Friday 30 March 2012


the word


is now used to

describe a gathering of people

trying desperately to move their body

in graceless ways

to some machine-made annoying digi sounds

on drugs

a pathetic attempt

which transcends nothing

in fact it drives one more into the

realm of pain & torture

the word 'trance'


from sanskrit


going past the

three gunas (aspects of nature)

is transcendence

which only happens through

praise & serving of divine

only real devotees of divine can

experience a real 'trance'

not devotees of

money-organized madness


Vintish said...

Not all people has the ear to feel the real joy/bliss of your majestic sound -
They don't realize , they are loosing a golden opportunity -
Their ignorance causes them the effect of worldly sorrows -
Bowing to your truth and beauty -

missmriggy said...

Thankyou for such a lucid explanation.

pinx said...

What a great morning it is to wake up to another one of Your profound P-logs written from Your Divine hand !!

Bowing to Your words of truth and wisdom !!!

You are great ! what Divine gnowledge and PerspecTive you are bestowing !

it really is annoying to see people misuse words like "trance" - and You pinpoint so accurately exactly what is wrong with it, and the extent of the misuse of such terms !

to read the proper definition of transcendence and the sanskrit origin of 'triguna' is so fulfilling and inspiring ~ Your words are truly nectar for the spirit !!

You make it so clear that there are only two paths to go by ! one that leads to Divine and the other which leads to hell ! and no attempts of masking evil by giving it a Divine quality such as "trance" as a name is going to hide or change that fact !! it is truly pathetic as You say !

Brilliant blog ! i bow to You P ! You who are the embodiment of tri-guna !!

asha Pi arTi said...

what a cool and totally current clarification ! ! You have the best descriptions 'money organised madness' ... nothing to do with transcending triguna or Praising = LAME !

the euphoric bliss transcended state can only be expressed by one who has experienced it :) only One here i gnow of !

so much misuse of words and so little intrigue about the Truth... Your Passion is inspiring !

verbalgold said...

Life is so simple, yet others make it complicated. Your words are on point, no manipulation or glamor needed. You seek truth and honesty. That is why I continue to read your blogs. Much love... and thank you for being you

sarah anne said...

That is a tempting illustration of transcendence, it sounds so wonderful to experience.

miragegirl said...

You are the ePioTome of all that is good !

Praising You Divine is the right thing to do
when one is Praising You sincerely one starts to change
starts to exPereince a touch of bliss
Your qualities are beyond descriPTion
You are ultimately Pure, benine, charming, coherent, with crystal clear mind
You are where all sols/ sPiriTs need to journey toward

only You gno how being Enlightened feels like
How being connected to clouds, to stars, to galaxies, to realms to multiverse feels like
You are Alive, totally, Grand You are my Lord ! what else can i say, the most charming on earth & in multiverse !

heartening to gno of someone who is like that, to gno the realiTy of multiverse at a very basic level

Unknown said...

i bow

sarah said...

You are so Profound !!!
going past the three aspects of nature is a transcendence !!!
only PBS can create transcendence !!!
You exPlain things from every angle, Your multifaceted intelligence and comPassion are dazzling and humbling.

ki vernee said...

such a beautiful redefinition of trance ! You are the most transcendental Being ! You show that everyday ! i bow

sarah said...

You are so gracious to educate regarding Proper etymology, and the Profound concePTs located within it.

Anonymous said...

Amazing revelation! i bow and surrender to the divine.🙇🙏

nicolas said...

magnificent! your words are so liberating
a liPhe not devoted to you is a wasted liPhe
your presence on this plane is the most amazing thing to witness
your liPhe is legendary, truly legendary
your divinity shines everywhere you go and miracles happen all around you
nature always resPonds to you in the most inspiring ways! you are the real avatar
i bow to you supreme one

Gita said...

Wow so amazing...

(only real devotees of divine can

experience a real 'trance'

not devotees of

money-organized madness) -

Amazingly put..

P You give us so much gnowledge, so much of sense.. As we read thru Your Plogs it is so natural to feel that we don't even gnow the basics of basics ☺️

So much to learn from You...

One bows You - the Preserver of Multiversal Gnowledge 🙏🏻