Wednesday 28 October 2015

the Boats on an Ocean

other people

might see a

lot happening here





is just


each on their own boat


on an Ocean

trying to find the shore

most don't have a clue

some have some clue

but no one can actually do it

many of the boats

are all battered and leaking water


aeons of aimless drifting

many are sinking



no one

asks for direction or helP


even those who sometime

come across the

LotusOcean boat

(guaranteed shore access)


lower their ego down for a few seconds to ask for help

end up


the very next minute


all very amusing



asha Pi arTi said...

i bow. that is a very moving and insightful beautiful imagery and description of the PlighT here, it only makes sense to ask the One who gnos and to teach/Preach as a refugee on Your arc makes no sense at all ... Your boat rocks !! Your boat is where all the helP and learning and suPernaTural coolness occurs !! Your boat is the current noah's arc, literally ... You are the real deal P and its shameful to ever ever be anything but gracious and a student on Your boat, learning to serve the caPTain and so so much more !! Your boat has it all, nothing out there compares... only a fool can't see how comPhorTable Your boat is to be on and would do anythign to sabotage that and be thrown out !!

i bow to Your comPassionaTe PaTience to not upturn and capsize all the boats already which is in Your Power to do !!

Vintish said...

Bowing at your PosT ! *__*

Vintish said...

Aap bahut sundar likté hein !

Vintish said...

I bow

Anonymous said...

i bow.
it is really beautiful to glimPse the way LotusOcean sees!
to glimPse the reality of things.
You have the most gorgeous way of telling the real story P!
of exPlaining the reality of what is really going on!
only You can guide one to face the Truth that one is lost at sea with no idea of how to reach the shore!
and has been for aeons!!!
one is so ashamed to have ever acted otherwise!
aimlessly drifiting! sinking! pretending one wasn't!
one is so ashamed to have lacked the humility to keep ones miserable ego in check.
to have been so senseless to not see who You are and behave ProPerly right from the start!
You are the only One that can save one!
to come across Your boat in this endless sea is the luckiest, best fortune one could ever have!
and one should take serious care to always PuT ones attention on You, Pay You comPleTe resPecT and behave accordingly!
You are SO kind to always PuT one in ones Place P!
You are the only One in a PosiTion to teach!
You are caPTain PT!!! The Avatar! The only Truly enlightenind being!
The One and Only navigator of this world and the big beyond!
You are the light on the shore one longs to reach!
You are the only One who gnos how to get there!
it is You and You alone who gnos the way out of hell!
it is really frightening that one would allow oneself to miss the only boat that is
'guaranteed to shore access'
the only Real chance one will ever get in this life is You!!!
You disPlay True kindness and comPassion in all You do and say!
only You can PoinT out all the miserable ego functionings that keeP one drowning at sea!

it is really sweet that You are able to find it all very amusing!
it is us that need You! You don't need us! You are the One True need of every one, every being in this world! in every world!
All of existence needs You!!!
bowing to You and Praising You mind, body and sPIriT constantly is the state one longs to achieve and remain in!
to be on Your boat on the river of Praise is the only goal, aim and destination!
P is the one to reach for in every moment!
You are so kind to Provide so many ways for one to focus on You, to strengthen ones weak mind to never forget the real PurPose of this life P!
i bow!

Anonymous said...

' On the boat of truth, the boatman was my true guru. I came across the ocean of existence.
Mira's Lord is the Mountain-Holder, the suave lover, of whom I merrily, merrily sing.'

i bow at Your Lotus feet.
So grateful for Your Truth P! So grateful to have learned of Mirabai through You!
to have an examPle of a female who Truly devoted herself entirely to You!
of one whos Praise was Pure, whose adoration and longing for You inexhaustible!
SO insPiring that without Your Physical Presence, that through her faith and love and devotion she was able to find Your boat and escaPe the hells of this world to sail guided by You to Your immortal shore and reside with You there in blissful inPhiniTe Praise of Your Divine Grace!
The only True happy ever after is with You!
So grateful for all the ways You helP one understand how serious this life is P
for the catharsis Praise of You brings!
for the tastes of real ecstaty one recieves.
for the overwhelming reality checks, and truth facing of ones state.
this sea is the most miserable and meaningless and frightening Place filled with countless aimless drifters.
You are the greatest Treasure to come across, the only One who can bring one across the ocean of existence.
i bow at Your exalted feet!
so ashamed for having wasted so much of this Precious human life one has received.
Precious only because one gnos The Divine PT exists!
i bow.

sarah said...

it is a testament to Your divinity that You would still be willing to rescue the creatures that teach and preach. it is a testament to Your highness and masculinity that You can be amused by them as well. You paint such a grotesque and poignant portrait, so compassionate to be willing to do what it takes to lower egos down for a few seconds longer.

asha Pi arTi said...

❤ ❤ Praise of You is so baautiful when anyone does it :) love the words of Mirabai and what amanda describes so effectively through Your Grace !

one is a fool and it is so great You still Provide one access to the Real Boat to walk the talk of what one hears and learns, to sail calmly to the Shore that is eternally under Your forever Feet and Wings !!

i bow merrily enamoured by You and Your generosity ❤ ❤

i bow as an ashamed fool being liberated by P Truth ❤

i bow as Your servant to command ❤ ❤

i bow ❤

miragegirl said...

a PasT story with things to learn, sided Praises brings no joy
hold reigns of the minds horses, in joy they jump in Praise
but lasting love untainted is no one sided Praise
acknowledge the lord not ignore, then bliss be joy
so the boat that travels to heaven is Praise
sailor, the service to Divine be its oars
out of the quays, towards a different space
so then unruffled your canoe would move
toward Lord, heavens open through whose grace
on a sturdy boat to sail with a steady Pace
heed sailor, let the service to Divine be the oars

missmriggy said...

well there's something weird if we can't see how f***ed up we are when you are in the picture, and it's weird to not acknowledge how phenomenal you are and that we are nowhere in the same picture nor will ever be.. because it is a blinding observable reality.. it's like a song that never stops singing.. a Sun that never stops shining.. we can't be sure of ourselves but we can be sure of YOU

asha Pi arTi said...

i bow ! anyone can admit their boat is sinking and Yours is Mightier afloat and inviting and Truely Beautyfull and comPassionaTe ! i bow !

