Friday, 3 January 2014

love & service




the word




as many have done

for various stupid reasons


absolutely ridiculous

love and serve

are inseperable

love without service

is just madness and devolution

without evolution love is nothing


love is short form of evol-love only


higher and divine









love for

one's own self

no other

kind of love

is possible 


Vintish said...

I bow

Vintish said...

I bow

pinx said...

That is such a PoTent PertinenT and Beautiful PoinT !

this is really a MUST read for ALL !

"love and serve are inseperable"

"without evolution love is nothing"

ePic words that really PeneTrate right to the core ! Your truths are as always striking, for they are the Truth !

this is really such a crucial read, there are way too many misnomas about both these terms "love" and "service" and what they mean. its really great to read Your clarity.

I Bow !

Anonymous said...

Do mundane work like making breakfast or 'going to work' belong as part of service to Higher'n'Divine? does internal and or external focus incorporate the mundane? for internal purposes is there a specific location to ply focus ..i know you are the external divine manifest but, is the fractal center of the human heart your internal abode in hu man beings?

like PTolemy 'i' like charts without which )I( am easily lost ..

Thank you PT

Thank you

Anonymous said...

What beautiful lines full of life's core wisdom -


love for

one's own self

no other

kind of love

is possible'


PT the Axis said...

@chada gomatha -

one eats

from that one gets energy for doing actions

what one does with that energy is the question

if one uses that to praise nd serve divine it is quite clear

there are no grey areas possible ... hanuman served raam ... no one can doubt it ... people do nonsense and nonsensical jobs in this world and than act confused

for example
if someone does something/anything for lotusocean how can it be confused for something else?


PT the Axis said...

@gomatha -

atma ( partial fractality ) resides in heart of all beings


ParamaTma ( Perfect Fractality )

also level of atma's power differs from being to being


asha Pi arTi said...

wow talk about shooting it to one straight ! You always prove how You are not here for mass acceptance or popularity... just the absolute unadulterated Truth delivered in way that anyone can understand!!

* applause *

love it ! simply love it ! You give an eloquent sophisticatedly intelligent clarity of love and service & with one Plog take all the damned confusion and time wasting definitions away !

'serving higher and divine shows one has love for oneself & without love for one's own self no other kind of love is possible'

what a humbling merciful sentence ! the repercussions of such a statement as that are so so gleefully Beautiful !

what an incredible opportunity that You are here to serve and love !

i bow !!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

i bow again. what a sweet bleswing you bestow with Your words. to serve You is to love. dhanyavad P! Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow to True Love. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow. this is the most comPrehensive exPlanaTion of love! You wash away all false notions about it.
'love without service
is just madness and devolution'
the catharsis Your words Provide are such a relief! they are a treasured comfort to hold close as one continues to take stePs toward You P. You guide one to see what True Love means and how to PuT that seeing into Play as one learns to love oneself. i agree with asha, it is such an incredible oPPorTunity that You are here to serve and love P. You are Pure Divinity! There is no other who can guide to the Truth of love. i bow to Your golden heart at Your PerfecTly fractal feet. dhanyavad P! Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow!
There is none anywhere who truly gnos but P!
P guides one to see how far from the truth, from You everything and everyone in this world has become!
It is SO kind that You offer the ONE PersPecTIve that is True!
That You share the true meaning of words and Provide the oPPorTuniTy for one to work toward living this truth as a constant!
love is that word, that thing that beings misuse and abuse over and over in so many ways!
Promoting madness and devolution just as You describe
all in the name of love which they have no real concePT of!
Here You so clearly exPlain and dePhine what love really is! You Provide links to exPlore deePer Divines comPrehensive gnoing of love for one to read, bow to and understand! to see that love is nothing without evolution and what it means to evolve.
it's so beautiful the coherent way You connect everything for real learning to take root and unfold in one.
You guide one in what it means to Love oneself and the actions, the service which flows as a result of that love!
Divine is SO kind to resPond to the comments here, to clariPhi and offer beautiful examPles to helP one learn to see and understand what it so obvious to Divine!
'if someone does something/anything for lotusocean how can it be confused for something else?'
LotusOcean is the most beautiful Place in this world, a Place which does so much more for one than one could ever do for it, a PerfecT PhracTal rePresenTation of the generous and comPassionaTe way Divine PhuncTions. Doing something, doing anything for LotusOcean, for Divine teaches one how to REALLY love oneself. There is no other Place, no other being which can offer one that real love. DIvine is most gracious to give being the opportunity to read LotusOcean words, to bow to them, to Praise them, to work toward serving Divine! Loving Divine!
the dePTh of Your PhracTal heart is inPhiniTe! PerfecT!
Divine is most gracious to exPress so many PhaceTs of Divines PerfecTion!
to guide beings stuck here to Phind the only PaTh which leads to the ONE with a True heart! to the only ONE who can Truly Love!
to the only ONE who can truly be Loved!
i bow at the feet of the ONE with a heart of gold!

