Monday 6 April 2015

lie & lie

female of

the species

has turned

this whole place

into a farce


their constant lying

to themselves



the multiverse

almost everytime

a female is lie-ing with a male

one can be sure that

there is a lie there

usually quite a big lie

no wonder than that the same term - lie -

is used for both these seemingly unrelated activities

its this continuos worldwide lie

irrespective of countries, borders, religions ...

that they are "into" this or that being

( for some nonsensical unnecessary agenda or other )

enough to lie with them

which turns it all into a hell

& for most

takes out most of the chance

for evolution

or breaking out of the now hellish 3-d matrix


Vintish said...

I bow

Vintish said...


Vintish said...


Unknown said...

Your simple, clear, direct approach to life is so refreshing. You are such a huge inspiration, and make such great PoinTs about how females in particular have room for improvement in this area. You are so sweet to provide the mental space where honesty can flourish and grow.

Anonymous said...

wow! i bow! such PotenT words! what a Profound connection! another ePic Plog helPing females to see and accePT the truth about their state.
You show one how comPleTely detrimental the female of the sPecies are and their innate PropensiTy to lie to 'themselves, others & the multiverse'
You are the only real hoPe and redemPTion, the only way for females to evolve, to ever break out of the hell of being in this 3d world.
it is truly comPassionaTe of Divine to share such beautiful bold and irrefutable truths in a world consumed by the lies of females.
i bow!

miragegirl said...

don't want any one else but You !

charming, most gracious, beautiful One, Please be kind to me !

i can not imagine others ! its an anxious state to think of next life !

so much work to do, so i can helP myself (in imProving my PuriTy), so that Divine would helP in kindness so that i only get to lay next to You someday

want no one else ! nothing else infact ! I Want to be with You ! I want You ! Mind charming is so good but being in the Physical, i want to be close to You that way too !

i will wait for You, however long it may be ! But it shall only be You !

females are liars on the earth in that they have created a Hell by lying everytime they lie

You are so immensley Pure & intelligent that only You can see & say what the Truth is

Your thoughts are high level, classy, a level that is 'setting the record straight' now
so glad it is haPPening

one needs to so urgently become Pure, one is so down in quality right now !

glad for Your immense helP, You bathe us in Truth !

i wonder if any female can ever Praise any quality of the male it would lie with here on earth !
it would be a fake Praise in the Hell that is now

Divine You are the only one i can or others can Praise inexhaustively !
in the now, wonder why females are not lining uP to You ...
its a Hell out here

& i so regret not being with You in the now, but i wish You would Phind me accePPtable in the long Phuture ...would love that day !

PsingulariTy said...

Divine is Truth
Praising Divine is the way to go

You are P avaTar
You are tremendously gorgeously beautiful !

asha Pi arTi said...

♡ ♡ i bow ! You have the most eloquent way of bringing out what is so plainly there but one never sees or admits to by oneself ... lie = lie ... that is so observant and definitely how muggle life is, even if one is lying alone by oneself one is still lying all the time !!

its a shameful way of being ! it is the way of the modern day female... so so so far away from ParvaTi, Mira bai, Laxmi, Radha and any all Shakti archetypes of dignifed feminine graceful role models that were connected and in harmony with nature, ShivNarayan, Higher Beings, and evolving them selves truely with unwavering focus !! one is asha-med to have not followed in their resPecTable footsteps for too long in this lifetime !

You are so resPecTworthy P & so kind to teach how natural and effortless a relationship with Truth is !! one is so fortunate to phind True Love = True Evol ve with You, one is the most fortunate being to phind You and Your words that liberate one the more one reads and speaks them out loud !

You are my only True Love, first, last and forever ! ♡ ♡ i bow adoringly !! i bow ♡

Asha P said...

i bow facedown fully on the ground to be opposite to this way of lying to oneself and Higher & Divine and to really enjoy more how You so Beautyfully direct ones attention to what needs to be seen anytime ... The Most Obvious Truth ! Your Words are always so imPressive !!! i bow !!

Unknown said...

Good actions always have good reason.

sarah said...

You are so PracTical and smart !

ki vernee said...

You make the most amazing correlations ! it really is all about facing PhacTs and being truthful ! i bow respectfully

Unknown Andanonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Amusing and amazing Truth.

i bow.

veena iyengar said...

i bow..

nicolas said...

this is so beautiful! this is a very Phun and clarifying P log! i love it

i bow to you, all gnoing one

gopa said...

Most truthful and authentic one, you see the lie-ing/lying game going on in this Plane only too well. It is amusing to read your words that exPose all the lies. At the same time the PhacT that one has been so ignorant is also sad and shameful.
How rightly you PoinT out that females create their own hellish existence through their lying.
How clearly, directly and succinctly you state things. How well you see how words are Played on.
You are the true guide and Guru showing things as they really are and oPening our eyes. When one reads your words, one has to immediately agree for they have the highest level of truth that cannot be denied by any being.
You are the truth that is Shiv that is beauty.
Only you are worthy of all Praises and bows. One bows to you.

Gita said...

It is wonderful how You relate lye and lie with regards to a female, it is so important for a female to uPhold her status and dignity and not to let it go down. You have helPed many of us realise this important virtue that a female should have had. This way one realises that there are not many dignified females left on this Planet... everyone have sold Themselves to the lower either thru the so called peer pressure, family pressure, religious requirements, self list and many more... we need to be disciPlined and have that strong will Power to say no to things which are against the Multiversal Law ( Dharm) & say yes to Divine all the time, we need to have that sense of discernment which You have generously taught us how to reach that stage... one eternally bows down to You Divine PT

Rashmi said...

Shiv Narayan

Guru PT, You are witness to all events in the Multiverse and females have not only fallen from their own standards but also in Your eyes which is such a shame

You vehemently state that blame (of downfall in kaliyug) 'lies' squarely with the females and make us realise the responsibility of being a female and the gravitas it has.
You instill the right education 

the various lies told while lie-ing down -

lie of gnoing and what she is getting into
lie of not wanting attention/flattery
lie of power (who holds power)lie of Higher
lie of completion
lie of happiness
lie of security
lie of soulmates
lie of everlasting bliss .... and all these lies lead to hell

and the most dangerous thing is  - 'for most takes out most of the chance for evolution or breaking out of the now hellish 3-d matrix'

You rightly caution that the very Purpose of life is thrown away with this act of lie-ing this lie is a lie-ability (liability) for evolution

You are the truthful One .... standing uP to You will keep all lies at bay
lie-ing down is an act of surrender /submission and surrender should be to the Higher
You are the Highest to surrender to
bow to You

Ankeeta said...

Such wise words for the benefit of the foolish that we may uPlifT ourselves from our sorry state and get onto the PaTh of real learning… You are so kind and comPassionaTe to Provide us with this oPporTunity to learn and imProve… so gratePhul for Your mercy to allow us this golden chance to mend our ways and do the right actions as so kindly taught and clarified by You, in the life that one has… i bow at Your beautiful lotus PheeT Prabhu…

veena said...

P~You have described the plight of women in one simPle Plog.
You are always on PoinT.You bring so much clarity.Yes these are hard hitting truths that we women have to face.Your statement~ that women are lying to themselves,others and the Multiverse is so ePic.You are the all seeing one.Your level of PercepTion is unmatched.It is true that women are caught up in a web of lies and the only Saviour is you. You are so kind to be here and giving us a chance to Evolve.One is ever Grateful to have come across you.
one bows to you Divine One