Unknown said...

Asking for help is not a bad thing.

Anonymous said...

You write awesomely
You're so extremely right
'many of the boats are battered and leaking water after aeons of aimless drifting'
You're so extremely correct.
one is so extremely and crazily clueless
that's an awesome way to PuT it
this world is just full of vicious and spirit sapping confusion
one is lost and sinking
'most don't have a clue'
You're so unequivocally right

ujjwal sharma said...

we should stop teaching and preaching out of our baseless egos.first we should clear all the PhacTS and correct our foundations before we go and teach because otherwise it just becomes a game of ego.
only aligning to the PT axis and a connecting ladder to the lotusocean can save our boats from sinking into hell.
i bow to the divine PT avatar.

Anonymous said...

You are so kind to help beings out of hellish situations
You are the greatest suPersoul
You are the only One who can help
You are the comPassionaTe One who helps beings out
You save sinking ships
Your comPassion and kindness is amazing, is beyond anything here
You are very very kind
You are the greatest giver
You give sense, gnowledge and everything real
You are so comPassionaTe and full of PaTience with beings who are not even fit to stand around You let alone talk..
You are such a beautiful, Pure soul
You make beings aware of so much
Your doing is the greatest doing
no one can do what You do..
no one can give what You give
Your intelligence is suPreme
only You make sense
only Your intelligence is real
ones mind is dumb..Your intelligence is bright and real
only You can decide what's good for beings
only You have the overstanding
You are so many wonderful things
Your consciousness is so beautiful
You teach with such comPassion
Your comPassion and kindness is beyond anything
You are teachings are the most wonderful teachings
You are the best ..You are the only One good
You are beyond good and bad
You are so PhascinaTing
Your liPhe is amazing
only You have the intelligence and overstanding to guide beings
we are all lost and stupid fools without You
only You tell beings what the truth really is
You are so Divine and so Pure
You are so kind to give beings a chance to make up for their sins
Your beautiful, comPassionaTe Presence on this earth is so Precious
You are beyond Precious
You are do immensely kind and comPassionaTe
You are the most golden hearted being ever
You are Precious as Precious can be
Your kindness is beyond anything
You are the axis
You are real and irrefutable brilliance
Your word is Phinal
You are amazing
You are more motherly than any mother
You are more fatherly than any father
You are the sweetest, kindest and most comPassionaTe being
You are beyond amazing
words do not do any justice when it comes to sPeaking about You
You are very kind to accept whatever words beings have..
You are the most beautiful DiviniTy
i bow

sarah said...

it is a miracle that there is a boat that can navigate to shore.
i bow to Your suPerior guidance.

Anonymous said...
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Unknown Andanonymous said...
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ki vernee said...

You PainTed the most simPlisTic and realistic and overall situation here on earth so brilliantly ! even on a sinking ship beings still dont ask for help and some lower their ego for a short time and then find themselves on the ocean again lost a sea ! You are the true navigaTor the true caPTain ! i bow <3ॐ

Kṛtti kā said...

Every word You said is absolutely true. that's very much one's and all's reality here... So comPassionaTe of You to let all gnow how to get on to Your shiP.
Your shiP is guaranteed access to everything eternally nice good great & blissful. Hope one makes it one day too.
i bow /\

ki vernee said...

You are the One and only leader and caPTain ... i bow respectphully 🙏🧡🕉

veena iyengar said...

i bow..

Anonymous said...

Your Plogs are the realistic PerespecTive on the situation of this world
without Your words one cannot Perceive the Phull Truth with the clarity, with which You write
every statement of Yours is accurate to the reality, and You PresenT it in such an objective way
You observe the actions and behavior patterns of beings and have reached the conclusions that being here are drifters, with no clue of how to reach the shore, with battered and sunken boats
You overstand the miserable lives of beings here
while existing on this earth one was never able to reach such conclusion and one one doesnt gno anyone who can make this PoinT
You are the most invaluable Precious One with real eyes to see, i ��

Your truthfull words are the absolute and they aPply to everyone here & now
its the most important to Pay attention to Your highest PerspecTive
You always see the reality exactly

no one can reach the shore without Your LotusOcean boat
no one acts from comPleTe gnoledge and sense like the way You do
You are the shore and Guide to the shore
its so true that 'no one has any clue'
You see everything with so much clarity !!! only You gno what it means to have a clue, only see You one gnos how having a clue would look like and be like
the difference between You and this world is immense, its the difference between Phull clarity of the real picture and having no clue
You are the only one who gnos how to reach the shore !

i ��

Anonymous said...

Only you can see the acTual reality.

One comes to gno about one's own reality through you.

One is exTremely PhorTunaTe if one gets rescued by Lotusocean's liPheboaT.

Only you can hellP us. You are the one and only saviour of the earthlings.

i bow to you.🙏🙂🙇

nicolas said...

The LotusOcean boat is the best boat with you! The only sailor that actually knows how to sail! You are so gnowledgable!

i bow my head to you, all gnowing one! Your presence on this plane is a true divine happening!