Thursday 7 June 2012


undisciplined beings

out of their

basic undiscipline to

control negative feelings like jealousy

always point fingers

at more

disciplined beings

undiscipline is root of all evil

to continously praise/serve

higher & divine requires


which undisciplined brats

run away from

those who are disciplined


no time for mud slinging

& taking-up moral highgrounds

they are too busy doing the do

to evolve & improve their state

getting closer to divine


Vintish said...

Bowing at your feet dear lord *

missmriggy said...

is so true.. life is so short.. no time but to take in that which is Truth Absolute..the only way out..

PT the Axis said...

@ the undisciplined fat being who was named yashanvitha without any rhyme or reason ~ that queen of great britain you refer to must be your queen :) she is not my queen. to me she is nothing. how bad the weather was on her jubilee compared to my birthday in the same land tells very clearly who is who. she is just a depressed despicable creature - why would she send those helicopters for me ? that happened by divine synchronicity - she could not stop it from happening. its a fact - it has happened.

you are a fool who does not gno its a fool. forget about your bowing or comparing yourself to Vintish ... Vintish is disciplined enough to never say anything bad against me. - having that mental/physical discipline is real bowing. you can only badmouth those who love me or serve me because you cannot. i am not here to win respect from people like you. i am simply proclaiming what i am and what i am going to do. aeioum.

PT the Axis said...

+ the weather in england is not for lungi and dhoti. what i wear is made of natural fabrics, is suitable for the weather and it has fractal matching with surroundings. am not a fool who wears heavy gaudy 6 yard clothes made of synthetic materials in the indian heat. sari by the way is not an ancient vedic dress. all this covering up only started in india after the mughal invasion. get your facts right before you speak.
none of your nonsense will get published here anyways. aeioum

PT the Axis said...

once more @ yashanvitha who doesn't gno when to stop - all the people there who are not doing things properly or on time have all taken up the job for money only. they are not doing any service and still they have no value for their word. even the land they sell for money only.
only my real devotees work for free. you say everything happens anyways because you are a fool and you prove it time and time again - you have not understood even simplest of things. was ravan going to end anyways whether Raam finished him or not ? whether Go-vardhan would happen whether Krishn did it or not ? whatever happens happens by the WILL of beings and the Supreme being ( whose Manifestation I am ) has the SUPREME WILL without which no sun will ever rise. I am beyond any Sun which rises anywhere. You can only wish that things were not in my hands but they are ... Aeioum

PT the Axis said...

+ no one out there in that part of so-called india lifts a finger without money. so take away your stupid assumptions about those people. the car charges on my electricity only. they don't have heart enough to share anything. i don't need them. they only come groveling for money. money is their god. aeioum.

PT the Axis said...

+ no diety is trapped in stone in whose name all kinds of bad things are done by the so-called poojari class. its all just a terrible purposeless business. nothing to do with divine.

only cursed beings like ahalya turn into stone and they can only be redeemed by live diety avatars. only life can redeem lifeless. narayan can only manifest through stone when he decides to like in Prahlad story but it is never ever trapped in any stone to be trampled by shady lowlives.


PT the Axis said...

+ am leaving these comments for yashanvitha only so that they can be of help to others in terms of learning the right way. otherwise there is no point in replying to such nonsense. aeioum

Si iris P said...

yes P

we're seeing it over and over again with our own eyes (and it's well-documented in Your videos, pictures & blogs for everyone to see) how You Play sounds, manifest CropCircles, get elemental responses, show what perfect fractality is in ways that are way way beyond mere mortals !!!

You are the One who is what all new-age books theorize about - YOU ARE fully awake, always PerfecTly PresenT in the here & now, You navigate through time & space without ever erring, things fall into place for You with effortless ease, You have Grace & Beauty that comes from inside & shows in every move/pic/moment, Your wisdom & gnowledge show in everything You write & say ... Your actions & words are always absolutely coherent, Your attention is always on THE HIGHEST and all Your activities are geared towards helping beings down here to evolve and move towards Divine.

it's the greatest miracle that You are here !

i bow

PT the Axis said...

+ my hair is birdtribe. garuda- like. garuda is the vehicle of narayan and has very little hair on its scalp. but its each hair is more than one crore hairs of any other being. there is a thing called quality which is not understood by lovers of quantity.

PT the Axis said...

+ what you are calling cabaret is a graceful upward movement of a female with a shapely body. these bodies are depicted on Devi's & apsaras in all vedic images. you are absolutely disgusting. aeioum.

Vintish said...

- I bow to you Lord Narayan ♥♪♫ -

Vintish said...

- You are PerfecT P - so much jealousy here in this bhoodevi.

PT the Axis said...

