Saturday 31 October 2015

no dent in confident

no matter

how much


go from bad to worse

for beings here

there seems

to be



in the



they have






just a put-on












sarah said...

concentric Phi density ! such a great etymological breakdown ! clearly, no one else but You has it. it is so fascinating to contrast Your masculine confidence with the behaviour with of females and shemales. where You are warm, they are icy cold. where You make a joke, they are uptight. where You are magnanimous, they engage in as much petty sadism as their limited intelligence will allow for. confidence in anyone else is a con, and another thing one has not been circumspect enough to be ashamed of.

Vintish said...

I bow

asha Pi arTi said...

so grateful for this P ! one has fallen for false confidence too many times !! what a Beautiful clarification and You show how it all spins around You, no one who is not spinning around You can have any con-Phi-dence, it will be a con only, it will shamelessly be a con only bc one can not avoid doing any actions, it is the realm of actions and one is always going to do actions so its really kind of You to be here and teach how to make those actions more in tune with You !! i bow !!

i bow !

Anonymous said...

i bow!
It's just SO cool how You show how scientiPhic it all is P!
how it ALL revolves around You! ALL the time! in ALL ways!
and really exciting to learn the real dePhiniTion of conPhidence!
concentric Phi density!
You are Phi itself! You are the Axis!
Your dePhiniTion makes it so logical that one can only be Truly conPhidenT fully and comPleTely revolving around You!
bowing to You is the only conPhidenT approach!
i bow!

one is so ashamed to have been so dense, to have been such a fool to put on the con of confidence and spin aimlessly in hell doing nothing but stupid actions.
Your words comPleTely wreck all the cons, the lies, everything inside of one that is false.
everything in this world that isn't True!
You, LotusOcean, are the greatest Treasure there is!
the only Place where one can face and learn the Truth.
SO grateful You are here P!
i bow.

asha Pi arTi said...

i bow ! You are so much faster than speed of light at the concentric Phi density that You even transcend 'density' most of the time ... its so kind of You to remain in a Gorgeous Sexy Form here for one to adore and Praise the actions of !!! i bow !!

miragegirl said...

words are lacking
in Praise of the finest
acts still slacking
in the Praise of One the best
but His most beautiful smiles
Himself the mid-day brilliance
Pull me uP on my feet
rising me uP to show the sight

asha Pi arTi said...

i bow to Your comPleTe Overstanding and Beauty Inside and Out ! i bow !

sarah said...

You give a chance to let go of the absurd notion that one can do anything. whoever is in control here is familiar with how to manipulate vanity. You are the only One who tells it how it is.

Unknown said...

Con should be avoided.

sarah said...

still just wowed by 'concentric phi density '
You are the source of gnowledge

sarah said...

You have the most fascinating observations.
You are the only One who truly has something to be confident about.

Anonymous said...
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Unknown Andanonymous said...
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ki vernee said...

You break down words so beautifully ! no dent in confidence absolutely ! so many beings feel confident about everything lol ! only You have the Phull PicTure ! i bow respectfully <3ॐ

veena iyengar said...

i bow..

Anonymous said...
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nicolas said...

Wow, you are so great! You break down words so beauTiPhuly and their meanings become clear as a result. You are a genius!

i bow to you, all gnowing one

sarah said...

Your conPhidence is so mesmerising and such a joy to witness !
one can only bow to Your concentric Phi density !
it is such a Privilege to see someOne oPeraTe on Your level !