Monday 22 September 2014


no matter where one looks

one finds

people are celebrating
from birthdays to festivals

and million things in between ...



all around

all the time

what for

is not very clear

last time lotusocean checked

they were all still stuck in hell

nobody had gained an entry pass into heaven

world around was getting more polluted

& they were all getting sicker

even all the celebration

is nothing but an exercise in sickness

takes them many days to recover from each one

the worse their state gets

the more they celebrate



Vintish said...

I bow

Anonymous said...

i bow. celebration with no real PurPose is certainly a PerPlexing PracTice. Your Plogs are a celebration to Truth. Your sound and light are a celebration of the higher. You show the Power of humble, simPle and True Praise and how PoinTless all the PomP and sPlendour are. You are Divine incarnate! Your are the PerfecT One whom all ought Phollow. i bow at Your remarkable feet P. dhanyavad for Your Presence in this world. Narayan! Narayan!

Unknown said...

You are so kind to share how hilarious the muggle matrix is from Your divine view. You were the only One with the honesty and straightforwardness to confront Your state directly pre-Enlightenment. no wonder nature celebrates You at every opportunity.

Shahid said...

Lord Your writings are a delight for my soul, to read daily.
Jai Narayan <3

missmriggy said...

Great that you mention it. Celebrations out here that are pursued by the masses like birthdays etc.. definitely irrevelant and backwards..

miragegirl said...

even so P, it is what it is, celebrations are increasing, instead of celebrating birthday once, they are being celebrated each month on that date when they were born ! evil needs more, bring on more of everthing, nothing is satisfying !

how so, obviously nothing is satisfying, even the celebration itself, even more of it, or even more, every day of it ! @#$%ing hell it indeed is !

True celebration is of all actions & activities one sees of You
of Your sPecial Wictory days, sPecial moments

given everything You do is ultimately Pure, PerfecT, ProPer, in style & class & actually evolving for one if one sees it in true light, all You do is cause for cheering & celebration & being awed, that now is True living, True way of being (anything else is but falsehoosd at different levels)

good omens aPPeared in the sky
celestions were forming wings to fly
joyous celebrations that had come
heartbeat rainbows & colourful skies to sum !

indeed momentous, endearing, exhilarating, momentous for ages, beginning of it for earth & PoPulace

bird tribe is indeed here !

The Great BirdMan has once again enveloPed Bhudevi under his wings !

PsingulariTy said...

Presence of P and P wictories are celebrations
You are King PT, the aParajiTh

Unknown said...

Cause should be well examined.

ki vernee said...

it really is a sickness to be able to celebrate in hell ! Your liPhe is filled with true celebrations ... a huge contrast for sure ! i bow

Unknown Andanonymous said...
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lana_33 said...

"the worse their state gets
the more they celebrate

Wow, so True! Only by aligning with Divine, is there anything to Really celebraTe. i bow.

Anonymous said...

So True.
Your observations are so Pure.
i bow.

nicolas said...

very accurate observation! you are divine! no one can afford to ignore you! you are the best being in the universe
i bow to you, all gnoing one

Gita said...

This surely is an eye opener, there's nothing to celebrate in this hell except for Your Presence Divine One P

Ankeeta said...

Prabhu Paramatma PT You are the suPreme illuminated One, always sPeaking the truth, always coherent and always imPorTant....