Wednesday 17 April 2013

the next level

the basic primal urge

of existence

is to get to the next level

of existence

no wonder than that

so many are

totally engrossed/obessesed in the pursuit

of getting to the next level

in the video/computer games

of course it does not make

a difference what one does

in a virtual space

people also misinterpret

the next level of existence

as just having more money to buy more stuff

the next level is

a dimensional concept

dealing with state after death

and charge-coherence while alive

most people have subverted this primal urge

with trivial goals and pursuits

beneath all that

the obsession for getting

to the next level is there

it just needs to be channeled

to the real levels

not the virtual world levels

or society made levels


Vintish said...

I bow

sarah anne said...

this demonstrates such a thorough and compassionate comprehension of the subject matter. what an inspiring and convincing manifesto, clarifying how to use one's most basic instinct!

Shahid said...

I do need to go to the next level in my life and the only one who can help me is Lord Narayan.

Prabhu,mujhay aapni Kripa bari nazar say dekiyay.

Zindagi mujsay kahe bolo Paisa, Paisa
Par mera dil kahe bolo Bhagwan, Bhagwan.

Anonymous said...

i bow. dhanyavad. Narayan! Narayan!

miragegirl said...

i aim to get to the next level of existence
my ammunition is Praising You Divine

You have oPened my eyes to the reality that is higher dimensions

it does not remain as talk or words anymore, its Real
higher dimension is where one is more blissful than the dimension below, one is more connected to the suPer Consciousness
everything is better, air, water ...

there vibrations are not dumbed down, beings are feathery lite ...

there is Magic, Real Magic, more of it there
higher dimension is The enchanted land

grateful to You for showing all this

one does want to get to higher realms after reading Your Plogs
one doesn't want to be in the hell that is here

whatever i have or have not, i start from there & i would like to increase the aPProach to bliss (not going down)
i want to rise kundalini
for that i Praise You Divine, i intend it to be True Praise, ProPer Praise

grateful to You for Your Plogs & other LotusOcean manifestations

grateful to You for all You do for one

PsingulariTy said...

'charge-coherence', grateful to You for the word combo
it makes total sense, its a great Phrase to remember

You are The Guide
who makes one want 'to feel alive'
Bliss is Divine !

Anonymous said...

i bow!
only You have the clarity to Pin PoinT the True Primal urge, the Power of this urge and where it need be channeled!
SO grateful for the ways You helP one see how trivial any other goal is but surrendering to Divine in this life
to build ones charge coherence through BPSL
to work to traveling with You to the highest dimension in this life and in death
real life is much more Phun than any virtual or societal pretend sPace!
and much more serious!
SO grateful for LotusOcean sPace!
Your game is the ultimate game!
the game You have already won!
the game You are so kind to teach beings how to learn to Play!
so grateful for the chance to inculcate ProPer humility and a ProPer attitude P
for a chance to get on and stay on Divines side
for the chance to learn to surrender to the Primal urge to serve You always in all ways
moving uP and Toward You in every moment
i bow

Unknown said...

i bow

ki vernee said...

wow ! such an informative Plog ! You always gnow the scope of everything ! You are so right that the urge to move to the next level needs to be channeled in a more evolving way !

Anonymous said...

Your words are so soothing
yes the basic primal urge of existence is to get to the next level of existence
it's so great that You give everyone an oPPorTunity to get to the next level no matter what their state
You bring such PosiTive news
when one subverts the primal urge one falls prey to so many negative things like competition, despair and defeatism
You give one a chance to get to real freedom from these negative qualities that horrify one
You show one the way out of all this hellishness
who can be more PosiTive than You are
anyone and everyone can evolve..
Divine gives chance to everyone
You make it Possible
even if one has no concentration power to get to the next level You still give one the tool of PBS
Your teachings are the most Precious
Your scriPTures are the best ever
You are ones roPe out of hell
so great that You are here and one has a chance to get out of it all
You are the saviour
You are the ProTector
You are the destroyer of evil
one would go crazy without Your stabilising words
there's no end to pain and torture and You give one a chance to get out of the hell created by evil
You are so comPassionaTe
You are the best teacher
You are the kindest
You are the real Guru
i bow

sarah said...

this is such an iconic P-log !!!
there are always more and more levels of coherence, which Your existence proves beyond a shadow of a doubt.
i bow to Your divine examPle.

ki vernee said...

You are so right ! it is exciting to learn from You how to get to the next level in a real way ! definitely no time or benefit from the virtual level ups ! i bow !

Unknown Andanonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Yours is the best state of being. i bow and surrender to you.🙇🙏

Anonymous said...

Only you are TriumPhanT. 🙇🙏

nicolas said...

beautiphull! one has to be concerned with the real next level of evolution, not the society made level nor the virtually made level! your genius cuts through all the nonsense and exposes the truth effortlessly! you are the best!
you are the real hero, the real saviour!
i bow to you supreme lord

Shruthi said...

It is very comPassionate of you to help beings redirect primal urges to a more evoluting cause. You are such a PowerPhull & PracTical sPiriTual alchemist showing how to make the best use of anything to grow out of limited states of existence. Your teachings are such a great manual to circumvent programmings of all kinds. They are so next level in every sense. gratePhull for showing better & more real things that one can actually obsess over. one bows to you divine one!