Thursday 15 October 2015



real Honesty about

self's actions and not-gnoing

automatically leads to


which in turn

automatically leads to

Bowing to & Serving Divine


automatically leads to






Vintish said...

Divine is real P~leasure, Para~dise/heaven.. One can only be haPPy with divine only. I bow

Vintish said...

Nothing is good without divine ~ you are the most Precious & imPortant person in this world.. mind is restless without you - aap ke bina maan nahin lagta hein - I bow to the most superior being !

Vintish said...

I bow

Anonymous said...

i bow.
what a cool Plog!!
Your maths make so much sense P!!!
only You can share the equation for the MOST IMORTANT TRiAD!
only You can show how simPle it is!
You are the ultimate mathemagician!
You are the ultimate everything!!!
it's just amazing the way You 1, 2, 3, show the way to Pleasure, Heaven, and Acension to Higher Realms !
it is really insPiring to see the automatic effect of real honesty!
to learn where it leads!
how straight forward and simPle and automatic the effects, the consequences of being honest and real are!
of shame, of bowing to and serving Divine!
SO grateful for LotusOcean! That the Avatar is here! the Only One who gnos the Truth!
The Only One who can clear uP the confusion and guide the real way out!
ones life and false reality and everything before coming across Divine has been such a confusing messy distorted painful lie.
Only You, LotusOcean, Divine can helP one face the truth, undo the miserable lies, be honest, and get real!
No one else gnos!
You are the only real refuge!
You are so comPassionaTe to guide the way to reach You P!
i bow.

sarah said...

You are so brilliant. so fascinating how having the honesty to see the brutal nasty truth about oneself paves the way for something better.

Your existence is the most marvellous reference PoinT outside of the muggle logic, of comparing oneself to other shameful things as a rationalization. You are objective PuriTy. You are the only example. You show that more is possible.

asha Pi arTi said...

wow i bow. one is such a fool. You spell everything out so Beautifully P, its endless Your comPassion ! You not only provide the most effortless way of increasing one's honesty and shame by Being here, You even provide a direct way to bow, serve and learn from Divine !!

You are so generous, Your words so PotenT coherent compassionate the lifeline and the best PrescripTion ever !!

Your words are the only scriPTures one can follow, Your Truth more ancient than Time itself ! You are so PhracTally TRI !!

i bow !

asha Pi arTi said...

i bow ! You define Pleasure for one in every way ! i bow !

Anonymous said...

P is the most imPortanT!
i bow!

miragegirl said...

Divine's side a treat, evil a trick
Divine's is real magic
honesty is virtue, bliss a reward
so in shame i counter self acting loud

asha Pi arTi said...

i bow so gratefull You are here and Voice The True Blue ! am so gratefull to learn about real Shame and where and how to access it... its all so logickal but it always takes You to state the Obvious Truth... i bow to Your Beautyfull discerning Eye and all the rest of Your Sexy Beauty !! i bow xxx

Anonymous said...

You are so coherent and benevolent
i bow

Unknown said...

Path to higher is automated. One needs to let it flow.

Astro said...

I bow to thee PT. The most compassionate soul.

'HONESTY, SHAME, BOWING & SERVICE to DIVINE, automatically leads to

Anonymous said...

yes remembering what ones actions were like before one came across You makes one so ashamed
one caused so much harm to ones mind , body and soul
one mindlessly went to frauds
one is so dumb
only You PuT things right
You are so suPerior
only You reveal things about this world and the next
one is really aghast at how unreliable ones self is
only You and Your knowledge is reliable
You are so kind and so comPassionaTe
one is so worthless and yet You give one a chance to evolve
You are so kind
You are the greatest teacher
You are so generous and so benevolent
so kind of You to even deal with beings like one
You just shine and shine
You are so magnificent
You have such great intentions
no one can teach what You teach
no one can sing the songs You sing
You bring the real Vedic way back
it's such a blessing to come across You
You give ones life real direction
only You bring disciPline to ones life
i bow

Anonymous said...

yes how true what You sPeak is
without honesty and the shame that one gets afterwards, one keeps on making horrid mistakes
one is so ashamed of how one has been
so kind of You to give one a chance to get out of hell
one does not deserve anything and yet You so kindly give one a chance to change
You are so kind
You are the most comPassionaTe
You have a heart of gold
so kind of You to show one a way out of the utter blisslessness and mindlessness
You are suPreme
You are the most benevolent
You make all the sense
You sPeak the truth
so kind of You to give one a chance to understand what You are saying more and more
You make things clearer and clearer
You are the most beautiful
i bow at Your beautiful and comPassionaTe PheeT

Anonymous said...

yes one doesn't want to look and put attention on anyone but You
no one deserves any attention but You
anywhere else one puts attention on and there is poison
everyone else except You is either improving or deproving
You are the only being to put attention on
You are the One who is comPleTely evolved and can do no wrong
You are beautiful in so many ways
Your beauty is engrossing
Your beauty is rare
Your words are the most beautiful Pearls of wisdom
there's no where to turn except Your Divinty
You are the most beautiful
You have so many beautiful qualities
You are beautiful Divinity
everything else except You including oneself is trash
i bow

Anonymous said...

everything You say is so absolutely right
honesty about self's action leads to nothing but shame
one lived such a shameful, low vibration life
truly all one can do is bow down to You
so much dumbness and so much thinking one could get so called happiness from where there isn't any
such stupidity and aimless, lazy life
so much degradation
one collects so many sick notions and bad habits like thinking unnecessarily and letting the minds horses run loose
one is so ashamed
it's all so shameful
Your words make so much sense
if one is honest one will feel ashamed
only You make one be more honest
You save one from the state where one is not even conscious that one is being dishonest
You are so clear about things
You are so very very suPerior
You have the most suPerior mind and consciousness
You are ultimate suPerioriTy
You are just amazingly Phenomenal
i bow

Anonymous said...

You are the most beautiful and sacred being
how beautiful and sacred Your soul is..
You are the One to serve
one is so ashamed of not knowing how to behave in front of One as sweet and comPassionaTe as You
You are the sweetest, kindest and the most forgiving being
You are amazingly forgiving and merciful
You are beyond what ones ill mind can ever Percieve fully
You are way greater than one can even imagine
You are so kind
You are so kind to show the way out of the cycle of terrible actions and their consequences
You are so kind to make beings aware of so much
You are so inPhiniTely kind to show the way out
one is so ashamed of ones bratty actions
You are beyond kind, comPassionaTe and merciful
i bow

ki vernee said...

beautiful ! its amazing if beings follow this Triad honesty shame and bowing and service to Divine ... everything else falls into Place ! You are so kind to Provide real solutions ! i bow respectfully <3ॐ

Unknown Andanonymous said...
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veena iyengar said...

i bow.. aeioum..

Anonymous said...

so True.

You are the only teacher in this world who gnos about this most imPorTant triad and who can make us aware about it.

You are the one and only ascended master of this world.

i bow to you.🙇🙏

nicolas said...

wow profound revelation! What you share is divine just like you!

You are simply the besT! You are the true master of all gnowledge, that is impressive!

i bow to you, al gnowing one

Gita said...

this is so meaningful, only You guide us to real bliss, it's so important to channelize this shame for a higher cause... You are the only real Guru