Thursday 18 September 2014


hollywood has

done it once again

this time

the film is called 'transcendence'

but the backdrop for it all

is once again just 'technology'

when real transcendence is

all to do with internal thing called


the main hero

as always

has been given

whatever characteristics leaked out

from lotusocean

this time

solar panels

vinyl record players

all part of PT's abode & lifestyle

morphic resonance


Anonymous said...

i bow at the feet of The Divine Axis. Your sound and light are most Transcendent at all, lifting us above baseless trials and trivialities . i bow at Your comPassionate feet P. dhanyavad for Your ultimate generosity through Providing the way out of the hell we wre all trapped in. i bow again and again. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Unknown said...

I always support you and your dears

Unknown said...

Axisology !!!! You are amazing !!! imitating You instead of praising You is such an odd response, not only unnatural, but illogical esp in light of Your education.

miragegirl said...

Divine has unsurPassable class, unsurPassable style
You Divine are the real Transcendental One, the ethereal being !
Populace is stuck down dumbed weighted existences

You through Your liPhe style lead by examPle

You can dimension hoP anytime You want, You give a touch of what it feels like in sound as well !

Your ascension scaPe is transendental !

Divine's attributes, qualities are so Powerful, Pure, vast, absolute that they are the ultimate transendence outside the reach or sight of what evil wants to be, that which evil can not comPleTely fathom or Phind ! lol !

a sol that is so totally into Divine that it forgets itself consciously & subsonciously & only dances to Divine tune is the one that has become transcendental

Your state of being is an ultimate state of being, You are Divine PhracTality, Divine coherence

What one sees of You sometimes in vids when the energy is so very high, like in 'creating stroms the size of contintets', that state is such a Pure state
someone had commented on a vid where they asked You' How high are You' , You are above any mention of heights, You are so ultimately Pure, You are PuriTy itself, 'Pure' itself exists comPleTely only in You !

Divine is blissful & more

Divine Provides bliss to whoever sincerely Praises IT

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Axis
'Axisology' is good

Unknown said...

Nature can not be copied.

Kṛtti kā said...

You cannot be copied or imitated! You reveal such Profound brilliant terms... 'Axisology', amazing !! Definitely it is the best and the most crucial subject to learn about! You have transcendeded it all long ago... You are The Axis itself! You have Proved it time and again how mastering the internal is always far far suPerior than anything exterior! You are The Most Centered Being, You are Center itself! You have all the Power , All the Fame, All of the Devas/Elements/Nature at Your command, You are truly The Transcendental One!
Your Being is so so Glorious so RePhined so Exalted that around You all of the PrakriTi viviPhies and rouses in the best ways... which can be perceived by dumbest of the muggles too! Such is the quality and constitution of Your Being, You are Paragon of virtues!
Transcendence is what You are! These movies miserably try to portray achieving things which You already have in abundance! On one side there are all these sickening plastic schizophrenic ideas of technologies they try to propagate misleading the masses and on other side there is You slaying all these falsities and misnomers, comPassionaTely illuminating and teaching about the real way to every kind of intelligence and transcendence! One can just learn from You who has it All !!

bow to The One who is at the top of all the games! /\

ki vernee said...

Your liPhe is too interesting and magickal to ignore ! even from those who run this matrix ! i bow !

Unknown Andanonymous said...
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lana_33 said...
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Anonymous said...

So True. You are the one and only. No one can imitate you. Lower cannot Play the role of the higher.
Only you have succeeded in Transcending all the entals.

i bow to the master of axisology.🙇🙏

nicolas said...

you are the real magician here! no being comes close to your level of being-ness! they tried to copy you and failed miserably!

you are the highest of all! i bow to you, all gnoing one