@ moronvitha again - leela is always happoening for thsoe who have eyes to see. for those with thick curtains of ignorance, pride & jealousy nothing will be seen.

crop formations, nature's responses, elemental responses are all part fo the leela. the best leela which can be done on this plane-t in terms of both sound & light.

i want to gno of any other being who has sound & light comparable to 'lotusocean'

this is a different incarnation. this is about electric guitar not flute. times have changed. so has the avatar. the avatar evolves. its not static. those stuck in the past or unable to keep pace will have no access to the leela of the present.


PT the Axis said...

@ moronvitha - i don't need any abhishek.

& yes i have come down straight from vaikunth. thats why its a proper avatar ( which means crossing over ).

i was the one who chose that land not you. you were 'nimitta matra' throughout the process. the whole bhoodevi is mine even though many are claiming false ownership.

its just pure grace if i allow someone to do anything to me for me including an abhishek.

all my stuff is free - words, music, films.

only the astro-books are being charged for by the ones who print them. which are so-called indians once more. the royalty of which i don't even collect.

& who is harassing whom ? who is coming to lotusocean saying nasty things.
have not come to you to say anything about any of what you have written anywhere.


PT the Axis said...

+ electric guitar is a way of expressing divinity which you of course cannot understand. why did krishna need flute ... why didn't he just whistle or according to you do nothing at all ? just stand there basically.

whats the need to blow conch when i can make the same sound from an electric guitar. in fact much better. you have no electric (Shiv) sensibility. so why don't you go an listen to those annoying sounds made by other people.

no need to listen to 'lotusocean'.
who is forcing you ?


Asha said...

such Beautiful POWERFUL straightforward words !! You are so right P about everything & time is proving it always! am so glad You are here to show what absolute Beauty, RESPECTWORTHY Truth, fractality and magic and escape from hell exist with Divine/You.

anyone not Praising is being foolish undisciplined and not a devotee of anything except evil madness so why keep coming around here ?!

* bowing to the intelligence & ignorance eradication of Your sWORDS *

adimanav said...

it is very clear that you are the highest being on this plane-t right now crossed over from dimensions above dimensions, the avatar. your WILL is above all other wills and your magic is the real magic and is above all other pseudo-magic currently perpetrated by other beings.

i bow at your lotus feet.

Vintish said...

- It is a bliss you are here for showing us the way how to break through it - I bow !

PT the Axis said...

@ moronvitha - you have no idea of the vedic way. abhishek is done with grace not clanging utensils with each other or making bad sounds fiddling with plastic wrappings or having the eyeballs roving here and there. have video footage to prove all this gracelessness. everytime i play guitar it comes out vedic only. its not vedic to be so fat that one falls even in just walking.
instead of putting other dancers down, why don't you do a dance and put it on youtube ? so everyone can learn from it.


Shahid said...

Dearest Lord,Love this blog post too,going to take a printout of this too tom and read it aloud daily.

Also it was fantastic to read your responses here to y.

LotusOcean never charges any money for its videos,music,writings etc everything is free of charge just like Sunshine,unlike the Indian Gurus who make a business out of their teachings.

PT is the Most Evolved Avatar on Earth now..Its time to P-arty:)

sarah anne said...

This is such crucial information! discipline really is everything.

miragegirl said...

jealousy is not a virtue, its a vice
only fools hold onto it, not wise
of Divine, ardent and Pure should be Praise
enjoying all one can behold in all his ways
so truly can a sPiriT or soul Properly raise

Unknown said...

Such a comforting P-log one can return to again and again. You are pure class, all the way ! You are an example of how to be and what to strive for !

miragegirl said...

there are so many LotusOcean Manifestations online that it is difficult to keeP Pace
esPecially when one has not been keePing Pace for a bit

it is overwhelming to not be there & like all that the Lord has PuT online
but takes immense disciPline to do it all
only with Your grace that is Possible

to come back again & again to the Plogs takes disciPline as well

disciPline in thoughts is very imPorTant, leads to disciPline in action

You are the most disciPlined being there is !

Anonymous said...

wow Your Plogs are so kind of You to highlight the imPorTance of disciPline.
'undiscipline is root of all evil' that's such an awesome and helPful statement.
so kind of You to share Your knowledge and clarity. You are so comPassionaTe. Your Plogs are so very beautiful and awesome. i bow

Anonymous said...

You tell one the imPorTance of disciPline so awesomely..such an enormously helpful Plog..disciPline has P in it..only P can tell one the imPorTance of disciPline..You are awesome..Your Plogs are glorious..You give such awesome information even in Your comments..i bow

sarah said...

You have the most divine PerspecTives regarding discipline
so wonderful to have it in print that mud slinging and taking up moral high-grounds is not discipline
i bow to Your objectivity

Anonymous said...

