Monday 29 April 2013

when the unintelligent create a world ...

in most of the cinema

which is produced on this planet

especially hollywood

( &

cinema is the

mindscape of its creators )

most of the actions

of the people in it

are incoherent to

the point of mad & crazy

obnoxious-ity and wrong attitudes

oooze out of every pore

this kind of way

would just lead to

destruction, torture and hell

as per

mutiversal pure principles

but oh no

not in their dumb unrealistic world

their happy endings


that they make it through it all fine

without having to change anything about themselves

cinema is their chance to play god

reality would always be different

and the more they repeat this nonsense

the more denial they create for themselves

and less they are ready to



only thing/step/way which is going to help



Vintish said...

I bow , i bow & i bow *_*

Vintish said...

Wah !!! kya baat hai !!! Sundar hi Sundar ~

sarah anne said...

It is so lucky to have access to the perspective of the most intelligent rishi! What divine mercy that one does not have to remain maddeningly incoherent forever, but can change at any point.

asha Pi arTi said...

Your words reveal You are so so intelligent ! such PerfecT objective observations !

makes one aware of how dangerous it was for one to be sitting in the movie theatre as a muggle and identifying with the characters... one is definitely going to embibe and repeat those incoherent patterns ... no wonder one stays trapped !!

its so great to be liberated by You, Your words, Your music & films... Your PerspecTives are evolving loving and caring for one's spirit to go to soul not to go to hell anymore ! Your mindscape is definitely unlimited and Divine !

its also no surprise why P-hood crushes Hollywood everytime !! You are just plain cooler, smarter, phunnier, and more interesting than anything they can dish out in their fantasy reaching for Your state ways... from Ocean's Eleven to Harry Potter ! one does only see so much incoherence and wrong attitude now thanks to being exposed to the real One !!

Divine is the only one who should create worlds !

I bow !

Anonymous said...

one is so grateful to gnow You are the True Phorce. the peace Your Divine Presence brings is inexplicable. i bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow. You are the voice of reason P. You are the sane PersPective in a world filled with crazy, illogical fantasy! this is such a needed reality check about cinema, esPecially when one takes into consideration that hollywood is a conglomerate of drug users!
what a frightening mindscape they have created and even more frightening that the masses buy into it as willing slaves and participants of a widespread hellish paradigm.

'the more they repeat this nonsense
the more denial they create for themselves
and less they are ready to
only thing/step/way which is going to help'

You see through all the nonsense and show how Truly magikal One who makes PerfecT sense is! You Provide the most beautiful way for one to change! You are the saving grace, the One worthy of all Praise! i bow at Your Divine feet. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

miragegirl said...

reality is that Praise of Divine helPs one ascend to higher realms
grateful to You for sPreading truth on this PlaneT
You are the most intelligent One !

Anonymous said...

i bow!
Your Plogs are the best reality check!
You exPose the idle fantasies for what they are and the very real hells they lead one to.
Only Your Piercing PercePTion can helP one see that
'cinema is the mindscape of its creators'
and just how sick the minds are making movies!
how sick it is that one once believed the fake fantasy and actually thought that things one day could/would magically be ok! That it would just work out!
it is You who comPassionaTely derail one from this stupid unintelligent hellbound train of thought!
it is You who show how essential and necessary change is! Divine is SO generous to Provide the only way that leads to real change!
You exPose one to a higher PersPecTive and invite one to see what these movies actually are! how they are filled with nothing but nonsense as is everyone involved in making them and watching them!
Your Philms are the most PotenT disPlay of real beauty above petty relationships and dramas, and muggle emotions.
You are the real mythology, the True story of Divine in real time! You show what the real world looks like! a world one can only gnow in the Presence of Divine and through Divines PhoTos and Philms.
Your Philms and PhoTos stir real emotion in one and cause real resPonses in the real world!
Divines Presence Purges one's oozing pores of generations of wrong attitudes and obnoxious bratty ways.
Divines Presence Purges this earth of all that is not aligned with Divine.
Divine is the only creator! it is clear that non Divine beings only create hell!
hell that one never have been able to see without Divines generosity.
i bow!

PsingulariTy said...

You are Divine
Absolute virtue, PuriTy, truth
Absolute grace

Unknown said...

i bow

ki vernee said...

wow ! You make so much sense everytime ! You are the most coherent Being ! You helP beings who are willing change in a real way ! lower can never play the Higher ! i bow

Unknown Andanonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

You are the ePiTome of intelligence. i bow and surrender at your divine feet.🙇🙏

nicolas said...

yes so true! they never promote any sense in their crazy movies! change is the way higher! you are the highest one that all beings should humbly follow! you are the best of all beings, the real avatar of divine

i bow to you supreme one