Friday 30 March 2012

शक्ति और शक्ती


Vintish said...

- Aeioum -

pinx said...

Spectacular !

What a sweet opening with You on Your natural swing ! You are the real Nature Boy !

What a vivid experience it is to watch Your films. How it all falls into place so magnificantly ! Bird sonics abounding, a marvellous green hue with Your Pefect embedding into the scene, and still so much more to come !

What incredible guitar sounds ! such intricate weavings of sound, really magical and otherworldy ! and Your voice is so expressive and majestic. a mighty combination of voice and guitar. and Your strums are so cleansing ! cleansing the airwaves You are !

and what a ride ! what a reply from the elemental forces ! absolutely stunning and powerful ! to see You emerge in a flash from the darkness, time and time again is so thrilling ! it is a very exciting scene to behold ! You are glorious ! and oh how nature shines when You are near !

ShivaYaShive said...

Very beautiful!composing the theme in words of praise for this.

singing the song
Singing the song
Divine lullaby
Divine lulaaby
Hearing the rhythm
Hearing the rhythm
Lub-dub Lub-dub
Lub-dub Lub-dub
Heart drum beats
even when one sleeps

Musical orchestra of Shiv n Shakti
blissfully blossoms Bhakthi

Bhavani-Shivani dances
Bhavbhaya nivarini dances

Kadambavanavasini dances
Kaivalyadaayini dances

Damaru dances-Veena dances
Trishool dances-Trilok dances

Shive dances Shiv too dances
Shakti dances Shakti(i) dances

Saamagaana lola...
sadashiv bhola

Akhilaandkoti naadamayam

Tadangu thakjhanu
Tadangu thakjhanu
Nayanmanohari Shakthi
Nataraajahar jyothi


The cosmic dance of unity
only to last till the eternity
As the love of the divine
more transcedental than any wine

The beauty
The purity
The reflection
The perfection

Flowing as one breath
twined within every atomic sheath

singing the song
singing the song
Divine Lullaby
Divine Lullaby
Shive is Shiv
Shiv is Shive
Shakti to Shakti(i)

Asha said...

most Beautiful Film of Truth ~ compelling Powerful ~ full of Your Electricity

* bowing *

Your Voice resounds with infinite chambers of Heart
green hued natural chakra emitting real life sparks

that set aflame a sunset over her breasts full and true
readying a blue ardra sky with a ShivNarayan blue hue

You ride through the forest rooted in earth, the Divine Tree
on Your chariot riding with the wind and allowing us to see

this magnificent display of Shakti ~ P Light and Might
a Glorious show strobing throughout the deep night

so glad You are here defining a fractal dictionary
You make Divine factual and no longer fictionary

hope to join You in many more journeys such as these
where You raise the whole world up with total ease

Your films are so real sweet & full of immortality
all the birds sing P~raises and will for infinity !!!

miragegirl said...

so green


wow ! how the sound is resounding in the whole area
Your sound is amazing

shakti symbology, trident in every branch
& You have choosen that location for the Play

so PerfecT

wow ! what a Powerful voice You have !

You are so Profound
all Your maniPhesTations are so Profound

You are amazing P !

charge always flows to You !

what a resPonse !
elements are alive & resPond to an alive being, the sky is the Proof

wow ! continuous lightning !
shakti is dancing !

You are the full moon

wow ! no one in this world in the now has seen or heard any such magic excePT with You

seems the birds are chirPing wondering who the amazing PersonaliTy is

wow ! how beautiful Your voice ! how most humble ! how reverential !
wow ! Your voice is resounding to the horizon & beyond !

no wonder 'Valmiki wrote Rmanayan in Praise of Ram'
only Divinity can make Praise flow like a song

its sPecial when You gesture with Your hands like that

You have become the thunderbold, thundering through the darkness
Your voice is also the thunderbolt thundering through the darkness

such Poise & suPerb beauty
how absolutely True & comPassionaTe You are

magic !

great ! its so grand ! so so grand !

how You enliven entities !

You rejuvenate all the elements, You can, You are so Powerful !

wow ! how You are surrounded by lightning !

the resPonse that nature Provides You is so humbling
its so intense & lasting !

You are Divine !

Gita said...

I always wish to see you next to your Shakti !
I wish you all her love and bliss..
Hope you get embraced in shakti's love forever ..
May Shakti in all her forms be with you..

Hope Shakti is in a Human form right now waiting to be with you , serve you , take a part in the judgment that you have been giving..

Always want shiv and Shakti to be together..
Seeing them together is such a beautiful sight!

Praise to Shiv Shakti Praise to their love..
Praise to Shiv Shakti Praise to their love
Praise to Shiv Shakti Praise to their love..

S & S give the best example for love
S & S show the path to evolve

My Love to shiv Shakti
My Praise to Shiva Shakti
My life to shiv Shakti
My everything to shiv Shakti..

Lead me to you.. I Bow !!

Anonymous said...

Amazing and beauTiPhull! i bow and surrender to the divine shakthee. 🙇🙏