Wednesday 22 April 2015

earth day axis'ness

they might not


the axis

but everything still spins around it



earth day ( all these days are a funny concept ... )

as ...

elephant is the major symbol used


yours truly

had put this up just a week ago

P's elePhanTs


Unknown said...

the AXIS effect is so phenomenal !!!! You have such a huge effect on everything whether it is conscious or not. Your power is so unlimited.

asha Pi arTi said...

Axis effect is so so cool !! they even got the message of space and coral and all the things one sees on Your websites immediately ... with You things are so irrefutably immediate !!

love it !! everyday is earth day with You !

i bow !

asha Pi arTi said...

those are just the cutest most humbling Pics as well ... bowing celebrating elephants ... they are so wise and gnowing, seeing You for who You are !!

i bow too !

Shahid said...

Such beautiful, Natural pics with the elephant :)

Jai Sri Narayan <3

Anonymous said...

i bow!
what an imPortanT statement! (everything You say is imPortanT!)

'they might not
the axis
but everything still sPins around it'

Your Plogs are filled with so much irrefutable Proof of Your effect on this world as the axis! You are the only Truly original being, the One who truly gnows how to live on this Earth!
what beautiful PicTures of the Real Earthling! You are PerfecT and Praiseworthy in everyway P, from the inside out. it is so sweet to get to see the grand elePhanT acknowledge and Praise Your Divine Presence.
i bow!

miragegirl said...

a very PoTenT Plog

its always enjoyable to see Your activities & PasTimes

its time to decide whether the genepool wins against individual & makes it do things which are against the genepool itself


one as an individual from the genepool hits at the genepool & imProves it, by Praising Divine

it’s a war in ones own self for oneself to win

both lose or both win …

but still then, Praising You helps in untold ways

Praising the most beautiful one is the way to go !

air is cool & fresh, temperature is moderate, nature is at its best, one gets to east food with good vibrations when one is around You
in the outside world air is filled with dust, there is lot of pollution from factories & vehicles & just from the way people are, crying all the time, depressed, they would say they are victims (lol!, of their own evil lol !), its totally crazy, slurry , bad emotion filled low vibration food

grateful that You are raising earth with all You do, its for Bhudevi & for all whom she supports as well

water is full of life & best use around You, it becomes clean & Pure, Wholly around You, in general terms, You straighten the backbone of waters on earth
in the outside world water is not respected, sewers run oPen, not Pure water ! & many a time very close to the temples tey erect for Praising DiviniTies itself !!!

grateful that You are breathing life into waters on earth, teaching People to be humble is so many ways, ‘setting record straight’ for a bright PhuTure

skies dance in colourful attire around You
hardly anyone looks at the sky in the outside world, except for taking PicTures once in a while to post on their blogs, facebook, trying to fake to others that they care about nature, that nature makes them happy (@#$%ing respect is due if it makes them happy, to be more involved & make sure it is not sPoilT)

You are connected to elementals, Your emotions cause elements to rejoice

grateful that You show that sky actually is a metaphor for higher realms
You make one naturally want to do the right thing, right thing is to bow to the higher on earth & to You, the highest !

miragegirl said...

You are a cowboy & more beautiful than a cow
cows are mistreated in the outside world

grateful that You show cows represent mother Principle on the earth
cow teach one to be PaTient and on guard & to be sensitive to the needs of others

You live life in a Vedic way, You are the supreme Jyothishi
People don’t gno what vedic way is, they have lost connection with it, many a times they disrespect vedic way gnoingly & ungnoingly

grateful You are oPening ones consciousness to the Vedic way of being

You are in tune with the Multiversal functionings, serving You is Praising You Divine
World is living haywire

ones in the outside world are accommodative of all the activities & foolishness of people out there
grateful You show that one needs to be accommodative of Divine in ones life
in fact its Phunny to PuT it that way
Divine is ever so compassionate, one needs to be humble to it, all it does is for ones own good, the Best friend it is, the Best friend one can ever Phind & in humility one can only be glad ever that one found it

Your ways work in so many ways, You say the Truth, People listen, vibrations increase & it Provides much needed relief to Bhudevi

Oh ! How harmful one is being to her, hurting her every time one is crying or getting depressed … one is showing violence, one is not Peaceful
You are Peaceful, PrashanT ever ! only Prashant ever (for me as well) !

You sPeak only Truth, only You gno what Truth is, You are ultimately intelligent, You are compassionate & helpful onto others
world lives in lies, world is Populated with a bunch of fools, People have weaknesses

You are immensely humble, the ultimate humbleness I have seen on earth, ultimately humble being You are
People are egoistic & unhumble

i bow to You my Lord! You are the greatest there is !

You have immense talent, You have a beautiful mind
People have no real talent, they are far away from any PerfecTion

one is sheltered under Your wings
world is an insecure Place

all You do is with a Purpose, You are the one who is really Productive
People Perfom meaningless acts

You are the greatest there is ! the Savior who lifts Bhudevi uP, the one who is making earth a magical PlaneT again, by sPreading his own magic around, the kind that is not a trick, the kind that removes all the tricks & sPells out, Real Magic is real time in class & high style

You Divine in Your Kalki Avatar are gracious unto us in giving us a chance to see Your charm & charming ways !

ever grateful to You, You fill one with Joy !!

PsingulariTy said...

You hold the earth in the Palm of Your hands
You raise her

You are The Saviour
of earth and PeoPle here

Unknown said...

multiversal rules always apply.

ujjwal sharma said...

i think that they are very well aware of your existence but they are just ignoring you as they know their end is nearer.they dont want people to know about you.even alternative media is filled in spreading hopelessness amoung masses that nothing cant be done as they control us in every way so mostly they spread fear.
but everyone should know that PT avatar gives courage,real gnowledge and strength to our shriveled spirits so even we can rise above the system and evolve.
i bow To The divine PT avatar.

sarah said...

so amazing how everything sPins around You

ki vernee said...

it is very hard to ignore You ! Your liPhe is way to ePic and magical to be ignored ! what an amazing resPonse by the elePhanTs ! naTure will always acgnowledge You wherever You go ! i bow <3ॐ

Unknown Andanonymous said...
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NavdeeP said...

Amazing!!!! Everything is in sync with you. You are the true axis around which everything spins. O great guru!!! I bow down into your pheet.

Anonymous said...

Yes. You are the axis.
i bow.🙇🙏

veena iyengar said...

i bow..

nicolas said...

all spins around you! you are the axis! i am deeply graTePhul that you exist!
i bow to you, all gnoing one