Thursday 7 June 2012

the mass epidemic

the biggest disease on planet earth

the absolute mass epidemic

much worse than all the madeup aids etc


majority of beings here

try to

bring everything down to their own level

instead of

raising their own level

to that which is higher

that requires bowing down (to) and agreeing (with)

the higher

instead of sticking by one's own silly conclusions

which to them

seems like the ultimate travesty


Vintish said...

- some people have no sense -

missmriggy said...

There is no point holding onto one's lower views, when the higher
is so extraordinary and so enlightening.. and cannot be argued with..

Asha said...

Yes you are so logical so right, that is the worst thing one can do ! so detrimental and a very dangerous disease to have, thank goodness the LotusOcean remedy is here... one has to be disciplined to administer it !!!

sarah anne said...

Wow, I am so guilty of doing that. I bow.

miragegirl said...

Praise of Divine who is the highest in everything is the way to go

You are coherent, its seen in Your thoughts, in Your acts, in Your words, in your ProactiviTy, in Your benevolence... in everything You do & everything You are
You are so ultimately coherent !

You are fractal, nature shows fractality with You
without Your grace, Personal exPerience of fractality is imPossible, in another life ...

You are Truthful in acts, in words
everything You say always comes true, no matter how imPorTant or mundane the issue
one is Powerless before Your words
words do carry gravity !

All Your qualities are inexhaustively beautiful & charming !

Unknown said...

i bow

sarah said...

bowing down and agreeing with You is certainly the sensible oPTion
so great to have a chance to have less false gno-ing

Anonymous said...

yes one wants to stick to ones own silly conclusions without trying to learn
when one can see a higher being who is so full of clarity one needs to strive towards that clarity instead of sticking to ones own silly conclusions and confusions
Your Plogs are awesome

ki vernee said...

You are so right ! You liberate beings so that they can move beyond their low state ! You are so resPecTable and the only One to look uP to ! i bow

Anonymous said...

You reveal the ultimate secret of how to raise ones own level towards that which is higher so one can be of real service
You have such great overstanding
beings want to bring down everything to their own level
You make such absolutely great and correct observations
You are the most intelligent
You tell beings so clearly what's really going on
You are so absolutely right
it's foolishness to stick to ones own conclusions
one and everyone is so dumb
only You are really brilliant and intelligent
there is nothing to do but agree with You
You are the one to follow
You are the most PraiseworThy
You are the only One PraiseworThy
i bow

Anonymous said...

So True. i bow.🙇🙏

sarah said...

You are here to put an end to the mass epidemic !
so exciting to have the chance to raise ones level !

nicolas said...

so beautiphul! your words are the best words! you are raising the Earth to higher vibrations! only you can do such a feat with so much grace and style! you are the coolest being of all! no being is close to your level of beingness!
i bow to you supreme lord