Sunday 19 April 2015

another decision

another decision

people of this planet

would have to make


whether they would like to

listen to higher & divine

to get out of hells


keep on laughing at the

incoherent actions/inactions of fools

around the world

media ( a bunch of generally more sold-out people )

obviously prefers to feed the latter

but still

people decide in the end


Vintish said...

I bow

asha Pi arTi said...

what a brilliant PoinT !!! every decision can be a properly informed decision too thanks to all Your compassionate words !!!

and that's a really really great point that it's still ppl deciding in the end .... one can not blame or hold anything else responsible i

Unknown said...

You are so nice to provide simple pleasant activities to make life less hellish. You are so incredibly sweet.

Anonymous said...

i bow!
You PresenT truths about the state of people on this PlaneT in the most straightforward, no nonsense, take it or leave it way!
listening to Higher and Divine is the most imPortanT decision one can ever make. You are SO generous to Provide the PlaTform for one to learn to listen to You and Only You!
Divine is the only One in a PosiTion to laugh at the 'incoherent actions and inactions of fools around the world'
Divine is the only safe Place to Put ones attention, the only safe voice to listen too.
i bow!

miragegirl said...

i want to listen to only Divine
Divine who is Pure & great & grand in its attributes

& hoPe others would say the same too

if the world listened to You
world would be such a different Place
more like Heaven even if it be 3D

fools laughing at fools leads nowhere
its PoniTless
that's a wasteful action to while away time
& how much time can anyone while away so anyways

Lord world is a Hell !
i do not want to tary here long on earth
i hoPe Praise of You will take me somewhere else next life
amongst People who Praise You immensley
until You helP me ascend to a better realm

You are the suPreme consciousness that the mind can come closer to in Praise
You are beyond any imagination of any mortal

when one says evil, it really is in one
all these are not ideas or talk, it is reality !

its like Phind what one really is, a touch of it maybe one could say !

one is imPerfecT with evil in one !!

oh Lord, Please keep me close to You, i will work for it, in Praising You
Please keep me close, i Phind it scary to navigate the existence !
i wish to be with You ! Please always guide me !

in your Praise is ones own good
in Your Praise is reality
in Your Praise is accePtance of the Truth that The One Is & is everything

oh ! How very sad i am not with You !

Please, you are so kind, please leave me a strand of connectivity to You ! its life to me !

PsingulariTy said...

Go P go

You are The Best
You are P avaTar
all have to offer due reverence and listen to You

Anonymous said...

i bow.
Divine is so kind to PresenT the only decisions one need make!
You are the only One who gnos anything!!!
listening to You is what makes sense.
It is actually painful to listen to another. The awful way they speak and the incoherent and meaningless things they say.
Yours is the Voice to listen to!
You are the only One with a real sense of humor. The only One who can actually laughs at the fools here.
Divine is really kind to helP one see how imPortanT it is to fully and clearly make the decsion to listen to Divine
to steP over to Divines side!
to never stray from Praising You! from bowing to You! from listening to You! from serving You!
it is really kind of Divine to Provide the time and means for one to get ones head screwed on straight!
only You helP one see how serious this life really is! How real and serious are the consequences of it!
How pointless it is to waste a life caught up in a web of lies and meaningless actions
esPecially a life when PT the Final Avatar is here!! The One and only who is actually real!
You destroy all the lies and helP one see that fully listening to and Trusting in Divine is the only way to really be!
Divine is SO kind to guide the only way out of hell!
i bow.

Asha P said...

i bow ! You have the best sense of humour so balanced and PerfecT ! one looks forward to being able to make this decision which gratefully Your words allow one to make correctly ! i bow

Unknown said...

People are free to decide for themselves.

sarah said...

so imPorTant to focus on what matters !!!!

ki vernee said...

wow ! this is so true ! people decide in the end ! no one to blame but the self ! You are so right P ! i bow <3ॐ

Unknown Andanonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Ya so true..

In the end one has the Power to choose.

i bow.🙇🙏

veena iyengar said...

so true..
i bow..

nicolas said...

so true! such a key decision one has to make! you are the only one who gnos all! you are truly divine! i bow to you ShivNarayan