Saturday 14 April 2012



another word thrown around a lot

without understanding

another spelling which is incomplete


comes from




one has to use the genes properly & fully

to be able to

be a


people are usually


torturing their genes

rather than utilizing them

to phire them


service to higher & divine


Asha said...

YOU are a true geneiuse and what an inspiring defining and clarification !

there are infinite reasons to bow and serve high and divine ~ all described here so eloquently !

so glad You are here to do so with right here right now ! !

miragegirl said...

yes true

you show the truth as is

no one can show the meaning of a word as you do

you consume all prespectives and help others

pinx said...

Brilliant ! The ultimate explanation of the title 'genius' and clearly describing what it takes to actually be one !

gene-i-use ~ what a precise dissection of the word ! never before has one heard such an insight ! You are supreme in Your findings ! Your perspective is Pure Truth !

makes so much sense that one has to use the genes properly and fully to be able to be a 'geneiuse'! You are the only One that is doing that ! You are thus the only Genius !!

What a great privilege it is to read the words of a true Genius !!

I bow !

What a great start to the New Year ~ the gift of another Divine P-log !

Vintish said...

- Incredible -
- I bow -

Vintish said...

- satya Narayan ki jai -

missmriggy said...

Humble obeisances. Your words
are pure Genius

sarah anne said...

this definition is genius!it is time to stop the violence and start the healing, for sure.

miragegirl said...

what a great Plog !

You show what a being should do for all that a being might aim toward
You are high class & give all PracTicaliTies to tend to being like You
You are selfless in Your comPassion
You are The Enlightened & bless others to follow the PaTh toward Enlightenment
even by today's standards, that god is benevolent & forgiving always hold true with You
its just that evil gets Punished, People seem to not be able to tune into that thought

You are a geneiuse
You are the Master of English & teach it Properly to us so we can see the real deal
Lotus Ocean Manifestations are marvellous

grateful to You for Your immense inexhaustive comPassion

sarah said...

You are always taking genius to new heights. You provide so much to praise.

Anonymous said...

You are a magnificent and Profound Genius
i bow

sarah said...

only You can light anyone's Phire !!!

Anonymous said...

Amazing. i bow and surrender to the divine.🙇🙏

nicolas said...

witnessing your genius is a never ending awe
your intelligence is a real miracle, your smartness is a magnificently brilliant happening! there is no being like you
your gnowledge is wholistic, practical and marvellously liberating

i bow to you ShivNarayan