Friday 5 September 2014


there is this whole notion

about devotees of divine

like mira


they have such a tough existence

or they have chosen such a tough path

many say

they are not like that because

they don't have the strength to be like that

lotusocean  has a diametrically opposite



muggle life is much more tough

what any muggle has to put up with

in its life, job, relationships,

boozing, vomiting, drugs etc

is a million times more tough

than anything mira ever had to put up with

now something

which muggles have come up themselves

to illustrate the point ...


Unknown said...

You keep it real ! You are hilarious, this is awesome. muggle interactions are the toughest thing there is, You have a total inability to suffer such things.

Anonymous said...

Lol. i bow. this ePic Plog Provides an even greater awareness of how awful it must be to be beyonce and ever expanding gratitude for Your Divinity. muggles are always down to Prove how tough they are. one is ever grateful to be Phree of that twisted game. dhanyavad P. Your wisdom and humor are limitless. i bow. Narayan! Narayan!

Asha P said...

i bow ! wow omg that is so true ! that image is really tough to look at even ... its definitely much toughter to put up with the exhausting daily drawl and actions of muggledom let alone the utter confusion emptiness blissness general dissatification frustration and depression inside from a life not involving P !

it makes so much sense that going on the natural normal flow towards the Higher is so much easier !!! in all ways !

one has been guilty of listening/believing this toughness misnomer and also 'be practical, get a job etc etc' ... ppl always think Divine is outside of survival when one only servives with Divine !! so glad You give everyone a chance to change the road one's on !

its a tough undesirable life without You P ! one definitely does not want to be born here again ... mirabai was suPerintelligenT and CLEAR about where its at and where its not ! its horribly tough out there ... so much ugliness everywhere !!

i bow !

asha Pi arTi said...

'what any muggle has to put up with

in its life, job, relationships,

boozing, vomiting, drugs etc

is a million times more tough

than anything mira ever had to put

up with'

couldn't agree more !!! that's so brilliantly worded !! i bow !

pinx said...

LOL !! insert *rolling on the ground laughing* icon here !

this is so hilarious ! You are so wiity P ! and as always find the finest examples to illustrate Your PoinT.

this image is tough enough to look at even in cyber form !

really puts into PerspecTive how tough muggle existence is - and that too even one which is considered to be amongst the higher echelons of successful out there. really surprising how she and many more have not become disillusioned with the whole deal.

and Your wording is so suPer eloquent as always ! absolutely Love how You have revealed Your "diametrically opposite" finding.

beings who can state that the path of those devoted to divine is tough need only do one thing - compare a pic of You to the one shown here in Your P-log. it really could not be clearer which is the tougher path to tread.

i bow !!

miragegirl said...

Praise of Divine is the only solace
Praise of Divine is what one exists to do
Praise of Divine if not done is a work that is quit by one, which will famish ones liPhe

Praise of Divine is not tough, its simPle as Divine is absolutely Praiseworthy

resPecT is comPleTely due to the might Lord, ParamaTman who takes care of one
virtue is ITs , other’s virtue has some or the other inability, untruth to it, but not Divine's
Divine is comPleTe, total PerfecT coherence, PerfecT virtue, Truth, PuriTy

Divine defines beautiful
Divine defines grace

Divine is ultimately rocking !

PsingulariTy said...

You are most eloquent in Your sPeak and most benevolent
You are Kalki

Unknown said...

Meaning has been muddled.

Anonymous said...

Your writing is so extremely awesome and Your Plogs are great.
You oPen ones eyes to the PhacT that muggle life is a meaningless hassle that only manages to make one a clueless and egoistic degenerate. You show the way like no one can. You are brilliant and full of great wisdom and beauty. You are extraordinary. there's no one like You. You are extremely unique. You are a great, great being.

Kṛtti kā said...

It is indeed very tough, frustrating, depressing, disheartening, discouraging, disconcerting and everything bad that one experiences with living the life that this society promotes and propagandizes the masses into... And after coming across LotusOcean and You it gets rather more strenuous and burdensome to operate according to muggle system!
One can no longer conceptualize going by these standards, it gives one the frightening jitters to fall into it! Only You show all a way out of this... Meera's way is rather more a simPle and saTisfying living!
You illustrate it with such aPT examPle and logical PhacTs! You are always so witty and humour! Your crude satires are so hilarious yet thought provoking !
Don't gnow where one would have been lost devoluting in these muggle ways without You!
i bow in gratitude for Your comPassion And mercy! You show one a way out of all the maddening muddle complexities and hassles!
i bow /\

ki vernee said...

choosing the path to Divine is the most easiest thing a being can do ! muggle world is 100% more tough ! You are so phunny ! and in Your world beings get the priveledge to exPerience Your greatness everyday ! i bow !

Unknown Andanonymous said...
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Unknown Andanonymous said...
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lana_33 said...
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Anonymous said...

so True. i bow.🙇🙏

nicolas said...

this is so true! it is so much better and easier to reconnect with divine! you have put it in a beauTiPhul and Phun way!

i bow to you, all gnoing one

sarah said...

You are the only source of ease !
Your beauty is the ultimate rePrieve !

Ankeeta said...

You are so clever and funny and true! You are 100% at all times! You are the beat of the beat of best…!