Sunday 24 June 2012

for the hell of it

there are too many things

being done

in this world

for the hell of it

so no wonder than

of the hell

that exists

in people's lives

inside & outside


pinx said...

Powerful and impactful words !

the saying "for the hell of it" is actually literal ! and the state of this world is a testament to that for sure !!

No one says it better than You !! You always raise the most crucial and quintessential of PoinTs ! You make one face the world for what it truly is !

I Bow !!

Vintish said...

- I bow -

Vintish said...

- Lotus Ocean is the world's best university -

Asha said...

* Bowing * Yes Your right ! what a witty insight again into the cause of hell ! Your words ignite the contrasting practical doing things for the heaven of it ... Praising/speaking to undo all the hell of it things one has done here !!!

You're the best !

Unknown said...

Yes...P-eace is eace with P. I bow too.

Unknown said...

Yes...P-eace is eace with P. It is only Axis.

JacLee said...

After all this time, you are finally HERE! I bow, so grateful to be near you at least in my heart. There you shall be for all of time.

JacLee said...

Have been waiting and praying for you to arrive for over 50 years. Am so thankful to have found you and so relieved that you are here! i bow.

missmriggy said...

That's so True. Mindless Actions with no thought of the consequences. To consider what you say and try to follow is
the only way out of Hell..

Shahid said...

Beloved Lord PT,Desire to meet you and be with you is growing stronger each day.It would be great to spend this Gurupoornima with you.

Your PLogs are Superb!!!

miragegirl said...

Your 'sPewing without gnoing' Plog comes to mind
its a 'for the hell of it' activity

one other activity also straight away visible is that internet has become a Playground of sorts where people waste time 'for the hell of it'
when not constructive, People can still lose ones Precious Time & energy over it
most of the time hands Pain, eyes get tired, Posture loosens & Hell begins
one had Personal experience before with that !

very glad i concentrate on LotusOcean manifestations, on Praising Divine now
i understand where the benefit lies for myself very clearly

how much 'for the hell of it' activity can one do anyway
one does get bored, frustrated ... & one stePs out of it

'for the hell of it' actions surely end in hell if one is insincere & doesn’t mend /change

grateful to You for showing all the changes that are required in one & facilitating them

You change genepools for the better
You are a great benefactor !

Anonymous said...

so true P !

going through a city, one sees the center island of road with numerous full sized banana PlanTs with unriPe bananas on them cut and brought from somewhere on disPlay as welcome to the masses crazy political leaders
so for the hell of it ! if they are meaning to show exuberance of their leader, surely its time then for such crazy exuberance to sToP as too many cows are not able to graze ProPer greens in the vicinity and too many people go hungry each day as well

indians are trashing every inch of land they can find with plastic & such, for the hell of it !

just too many road signs in US, for the hell if it !
PeoPle living like PlasTic dolls, calling themselves living dolls, for the hell of it !
many universities, museums, other facilities are so huge Physical structures in US, for the hell of it !

too many Parking tickets given out in UK for the hell of it !

PeoPle sleeping in boxes in JaPan

using vibrators to shake trees to get nuts down in Oz


world is a hell !

Anonymous said...

with You is heaven !

Unknown said...

i bow

sarah said...

This is such a classic.
You are the master of acting strategically in a way that only brings more PleasanTness.
experiencing hell as a natural consequence of doing actions for the hell of them is solid logic and common sense that only You provide a way out of.

ki vernee said...

thats so true ! like You said "if you do things for the hell of it then you will get the hell " just make so much sense ! You are so intelligent ! i bow

Anonymous said...

So True. i bow.🙏🙇

nicolas said...

so true! people like to waste their time and energy in aimless and useless hellish things! your observations are so sharp and to the PoinT! your words bring so much clarity in one's liPhe! i am so gratephull for your presence on this plane!
i bow to you supreme one