Monday 20 April 2015

reality as it is

most people here

refuse (blatantly a lot of times)




as it is


no wonder

they are trapped here

in this




cant get out



Vintish said...

I bow

asha Pi arTi said...

yes that is such a trapping way of being ! there is so much involved in that not facing ... so many distractions and media and substances... its so great to have a Real alternative that helps one to face reality ...

You are so crucial to facing reality as it is, bc You take away all the confusion and provide a solution to every dilemma one faces when one starts facing facts... its much easier to face one doesn't gno anything when confronted with a Being who gnos everythign !!

& You are the ulitmately Beautiful full of grace bliss positivity inspiring Real example of what being totally in reality as it is.. is like !!!

so so glad You are here P !!

i bow !

Unknown said...

You are so kind to educate about the difference between real facts and useless trivia. You can see what is incidental, and what matters, and consider things from various angles. You provide the center of gravity planets can rotate around ;)

Anonymous said...

i bow! Divine is so comPassionaTe to helP one see and learn to face reality, to recognize constantly that this existence is a prison to break out of, not a place to settle!

You are the only One who does not get disturbed by the state of people in this world. It is amazing how unaffected You are and the Powerful effects of Your Divine judgement. You are the most real being to ever be! The only One who can truly see and navigate this reality and guide the way out.
i bow!

miragegirl said...

i am grateful to You my Lord for showing the reality as it is

reality is that 3d is a Hell
reality is that one should bow down to Divine

it is also the reality that You Divine are here on earth now
How very eventful !
I love Your Kalki Avatar ! You are the most charming !

The boldest Man ever, All your PasTimes are so very sweet & lovely

Given all Your acts are Pure acts with Pure intent it is but e go that may trouble one in finding something uncomfortable
lol ! in fact it is never uncomfortable, it amazes one at Your boldness & is actually very heartening for a female to see how intensely You Play (& some more words that can’t be said oPenly)

You are a sweetheart, one with a sweet heart ! a golden heart infact !

reality for me is that i want to forget myself in Your Praise

i owe You everything, You have shown me that i need to develop virtue, need to Praise You Divine, that it is the right thing to do for a existence! i so very dearly, want to owe You everything !

miragegirl said...

You are Divine

PsingulariTy said...

Divine is Real
You are for Real

You are P avaTar

Asha P said...

i bow to Your Beautyfull Words ... from You one learns how seeing reality as it is takes conscious work which You so Kindly faciliate in every way P ! i bow

Unknown said...

Denial keeps one locked.

sarah said...

no one is as sharp as You, or even close, for that matter.
Your state is a testament to the virtue of being clear about reality !

sarah said...

everyone but You has so many massive blind spots.

Anonymous said...

totally ..You're so very right
You see reality as it is
You reveal more and more how reality is
You take one away from the world of imagination into reality
the reality has gone so bad in the world of muggles that one wants to escape into the world of imagination which is a fake world
nothing improves..things become worse when one refuses to face the reality
You are so so so very very right!
Your observations are the ultimate and the best!
You are too high above for mere words
You show the way to freedom!
You help one like no one else
i bow at Your beautiful lotus PheeT

ki vernee said...

You always stick to the reality of things without fail ! its very insPiring to work towards improving oneself ! i bow respectfully <3ॐ

Unknown Andanonymous said...
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sarah said...

You are the ultimate reality assessor !

Anonymous said...

i bow.

You are the epitome of honesty.

veena iyengar said...

i bow..

nicolas said...

i love this! this is such an important thing for all beings!
your honesty is very insPiring! you are legendary
i bow to you, all gnoing one

libra cliche said...

it is so bad to be so daft that reality is not clear at all times.
Your remedial education is so comPassionaTe. one can merely prostrate oneself in total humility before a being who can see things as they are.

amanda said...

It is amazing that Divine has always seen reality as it is for what it is and that Divine gnew what to do to awaken and break out!

It is amazing how Phocused and truly Goal oriented Divine always is!

Divine is very kind to PoinT out this PhacT.

one prostrates in shame for straying from the only real and imPortanT PhacT there is. 🙇‍♀️