Friday 24 April 2015

hells are for ...

there is a lot of confusion

regarding hells

and who is sent there and why

so lets set the record straight

in typical lotusocean way

hells are not for


people for actions they have done

they are there for

all those

who have no intention to change

to align with multiversal laws/will


are full of

stubborn stupid attitudes like ...

' i am like this only '

' i dont need to change '

' i cannot change'

' whats the hurry '

' i am doing fine as i am '

'i am learning/evolving at my own pace'

etc etc ...


asha Pi arTi said...

i bow ! LEGENDARY WORDS !!! You are truely the most compassionate Being !!!

this is so brilliant ! the most Beautiful and non dogmatic logical explanation ever !!!!!!!

love it !

& love that You are here to inspire, make possible and guide all the change one needs to avoid hell !! Your words are timeless and allows the real prison break for all the PhuTure !

it is better than any lottery phinding You !!

You are the Real deal P ! You are so so so so mindblowingly Pure hearted and kind to share such liberating truths here for the whole world !

You are the most inspiring Being ever !

i bow !

Vintish said...

I bow

Anonymous said...

i bow!
This is the most logical and Practical dePhiniTion of hell!
It is You who insPire one to change and rid oneself of hell binding attitudes and behaviours and not waste this life in pettiness and meaningless pursuits.
It is so amazing that You are the insPiraTion, solution and goal! It is so kind of You to Provide so many Truths to read, and re read, so many ways for one to focus ones attention on Divine and deflect the distractions that abound in this hellish world.
You are the constant reality check!
i bow!

Unknown said...

what a serious reality check, You have such a cool attitude. wow.

Anonymous said...

i bow!
Yes Divine truly does have the coolest attitude!
It is SO cool the way LotusOcean sets the record straight and does not pander to stubborn and stupid attitudes which You clearly convey are what keep beings in hell!
it is most comPassionaTe for the One who is evolved to clear uP confusion!
You are the only One who can and it so amazing that You are here!
i bow!

miragegirl said...

Divine is ever so comPasssionaTe

everything Divine unfolds for one is for one’s own imProvemenT
multiverse is an abuntantly beautiful Place, in fact ultimately so

i am glad that You Divine are so near on earth right now
i am able to helP myself get answers through Your grace

i understand that anger & emotions like that are not just emotions, they are beings, they are evil !
that is the reality
so also Powers like loyalty are beings as well !

How connected is multiverse !

one has to Phind what one is first & then move on
that can’t even begin without getting out of 3d
Please take me away from here into a higher realm
i wish for a change & i want to be with You only
'captain P is a navigator for this world and the big beyond'
take me my lord on the journey please, someday

its disheartening that a lot of time will be lost before i can be with You... but hoPefully one day my Praises of You will lead me right next to You

lovely lord, You are the only one for me
Please helP me in kindness

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Refuge
Divine ProTection and safety is in being under Your wings

Si iris P said...

Your words are so clarifying once and for all !
You take the concept of hell out of the realm of fear mongering into a scientific, hands-on practical reality, making clear the logical & fair succession of actions and consequences.

such a Precious, wholesome and very sobering wakeup call !

one really cannot afford to procrastinate any longer now that You have opened one's eyes to this PerspecTive !
change is required, there can be no doubt about it, since nobody on this plane - except for You ! - is aligned with the multiversal laws/will - better to start working on that change right now so that hell doesn't have to come to one to shake one out of one's lethargy ... !

one just cannot over-emphasize how valuable & liberating Your teachings are. You really wake one up to the responsibilty one has for one's own future & well-being - the responsibility to respond to Divine which is here right now in Person !

it's such a miracle & such a greatest good fortune that You are here, and it is infinitely kind of You to explain these things so PaTiently to the retarded, unconscious, deliberately ignorant beings of this time & age to wake us up out of our free fall into deeper hells.

Your words are clarity in laser-like precision, they really cut through to the core of the matter and shed light on the most essential matters. so kind of You to share these insights, so kind of You to clarify things so untiringly !

i bow

Unknown said...

Divine drives every being higher.

Anonymous said...

You so kindly help us and give us incentive to keep imProving and changing to align with the multiversal laws. You so kindly highlight the imPorTance of giving up old habits and changing to be on the true PaTh of evolution. Your Plog is so awesome.

sarah said...

You have the greatest PerspecTives.
You are infinitely benevolent.

Anonymous said...

yes one needs to change and imProve in so many ways
there is so much imProvemenT that is needed always
one is so ashamed when one comes to know more and more about ones graceless and unconscious ways
how it's so easy to fall back into indisciplined ways without coming to know what one is doing
You make one more conscious and aware
You give one hoPe of imProving
You teach one how to change and imProve
You are the only hoPe and the only real teacher
one can't have stupid attitudes like one is learning/evolving at ones own pace and 'i can't change' or 'what's the hurry'
yes You are so kind to give one time to get rid of these stupid attitudes that exist inside one without one being even conscious of them!
one just can't be graceless, indisciplined and bratty
You're so kind to tell one how to change all this
You're very kind to show the real PaTh to change and ProPer way of being and behaving
i bow

Kṛtti kā said...

wow !! Your Plogs are so so beautiful so so clariPhying and always so rational!!
You lay down the guidemap on how to avoid hells and move towards the Divine !! Only You register the PhacT that there is a multiverse and it has laws/will which need to be followed!
You are The Most ComPassionaTe Being, You are The Most Beautiful Being, You are The Best Teacher... The PerfecT Guru From The Highest Realm PerfecTly aligned with The Multiverse!!

One has to steer clear from such stubborn stupid attitudes, Only You imbue beings with the absolute cruciality of the urgency to change and work hard... Only You Teach how these attitudes only sink one deeper and deeper into hells!! You set it straight.. if one doesn't want hell then one has to change immediately no matter what... Only You teach and wake one uP to The PhacT that there is no getting of here without disciPline, control and Penance... and what a Great Great PhorTune that You are here to guide and teach the lost beings back on the PaTh to The Divine !!

One is shameful to fall into these thought patterns... Only You So mercifully so magnanimously Provide sanity and galvanize beings into taking an absolute Personal resPonsibiliTy! You have generously utilised so many mediums(Facebook, Picasa, Youtube sound and light Philms, Plogs, Music and so much more) through which one can easily work ones way out of the hell... You have created the conditions for all the beings to easily do PBS, You have saved us from all the confusion and figuring out of what/how/why/where/who of it all!

You have the biggest most beautiful heart... a heart of gold in truest sense! You Provide the best nourishment and education for the sPiriTs here... You are The Pure PerfecT Truthful Divine Beauty from inside out, in every way!

bow to You /\

ki vernee said...

Your clarifications are always so enlightening ! one should always strive to evolve everyday ! i bow <3ॐ

Unknown Andanonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Amazing revelation !

Only you can take one out of all hells.

veena iyengar said...

so true..
i bow..

nicolas said...

Your words are magnificent! your compassion is so insPiring! i love how honest and TruThPhul you are!

i bow to you, divine one

Gita said...

Divine's ways are always so PerfecT

ankita said...

wow suPreme clarifications ...beings who do not even change enough to get simple things like body PosTure correct, sPeech centred and sPeaking truth are going to be born here again in hellish circumstances...that sounds fair , inevitable and makes total sense ...You're so right ..multiverse is a PerfecT system!
Your words are so Pure, eternal and everlasting
one bows

amanda said...

one prostrates in shame 🙇‍♀️

one Pines to change.
one Pines to align with Divine.
one Pines to learn and obey multiverse law.
one Pines to do actions which Please Divine.

one prostrates in shame for wrongs 🙇‍♀️