You've done such Phenomenal highlighting of the imPorTance of disciPline in Your Plogs

You bring such a PosiTive news that evolving from ones lowly state is so very Possible

one should strive to evolve from ones state instead of crying about it or letting the mind go haywire just because one thinks one can't do something when everyone and anyone can use their time and attention to develop consciousness no matter how dumb or faltering

so awesome of You to highlight the suPremacy of action and disciPline in this world so enmeshed in thoughts and feelings
You are Phenomenal. You are awesome
You help one understand so much
one would be so lost without Your teachings
You are so stabilising
i bow

Anonymous said...

undiscipline is the root of all evil..
such ePic sentence
You make things so clear for everyone
..Your rePlies to the morons are so full of knowledge
so kind of You to clarify so many things..
things are in Your hand
it's so exciting that You are here
so kind of You to reveal Yourself
Your rePlies are PhascinaTing and enriching
You are such a wealth of knowledge
You are Phenomenal
You are the rarest of the rare
it's so great that You grace this earth in this time and age
You are beyond legendary
You are beyond benevolent
You are the most stabilising
You take one towards real sanity
You tell one how imPorTant disciPline is in this crazy, undisciplined world
You tell one the imPorTance of disciPline so clearly
You give such clear directions
Your teachings are the best ever
You are the most beautiful blossoming of a being
You are beyond Phenomenal
You are the best ever
i bow at Your merciful and comPassionaTe PheeT

sarah said...

i really love how clear You are in this P log.

ki vernee said...

You are by far the most disciPlined Being ! You are always so Phocused ! we are so fortunate to learn from You how to be more discplined ! i bow

Anonymous said...

such wonderful and clarifying words!
really Your words are the best one can ever read
each word You sPeak is so beautiful and clarifying
so ePic!
Your words are the most soulful and meaningful ever
Your teachings are the only teachings
there is nothing better than reading Your words
You are such amazing clarity
Your scriPTures are the greatest
only You teach beings what disciPline is really about
only You help beings get a hang of what discipline really is
Your words are the most beautiful and shining words ever
how beautifully You write
Your words really are like the most beautiful Pearls of real wisdom

indiscipline is root of all evil..
wow such ePic statements
only You can teach beings how to be disciPlined..
You are the greatest disciPlinarian
i bow

sarah said...

what a great guideline on how to observe who is disciPlined and to also become more disciPlined.

lana_33 said...

Even a tiny bit of disciPline can give Tremendous resulTs. Once one sees that, it is naTural to want to work to be disciPlined alTogeTher. How greaT to have You on Earth - a being who has True discipline and disPlays its resulTs in such beautiPhul and PowerPhul ways ~ It is imPorTant to lisTen to those who walk the walk, and You do just that. DisciPline surely leads to coherence. i bow to Your coherence and disciPline.

Anonymous said...

undiscipline is root of all evil

Your words are Phenomenal and the absolute truth.. i bow
You are the ultimate disciPlinarian
only You help one understand more and more the imPorTance of disciPline
each word You sPeak is an absolute diamond of truth beauty and PuriTy
You and Your words are more Precious than anything
it's so true! undisciPline is the root of all true!
Your words are blaring, shining never ending truth
so kind of You to bring disciPline into one's liPhe
undisciPline is root of all evil
such Phenomenally true words! !!!
if they'd have these words of Yours on billboards this world would be a better Place
just this sentence of Yours is ePic greatness and truth!
i bow to Your immense comPassion and never ending eternal truth

so kind of You to give beings this tremendously golden opportunity to work on being more and more disciPlined
so kind of You to help beings get in their consciousness how imPorTanT it is to be disciPlined
Youre the One and only real teacher

Your rePlies are so ePic beautiful and full of truth
so great how gyan ganga comes out of Your beautiful handsome mouth all the time
You are great!
i bow

ki vernee said...

You have the best attitude ! it is such a relief to have such an easy solution for everything ... PBS to the Higher ! i bow 💛🙏🕉

ki vernee said...

You are the best example of how to be disciPlined all the time no matter what ... i bow respectphully 🙏🖤🕉

Anonymous said...

Amazing! i bow🙏🙇

nicolas said...

wow "undiscipline is the root of all evil"
Profound PoinT! through that statement alone, one feels the tremendous importance of discipline! your words encapsulate so many profound basic key root core principles and at the same time you share your divine PerspecTive about the hellish matrix!
you are really intelligent, that is very impressive!
you are the most disciplined and a real genius
i bow to you all gnoing one

nicolas said...

you are the most disciplined and the reason behind all the evolution of Earth
the real hero that shines the divine light
the real heralder of the Age of Aquarius
the most sacred one
the destroyer of evil
divine embodied

Ankeeta said...

Sarvaguna sampanna Prabhu ParamaTma PT, You are the highest of beings…each and every word and action from You is demonstrative of Your suPremacy and divinity…So true You are….Your word makes the world…