Friday 8 April 2011

muggles and magic

the basic

tenet of


is not making any sense

one can say, write whatever

coherence in thought, words and action

is neither required

nor expected

most stay in muggledom

as they see this craziness

as some kind of freedom

no matter how painful & restrictive

the price

magic has always

been simply


making sense


is the only magic that

ever was


ever will be


simply a name for

perfect coherence

greatest magic


asha said...

what a PT-log!! what a beautiful revelation and perspective!!

the elegant way you define everything step by step: muggledom, coherence, magic ... leading one to an understanding of what divine your words make everything so tangible and real!

it is such a pleasure experience to read your words, watch your videos/images and hear your music. the truth and beauty in them leaves one in awe and reverence because you always make so much sense!

Anonymous said...

it is so true. true magic is in coherence.

may be this is link to that :
after many years, first time i saw a flower and realise it was magic.
because it is a miracle that all kinds of elements gathered together in a precise order and at a precise time for it to exist and happen.

this was more amazing to me to realise that even in its details it was perfect, as much as one want to go into its small size details , like making a zoom in, it was still perfect.

so i wondered if this thing, we consider as normal is so perfect, it is such a shame that as a human being, we are meant to be created for a greater purpose and becoming, our lives be so inordinate.

this shocked me.
after i sought for finding such an ordered life, most said it is unsane to seek for perfection, as no human can be perfect. but i knew inside that it was nonesense to me to believe such saying, even if it was widespread.

but i found out that to reach and aim for, for such a perfection one should be ordered/ordain, follow the order given by this same higher source that created the flower.

and this is where i fail, as i had to face my fears, backward way of think, like to break through it. to just listen and obey.

the hardest part is to learn to unlearn. and i failed that. now time is so close to the end. will God ever accept my repentence and train me again? this is what i pray for. though day by day it goes further away. but He sees all.

PT the Axis said...

@ anonymous - lot of words but again very little coherence ... training can/will happen only if one submits oneself to the training

claire said...

tell the world how you live without money

then your teachings will begin to have an effect on humanity, and the human race will be free

otherwise, you are holding the world in bondage, in slavery, like so many before you

PT the Axis said...

@claire - you have gone crazy about money. have said many times that the whole money system needs to be scrapped. people don't survive off money. they survive off food. if the effort went into growing it properly instead of doing all the nonsense that is done in the name of work these days no one would starve anywhere.

coherence has nothing to do with money either. talk about not making sense.

amruta patil said...

Too slowly, after too many words, one begins to realize the worth of brevity.

miragegirl said...

Aap sabse jaduyee vaktiv hai

Aap ParamaTma hai

Aap PerfecTly Coherent hai

PT = greatest magic


Aap ki LotusOcean jadu se bari hai

is yug mein ab is garti par jeena bahut khusi ki baat hai kyon ki aap ka darshan mil raha hai

Aap jag ko anand hi anand se bar rahe hai

Aap ki jitni bhi Prashansa ki jaye vah kam hai

Aap ko mera Pranam

miragegirl said...

Aap ne 'anonymous' aur 'claire' ke tippani ke jo uttar diye hai vah lajavab hai

Aap ke sare logon ke tippani / prashn ke uttar hamesha lajavab hote hai

Aap ko mera Pranam

sarah anne said...

This P-log is so magical!!!

You are the supreme example of what coherence is, and generously illuminate the path for others.

Anonymous said...

i bow! Your every word disPlays the Power and magic of comPleTe coherence! it is so kind of You to Point out the nonsense for one to see in oneself, all around and what a ridiculous and dangerous game it is to engage in. i bow at Your liberated feet. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow!
Your way with words is Total magic P! there is none more coherent than You! Your wit, Your Grace, Your elegance, is unseen anywhere else! You make one laugh and smile like no other can!
So humorously You PoinT out the inane reasons for staying in muggledom! the craziest asylum there is!

'most stay in muggledom
as they see this craziness
as some kind of freedom
no matter how painful & restrictive
the price'

i bow at Your magickal feet P. the only Place one ever want be.

Unknown said...

i bow

ki vernee said...

You have PerfecT coherence ! You are the greatest magic ! You show that everyday ! i bow !

Anonymous said...

You are PerfecT coherence. You are divine. i bow to you divine PT.

sarah said...

i love the way Your coherence is adaPTable and humorous.
Your reality exceeds the best Possible visualisation of what it might be.
You are so imPressive.

ankita said...

suPremely clariPhying and insightPhul Plog!
the basic tenet of muggledom is not making sense!
that is exactly how it is!
and they even see this craziness as some kind of freedom!
that's how it is!
You can see through it all!
You are such Divine brilliance
You so ePhorTlessly can see whats going on.... there have been books and books written on common people.... but no one made this simPle observation... only You!
You are so truthPhul and clear
You can see through all the nonsense and its so clear that it comes natural to You!
i 🙇