Thursday 16 January 2014

PR managers

there are many

Public Relations managers

which keep on propping up

to advise me

without invitation

of course

they show no cognisance

of the fact that

this avatar

is not trying to win

any kind of popularity contest

or get an award

or get a public post

they ask me to not reveal my true identity

or be clear about it in any way

and let the public decide

the very same masses

none of whom

are clear even about their own real identity

will somehow get to the multifarious aspects of

this avatar ?

even krishn had to reveal his whole identity


in a time when intelligence was much more than now

these experts are definitely not doyens of

scientific approach

a fact which is resounded

by their own troubled confused lives



missmriggy said...

God Bless that PT reveals himself... At least One knows oneself perfectly!!!!!!!!!

asha Pi arTi said...


wow it's so audacious to tell You how to be ! they really should take a look at themselves... You word it so well ... 'a fact which is resounded by their own troubled confused lives' ... so true !

and how do they gno what the public wants ... most of those ppl would be stoned or shot by the public bc they are obnoxious annoying brats !

so grateful You are revealing everything about You so there can be no mis/disinformation ... it will all be based on scientific prooveable gnowledge and facts !!

strange they gno the public doesn't want that ... clearly only they don't want that bc it might not suit them... they can't pretend to be righteous and holy then :)

You always raise the coolest PoinTs P ! so revealing about Your respectworthy attitude and their foolishness !

i bow !

Anonymous said...

one is floored by Your PaTience with the ignorant and egoic masses. i bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow to Your Divine integrity P. dhanyavad for so how ignorant and confused and loss the masses are. i bow. i bow. i bow. Dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow. This Plog is so brilliant P! what a clear display of the false image and pretense everyone puts up and is accustomed to in this world! no Truth and no facing facts anywhere. it is so inspiring how You ONLY deal with and toss the nonsense aside. Your summation is hilariously sobering and confirms again how shamefully in denial inhabitants of this world are especially in the Presence of Your Divinty.
'even krishn had to reveal his whole identity himself
in a time when intelligence was much more than now
these experts are definitely not doyens of scientific approach
a fact which is resounded
by their own troubled confused lives'
i bow at Your Divine feet.

miragegirl said...

that's too Phunny that PR managers try to advise You

Divine doesn't require a PR manager
there is no PR thing haPPening

Divine's PuriTy, truth, grace attracts real devotees
Divine's words resound & seeP into one's consciousness & change one for the better
Divine's actions are noteworthy to anyone where the actions have a reach
Divine where it walks, where its thoughts are oPens uP & renews channels of consciousness
Divine's ways are 'multifarious'
Divine's intent always gets done

Divine has a PurPose in taking an Avatar here
that PurPose shall be accomPlished whether the whole world is with him or against (horror !)

People in the now are definitely not intelligent, being so far away from evolution & so close to evil

the scientific aPProch is very less as well

world hoPefully will listen to You, so it is a bearable Place to atleast live until one gets out of here ...

its quiet an unbearable world !

PsingulariTy said...

how bold You are ! its enchanting ! so attractive !

You are 'straight as a ray'
Your straigh forward Truths are the rays of NewSun shining bright in this world

You are The NewSun
the bold and beautiful One !

Anonymous said...

i bow!
You are SO brilliant P!!!
this is always SO Phunny to read!!!
You so kind to share the stupidity of beings here and how nonsensically they approach Divine!
really makes one ashamed to have ever intereacted with Divine in ludricous ways!

You are The Avatar! GOD maniPhesT on Earth!
You are the real PresidenT, ruler, King/Queen, emPorer, Pharoah, the ParamaTma, PT The ONE who is the Phorce which controls everything that exists!!!
Your PosiTion is not something that is awarded or voted into by insigniPhicanT beings!
You are SO kind to make it clear how unreasonable and illogical it is to allow the 'demon crazy democracy' decide anything!
to reveal Your true identity and give beings here a chance to actually face the Truth! to face reality!
to recognize You and bow down!
to make the only imPortanT choice one can make!
to be on Divines side!!!
You are so kind to helP one oPen ones eyes and take an honest look at the world and see what a mess beings have made of it without You! with out Paying attention to You! without resPecTing You! without doing as You say! without following Your Divine laws, Divine Pure PrinciPles and living in harmony with You! obeying Your will!
SO grateful You are here to set the record straight P!
SO grateful that You have come to clear uP all the lies in this world once and for all!
i bow!

Unknown said...

i bow

ki vernee said...

You are the most humble Being ! i bow respectfully !

Unknown Andanonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

i bow. This audaciousness of people is what leads them to hell.

nicolas said...

wow that is a very strange thing that they do, very disrespectful
you are the highest of all, the all gnoing one, no being can give you such silly instructions! only you have the divine perspective and gno what to do
you are the true hero of the PlaneT
it is the greatest joy to gno that you are here
you are a real miracle, i am so grateful for your presence on this plane
you are divine embodied

i bow to you supreme one