Monday 18 June 2012

not all-right when not right-at-all

there is a constant

almost lunatic

repetition of

' its alright '

' its going to be alright'

in the so-called west

its a pathetic impractical joke

they play on themselves


nothing is ever going to be all-right

in their hell-bound not-right way


until the way is changed compeletely


cows are treated right

those who mistreat/kill cows

find hell in this life


experience it in their afterlife too

there is no doubt in that fact

cow is the very representation of earth

its the mother principle on this plane

those who unleash violence against the cow

have no right to & will not last on this earth


Si iris P said...

bravo P !!!

blazing words of truth, setting it straight once and for all !

no, nothing is gonna be alright as long as atrocities against cows prevail ! You show what this society-approved slaughter really means and what the consequences will be !

bloody hell, literally - when it comes to killing cows, it is not about food & nourishment - it's about the very opposite of nourishment - aggression & atrocities against the nurturing mother principle itself ! what a brilliant insight !

a society that approves of such violence & takes part in it is condemned. and it's really reassuring what You confirm here - that it's gonna pay for its wickedness !

Your Plogs are the shining truth !

i bow

Vintish said...

- I bow -

asha Pi arTi said...

POW WOW ! very Powerful Jwalamukhi words again, the payback is defnitely here ! what a true observation, this ' all-right ' statement is so impractical and stated all the time while the most horrific actions are done ! You always get right to the root of the problem of this hopeless hellish society !

& no one explains the mother principle as Beautifully as You !

Bowing to You who state it all so clearly !

Vintish said...

- The same way they will slaught them too -

Asha said...

it is highly ironic for the slaughters on death row to be saying it's all right... great revelation of this discrepancy !!!

I bow to Your superior intellect and observations and Beautiful defintion of cow !!

Shahid said...

These PLogs are worth more than any education/MBA Degrees or going to any Earthly schools/universities.
Glory to Lord PT!!!

pinx said...

Your words blow one away !! So powerful, moving and true !!!

"not all right when not right at all" - what a great title! that is definitely the motto for these times !

You are glorious ! You always get straight to the PoinT! Mistreat and kill cows, that which is the mother principle, and not only will things not be all right but those beings who engage in such atrocities are bound for hell in this life and the next and have no right to and will not last on this earth !

It is an honour to read Your words ! You are so sincere and truthful, spreading the Divine law ! the pure principles You always address ! and You live by them too ! You are the greatest example of how to treat a cow in the proper way !

I Bow !!

missmriggy said...

Save Ma & All Praises to PT!!!!

miragegirl said...

what a brilliant title to begin with

and the whole PosT is so beautiful

you call the repition of

'its alright'

'its going to be alright'

a "pathetic impractical joke"

its so beautifully written

truth put across in such a simple and effective way

and you show how its not going to be all right until the ways are changed

you see the world for what it is

and write truth scriptures for the now

so there can be a change for the better

you are a true benevolent being

cow is "the mother principle on this plane"

wow ! its so beautifully said

you are divine incarnate on this earth

i bow

Anonymous said...

i bow! Your matter of fact honesty is so straight, sharP and to the PoinT P! You are always so eloquent. You are the Divine ProtecTor of that which is Truly all right, bidding Divine good riddance to those who violate the cow! Your warning is beyond kind. You honor the Earth, the mother PrinciPle in ways others are unable to fathom. i bow at Your unerring feet. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

miragegirl said...

indeed until blood meal & bone meal are still used instead of gobar for growing crops, beings would be crazy !

You are the Real Cowboy

ProTector of all cows
its sweet how You Play with them, Your Spring Prathami 2003 vid comes to mind
such a Playful interaction with the baby bull running after You

Your ‘PT- the Real Cowboy’ picasa album is enjoyable to look at
so are Your sound & light vids related to cows

cow is fractal to earth who is fractal to our milky way galaxy
You are the ‘All Going One’ who is straightening out the behaviours of now & setting Precedence for Phuture as to what is the right way to be

one wasn’t aware of the significance of cow other than that it was PicTured as being PresenT with rishis in their ashrams or as ParT of some Puranic story

what the real significance of cows is, how useful they are, that no culture or agriculture is Possible without them is all what You have taught

You surPass even the cows in the affection You have for beings, in the sweet soft tender ways You deal with them, in the energy You have, in innocence

cows teach PaTience to one

You are the Protector of cows & earth

grateful for Your kind benevolence that is setting the Phuture straight

Astro said...

I agree... I bow to thee PT.

nothing is ever going to be all-right

in their hell-bound not-right way


until the way is changed compeletely


cows are treated right

Unknown said...

i bow

Kṛtti kā said...

You induce so much resPecT and honour for Gau-mata ! One always was taught how cows are holy beings and in every organ of her a deity/god resides yet one never had those eyes to see her with the same reverence and gratitude that should always have had been in one! It is only through You and Your Plogs that it has been instilled in one to any degree!One realises how one grew up drinking her milk more than one's own mother's and how every thing that comes out of her is so beneficial and useful in so many ways! Never realised her nurturing and tender nature, she is truly a beautiful being but unfortunately people have started to exploit, abuse and torture her and they indeed deserve multifolds of that same Pain and torture for such hideous acts on her!
One learns from You how Cows are to be loved and treated with respect! You are a true Go-Paal! You are the only saviour of mother earth and Cows ! You raise so much awareness about mother earth and Cows , You are the one bringing in positive change in the mindsets of people! You have done so much to stop cruelty on cows and making the ones in authority realise the importance of Gau-mata ! It is truly wonderful and awe inspiring to learn the PhacT that she is a Phractal embodiment of the earth and the entire galaxy! You are a true hero!

I bow at Your beautiful lotusfeet /\

sarah said...

i bow to Your infinite sweetness

ki vernee said...

You are the most caring Being ! seeing You interact so lovingly with the cows and earth is the most beautiful interaction one has ever seen ! love how You exPlain what the problem is and provide a logical and PracTical solution ! i bow

lana_33 said...
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Anonymous said...

True...i bow.🙏🙇

nicolas said...

beautiphul P log! cows are sacred! you are the true saviour of mother Earth! no being is as TruThphul, honest, gnowledgable and Powerphull as you are
i bow