarah said...

You PoinT out the most crucial things to be ashamed about, which one is suspiciously willing to overlook.

Shahid said...

Your P-Logs are worth more than zillion galaxies put together.
Your writings wash away the 3D nonsense fed into our minds.
Your writings show us the way to Moksh.
Your writings point the way back to our true home/abode
with the divine.

i bow at your fragrant lotus feet <3

miragegirl said...

there is a being, Him from Heaven people say
His words bring tears of joy, His smiles light up nights
His touch the most magical, His voice a heavenly melody
His form the PerfecTion of Man, His gaze defining intense
there is a being, Him from Heaven people say

Anonymous said...

one needs to get out of unconsciousness
Your Plog is so great and Profound. You are suPremely generous
i bow

Unknown said...

Honesty leads to consciousness.

Anonymous said...

yes so true
you save one from this unconscious zombie state that is so hellish
You help one be more and more conscious
You give such a great descriPTion of the state of this world
You truly know what's going on
Your scriPTures are the best
i bow

Unknown Andanonymous said...
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ki vernee said...

You are so right ! becoming conscious really is a choice ! its insanity that beings choose to constantly put their hand in the fire and not learn from that ! its literally asking for hell ! neti neti ! ignorance is not bliss ! i bow respectfully <3ॐ

veena iyengar said...

very true..
i bow..

Anonymous said...

Exactly! You are so right to name and shame the human race which chooses to be unconscious all the time.

You are the only one who can Persuade one to be conscious and save one from going to hell.

You are the real Transformer oPTimus Prime.

Only real shame can sToP one from doing nonsensical actions and this real shame can only be felt if one is honest enough to face the PhacTs.

Only by PhaiTh and PBS towards you one can get control of one's own liPhe otherwise one is just destined a PhaTal (fate/PhaTe) flaw.

i bow to you.🙇🙏

nicolas said...

Wow so BeauTiPhul! You are the most conscious of all beings! One can so easily realize that one is very unconscious after coming across you! You are the greatest!

i bow to you, all gnowing one

libra cliche said...

it is very difficult to be self aware that one is unconscious, which is why the pain from hitting random objects etc is such a wake up call. without Your guidance the journey to some form of conscious awareness is exceedingly difficult. You are so beyond sweet to deal with creatures in sub par states and help them become a proper being.

ankita said...

wow Your words are so Powerful 🙏