Monday 22 April 2013

rock 'n' roll

real rock'n'roll

is about having

individuation & independence

its about taking responsibility for

one's own self

self being the body, mind, spirit/soul trinity

it takes lots of

discipline, learning attitude & gnowledge

to get there

the prevalent publicized globalized version

which has idols

who are basically suicidal

and do not take any responsibility for the self

is not rock 'n' roll

that rock is never gonna roll

real rock'n'roll

is only by higher/divine

which can actually take one higher ...



Vintish said...

I bow

JacLee said...

No one does it the way you do.

sarah anne said...

literally, the coolest thing i have ever read! it is so amazing to hear and see a living example of what that means in practice, and so kind to point out why people pretending/attempting rock'n'roll entirely fail in comparison.

Shahid said...

You walk your talk so you are the Only being who could have written this rocking post .


asha Pi arTi said...

You are so ultimately rock n roll !

so great to have the real dictionary of words here !

I bow ... cuz its cool and rocking !

Anonymous said...

PT is the rock and the roll. i bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow!!! You are the Only living examPle of True rock and roll on the face of this Earth! there is nothing fake, phony, drug induced, or business produced about You! You are Pure Authentic Divinity. fully independent! Your musical mastery pours out of You, churning ones core! stirring and moving one into right action! i bow at Your ePic feet. dhanyavad P! Narayan! Narayan!

miragegirl said...

how rock & roll You are in the vid
& how rock & roll the music !

one is sitting down now but one is insPired to get uP & dance !

sky has also rolled out rock & roll dancy colours !

only You can hold the beat & Play sound on electric guitar so well !

wow ! the girls are dancing too ! rightly so !

its a ParTy out there !

one man band, P being Arty !
how coordinated one has to be to Play both drums & guitar at once & so beautifully !
wow ! You rock P !

& it's just more & more intense, even the dhuni could not hold on, it danced !

very dancy, very nice, very mighty swirling sound & tune for one to be swooning away in both body & mind !

wow ! Your creations are so coherent ! no wonder then that they touch & rise one uP, rise ones coherence uP in such a classy sound music dance way !

You are gorgeous, gorgeous beauty & gorgeous Your ultimate way of being !

wow ! & the mountain seems to be chiming in Your music too !

and awwh ! it all ended for now !

miragegirl said...

Your music is indeed rock 'n' roll music, it does roll the rock

Your sounds sPread about the horizon as far as one can see & beyond & touch everything in the PaTh & renew liPhe in everything that's touched

its a high vibration in a thirsty sea of life, every drop of sea but absorbs it

All You say is rock 'n' roll
All You do is rock 'n' roll

Your sounds lift one uP & journey one into Places one had not even imagined , to Places that are imPossible for a mortal to imagine

the Primordial sound
the sPace above the Heaven, You give a touch of it too
the enchanted sPace, You journey us through it
the 'Celestial Manoeuvres'
the 'Outer Earth Rhythm'
sounds from another time, they are there
whalesonics, cowherding, even for ducklings , sweet sweet You ...

to the state of the 21st century girls
to what is sacred, what is not
to what translucents are doing & that they can't get away
to shattering the silly system (& evil within) in Your form as the Kalki Avatar, the P Avatar ...

the showing of Rudranomics

You are real Rock 'n' Roll

PsingulariTy said...

You are Rock 'n' Roll GoD

Anonymous said...

You are great

Unknown said...

i bow

Anonymous said...

You write so beautiful
'it takes lots of disciPline, learning attitude and gnowledge to get there'
Your words are so decisive
so awesome of You to remind
You are a real rock star
i bow

Unknown said...

I bow ! I bow ! I bow !

Your straightforward wise logical words of truth are all that are required to be read and inculcated by one.... Wish one had it since kindergarten, would have saved a lot of time and one would not be a complete waste of life-force!

Indeed it takes a lot of disciPline, learning attitude and gnowledge to truly rock nd roll. Straying from these for a moment brings one back to where one started!
You are so kind and generous to set it straight and clear over and over again to us... You are so comPassionTe to keep publishing so many Plogs/Philms to keep one reminded of one's goal, Your words have such great Power to ingrain in one your teachings! Even if one strays from you one is aware and gnows of the consequences of ones action after reading your Plogs... Indeed telling one what is right and wrong, telling one the ways to be on right track is the greatest thing anyone can do and you do it in innumerable ways!

You are the only being worthy of idolization and adulation... Everything is so upside down in this world! Wrong and lies are set up as right and truths, the evil is served and worshipped and the divine is ignored and mocked! No wonder the misery that befalls as a result!

Your love and comPassion is limitless that you keep bringing one back to reality, shattering ones delusions! With every Plog one realises how greatly one lacks and the scope of improvement is so huge! But you are ever guiding one with your imPacTful words, you transform and nourish ones mindset back to Vedic! Your scriPTures are the greatest invaluable giPhTs!

You are the one to be fall-lowed and learn from! You elucidate and teach one on taking one's own responsiblity! You gnow and show what's real rock n roll, and you rock n roll in imPeccably centered style and elegance!

You have made it so easy for us to learn the PhacTs, you have figured it all out, you are so kind and considerate to share your PerspecTives with us, you have laid down the PaTh for us, you helP beings in so many ways.. You are the great benefactor!

I bow at your lotusfeet/\

Unknown said...

"the prevalent publicized globalized version

which has idols

who are basically suicidal

and do not take any responsibility for the self

is not rock 'n' roll

that rock is never gonna roll"

You write in the most Phun and witty way... You even rock n roll while writing your Plogs! Such a stark contrast in what is publicised as rock n roll by the media and what true real rock n roll one sees when one PuTs attention on you! You are the real most rocking rockstar who rolls like no one can, in the most magically thrilling sauve and elegant way! It's laughable how delusional and opposite of 'rock n roll' these so called rockstar are!

I bow /\

ki vernee said...

You are so right ! You show what true rock n roll really is everyday through Your actions ! i bow respectfully !

Unknown Andanonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Yes, indePendence is Phun. Only you are Truly indePendenT. i bow and surrender to you P.🙇🙏

sarah said...

You are so insPiring !!!
the ultimate rock'n'roll examPle !!!
You Pulverise any obstacle that dares to be in Your PaTh !
You are always Pursuing more gnowledge, more PerfecTion !

nicolas said...

you gnow the real rock n roll! you are divine! you are the coolest of all! your vibraTions are enchanting and so lively!
i bow to you, the real Aquarian hero

ankita said...

You are the only truly rocking being one has ever come across
You also rock and Phly!
Your words are thunderingly Phenomenal ePicness. . each and every Plog is loaded with Divine ePicness and all the great transPhormaTive Power ever
You are so sensible and logical
You exPose all lies!
You have a PerfecT mind and intellect!!!!
i 🙇

PatrykJurkiewicz said...

Your style is real rock n rolle.
You are the most brave.
I bow