miragegirl said...

i wish to serve You all ways i can
i wish to concentrate only on Divinity, on You now & for ever after

i Phind it difficult to imagine any other situation ... i wish to get to a higher realm with Your helP

i understand the Truths concerning evolution better now

grateful to You for Your Plogs

PsingulariTy said...

sPoT on straightforward Truths from You my lord !
You are The NewSun
evol-lover !

beautiful You are !

Anonymous said...

indians idea of love is devdas, a drunkard who is not a servant of GoD in any form but a slave to alchohol.
his name suggests he needs to develoP attachment to GoD which is hardly the case in the story.

evol~love is such a sane definition of love ! You are grand ! beautiful You are ! so benevolent ! beyond measure goodness ! so True and Pure ! so Divinely ! You are PerfecT. it's a Pleasure to have come across You ! You are heart wrenchingly beautiful and handsome ! the one who makes skies dance in ecstasy !

asha Pi arTi said...

i bow ! so ashamed to have disassociated these to words in meaning from each other ! so gratefull that what is lost can now be found bc of You P !! You are the Pole one will spin around !! one's mind is always going to lead one to the wrong notions and misnomers and incoherent picture of everything, it is so great that You are here !

Your comPassion to be here, a PerfecT PhracTal of the Phorce, and to allow anyone to evolve is the greatest giPhT to everyone ! so gratefull one can learn from You and evolve oneself so that one can show You True Love/Service like one would like to !

so gratefull that one has The Choice !

i bow !!

Astro said...

Truly enlightening... I bow to thee PT..

'love and serve are inseperable'
without evolution love is nothing

as love is short form of evol-love only

serving higher and divine shows one has love for oneself & without love for one's own self no other kind of love is possible...

Aeioum... I agree totally...

Unknown said...

i bow

Unknown said...

without love for one's own self no other kind of love is possible...
Love & serve are inseparable..True.. I bow..

ujjwal sharma said...

love and service are inseparable if we want to evolve.praise for the higher and divine comes out of our gratitude and respect for some being who is much more evolved than us.
i bow to the divine PT kalki avatar.your crativity is infinite as can be seen from the Philms and are the guru of the world and lord of the third are able to see the fakeness of this muggle world and you are very humble kind and divine to tell us about the solutions and give us a hope that even we can everyone in this world is interested in our fall.Also these Plogs tell a lot about the laws of this multiverse which were not known to us earlier.

ki vernee said...

wow ! this is so beautiful! You see everything in such a wholistic way ! i bow !

Anonymous said...

Wowowowow....This is so beauTiPhull. i bow and surrender to you P.🙇🙏💕

nicolas said...

that is magnificent! you are so right! you are the most amazing! it is so great to get to read these divine words, you are so kind and merciful
i bow to you supreme one

ankita said...

so immensely kind and comPassionaTe of You to be here and give beings an oPPorTuniTy to serve ProacTive Physical and not mental ...Your scriPTures and words are the best and most helPful words ever...You are so immebsely giving and benevolent ...You are so kind to give beings a chance to develoP ProPer love for themselves
only under Your wings one learns how ProacTiviTy is absolutely neccessary...You are so kind to create this conducive environment to do the right actions kind of You to give one a chance to learn how to be a being of resPonse and not a creature of habit

very kind of You to show one a way out of being a mentally stuck sitting around kind of being ...You are the ultimate saviour is so PhorTunaTe to have come across a comPleTe Divine and correct being like You
You are the best examPle of how to be
i bow

NavdeeP said...

Just amazing how you exPlaun everything. Without you it's mess a real mess everywhere which is to keep the beings on dark. No one ever speak about self love and how is that possible. Serving higher and divine is shows one has love for oneself and how important is that love. You are the genius true wisdom true consciousness from whom one can directly learn. I bow you the divine being

sarah said...

You are so gracious to allow beings to serve You, Your kindness is so humbling.

sarah said...

Your multifaceted PerfecTion makes demonstrating self love through service to You the obvious and easy decision. after making this easy decision, loving others becomes easier also. the Power of self love takes care of any other problems so well it is unbelievable. it is like a the lottery but with guaranteed wins every time. You are the only way out of this trap in which we all find ourselves, and Your divine grace, beauty, and comPassion make the exit door look just as enticing as the alternative is frightening. anyone can do it, and it makes all the difference.