Thursday 25 July 2013

good, bad or ...

there is a lot

of talk/judging/pandemonium


good & bad

in this world


that is only a distraction

from the fact


most are mad

yes just plain simply mad

mad as

most have no idea as

to how to evolve

or even care to

only good is

praising/serving of

higher & divine

rest is just




Vintish said...

I bow

asha Pi arTi said...

I bow ! You are so honest and straightforward... and thru honesty one can always see the truth of Your words ... so eloquently compassionate REAL and motivating !

You are so right ... mad bad sad that is all one was/is before PerspecTive dawns that one's way is not going anywhere... then one seeks change !

so cool how you always point out the only thing is evolution ! ! that is so Positive and Proactive & the only way one will get out of the madness !!

so glad You are here P ! You are the best teacher ! I bow !

missmriggy said...

just amazing blunt Truth..

Anonymous said...

i bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow. You sPell it ouT so simPly P. Praising and Serving Divine is the only relief from the madness that abounds. You shine Your Divine light on everything that is mad, sad, and bad inside of one and so generously Provide so much Truth and beauty to Praise in order for one to change. i bow at Your comPassionaTe feet. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

miragegirl said...

world is mad
all those who intend not to move towards divine are mad

You are the sanity, the Truth in the mad world
You show so much truth, shatter lies within & those going on in the system

everything connected to You is good
everything You do is suPerb

You show a calmer, easier restful way of liPhe & show how to ascend to higher realms in a simPle way
it takes much effort to be in the system
Praising Divine is simPler, haPPier way of life

PsingulariTy said...

You are The saneT
You show the truth

Anonymous said...

So true.You are the only one talking about anything crucial. The rest of the world doesn't care and everyone from religious gurus to demons seem to encourage us to be careless one way or the other.

Anonymous said...

i bow

Anonymous said...

so awesome of You to help us see how crazy this world is. You are so right.
this world is just mad/bad/sad. i agree with You.
all this talk of good and bad in this world overshadows the craziness of people
so awesome of You to tell everyone how to evolve.

Unknown said...

You speak the truth straight and clear!
Indeed everything else is just a distraction! Everyone is simply plain mad!
You tell the simple solution to get out of one's madness!
Praising Bowing and Serving the higher and divine is in actuality the only good that beings either don't realise or are running away from this plain truth which has resulted in such madness!

You always always show the right PaTh! You always are there to helP anyone wishing to get out this crazy mad society and also from the madness within!
You are the true Messiah , the only Guru, the supreme divine avatar, the highest of all!
You are the one to be Praised, to bow to and to serve!
You are the calm center amidst this madness! You are sanest of all!
You are that glorious divine light of truth and hope that shines brilliantly in the darkness and lies spread all over!
No better opportunity beings can have to Praise Bow and Serve while you are here!
No better place other than your beautiful feet!
I bow at your supreme feet!

Anonymous said...

yes rest is just mad bad sad
..trying to be so called happy in a place where there is old age, death and all kinds of diseases is madness
You make one face PhacTs
You have so much clarity
You are the only refuge
You are the only way out

there are so many people trying to do so called good and be so called good
but it's all mad, bad and sad
it's all low vibration
You make one see that they are not facing any PhacTs
even dealing with such people is poisonous
Your words are eye oPening
no one gets to the PoinT like You do
You're the best
Your words are the one to hold on to
You're the wisest
You are the most knowledgable
You are the most beautiful
You have the greatest overstanding
You are way above anyone else
there is no one like You and nor can there be
i bow

ki vernee said...

love how You always sPeak the truth and tell it how it is ! i bow respectfully !

sarah said...

You make going towards the good so simPle.

Unknown Andanonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

so True. One must use one's body to Praise, bow and serve the higher & divine. i'm eternally graTePhull to you for giving me this golden chance to do PBS towards you. i bow and surrender to you. 🙇🙏

nicolas said...

so true! this PlaneT is Phull of beings who do not care for their evolution, a real mad place!
your beingness is the most impressive thing one can witness
i bow to you supreme one

sarah said...

only You can save one from the mad /bad sad state.
only You can elevate a being to a state where they have enough Power to be ProPerly good or Phorcefull enough to be Perceived as bad by those who go against them.

ankita said...

yes realising more and more that this is the absolute truth. ..anything out of PBS is mad bad and sad, because it is imPure and it's like making a spiderweb for oneself if one does any action that is not within PBS ..because PBS is all that makes sense. . impure actions feel bad as well. ..trying to figure out about people is going towards impurity and is an action out of PBS ...people are not even important for one... what is imPorTant is that one stays connected with higher and Divine at all times. ..and if one looses that connection because of trying to figure anything out, then that's entirely ones own loss and not anyone else's .. connection to higher and Divine at all times through PBS and right action is imPorTant because that is what feels good and is aPProPriaTe. ..only PuriTy feels good, only sanity feels good... relaxation, comPhorT, going towards bettwr states of being, this is all only Possible through PBS and doing right and Pure actions of Praising, bowing and serving g while continously maintaining right behaviour in front of the higher 🙏🙇
one bows

ankita said...

just love this Plog... sums it all up... it's all mad bad and sad.. only good is Praising serving of higher and Divine.. thought and feeling do not matter action is ParamounT.. You make all the sense! You are suPremely virtuous! You are so right! and the only logical conclusion would be that You are never wrong EVER! You are suPremely intelligent
just want to work to bow and completely surrender to Your Divine beingness
one bows

ankita said...

this is a very clariPhying Plog
just rePiTion of this PhacT can helP a being save so much time on their PaTh to sPiriTual evolution because it destroys the wrong notion of even remote importance of the populace here... no need to be distracted by anyone! it's all a joke...its clear Divine is the One to Phocus on!