Friday 24 April 2015




as in



as is spector

or seeing/observing

so basically

an inspection

of the whole 360 degrees

how does one do that practically in any situation ?

its actually very simple

just see ( honestly & clearly )

one's own state

and than see

the state of who one is dealing with

those 2 points

make the whole circle

anyone doing that ( at all times )


circumspect enough


be appropriate enough ( behaviourally)


get out of hell


enter higher realms/worlds


Vintish said...

I bow

asha Pi arTi said...

just beautiful and so so so important ... You are truely the one and only reference for the true meaning of every word concept and attitude !!

i bow !

suki said...

You are so merciful, comPassionaTe, and kind. Your generosity is literally limitless.

suki said...

You are the most infinitely generous, most caring Being.

Anonymous said...

i bow!
Divine is most kind to share what circumsPecTion is and how to apply it! You are the One Being on this Earth who is totally aware at all times!
Divine is so kind to helP one clearly and honestly see ones state and to guide one in appropriate behavior to helP one get out of hell.
behaving inappropriately towards the higher and Divine is the greatest risk one can not afford to make.
i bow!

miragegirl said...

a very clear Plog on How one should behave with You

Your state is one of Pure consciousness
PerfecT coherence & fractality
with a crystal clear mind

You have very Pure emotions
You have the highest connectivity that there can be to multiversal existence & the suPreme consciousness
You are the suPreme consciousness
You are ultimately benine, How Pure You are !

when one is even a bit emotional in Your Praise, the sentences seem to have words jumping about to be a sentence that is not normal usual grammer
but is better
similar to style of Sanskrit (in that words are jumbled), similar meaning with different arrangement of words

so it is that when one Praises You all ones activities, ones life gets into Place much better, much more musical, an actual Practical better life here & beyond !

Your Divine creation can’t be but benine

You are the most Praise worthy ! rocking suPer star of our worlds ! of my world !

PsingulariTy said...

You are The EnlighTened One
the One with a full deck
You are the Center of the circle and the circle as well

Unknown said...

Knowing ones state and others state is important.

sarah said...

wow !!!
what a great navigation system for getting out of hell !!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You are brilliant!
wow You exPlain it all!
You are the best teacher ever
You make the best PoinTs ever!
this is the best advice!
You make it all so simPle and doable
You so effortlessly exPlain what has to be done to behave ProPerly when one is in front of the most comPassionaTe and benevolent Divine being that You are
Your words are the best!
Your words are the most helpful
You know everything worth knowing
Your words are the words to rePeaT every single day of ones life
You make evolution Possible by being here
You are the kindest, kindest being
You are the most comPassionaTe!
You are the ultimate suPersoul
You untie all the knots in the mind through Your beautiful and wonderful words, music and Presence!
You are the true master
You are beyond Phenomenal and legendary
there is no one like You
You are the One
You are the One and only
nothing else except You matters
only You truly exist
You are beyond everything
You are way ahead of anyone and everyone
You are way ahead of Your time and all times
You are the best teacher ever!!
You are the only Guru
You are the axis
You are the beautiful avatar who walks the earth
it's so great that You are here!
You make so much Possible
You are the ultimate refuge
You are the dispeller of darkness and unnecessariness
You are all in One
You are amazing..just amazing
i bow

Anonymous said...

You make such great PoinTs
Your words are so meaningful
You make so much sense
there is such a vast difference between Your intentions and the intentions of people
You know what the state of this world is
You save one from dumbness
one had fallen prey to all sorts of frauds
You save one from them
beings are always Praising You through croPcircles
You are so kind to even be here on earth to teach one prison break
there is no comparison
You are incomparable
You are unparalleled
You are light years ahead of anyone
You are the most sensible
You have all the good qualities
You know what no one else knows
You are so many things
Your teachings are the most helpful
You have clarity
You are so above it all
You are so continuos and consistent
Your state is that of gnoing
and the state of the world is that of ignorance
You are all uniqueness , knowledge and music
You are such a beautiful blossoming of a being
You have everything
You Posess the best qualities
You know what's going on
one can't use ones faulty machine and not be circumspect
Your teachings are the best
You give such great tools to rise above ones craziness
i bow

ki vernee said...

just see ( honestly & clearly )

one's own state

and than see

the state of who one is dealing with

wow ! You make the most Profound and helPful PoinTs ! You are the most circumspect Being ! this is such an imPortanT thing to remember ! i bow respectfully ! <3ॐ

Unknown Andanonymous said...
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ankita said...

Your words are so unburdening
so kind of You to simPlify things
such a wonderPhul rePhreshing Plog
i bow

Anonymous said...

Wow... Amazing revelation!

It is so nice of you to give constant reality checks which hellPs one to be grounded all the time.

veena iyengar said...

so true..
i bow..

nicolas said...

Wow this is very profound and precise! i am very impressed! this is a beauTiPhul revelation!

i bow to you all gnoing one