Friday 29 April 2011



an alchemical term

now reduced to

silly legality &

society stamps

real marriage

is between mind & heart

left side and right side

of the body

to create transformation

& in due course


even in the context of

a relationship between

a man and a woman

it is only real

& can only last as long

as the woman truly

finds the man higher & interesting

otherwise it is

just a sham

a charade to overcome

fear of poverty, society & loneliness

people staying together

without any real alchemy

& evolutionary goal

only leads to



depression &



Ren said...

"real marriage
is between mind & heart
left side and right side
of the body
to create tranformation
& in due course

This description actually makes marriage seem interesting and worthwhile and something to aspire to!

I have come across so many women who are depressed in their marriages for the exact reasons you have described.

asha Pi arTi said...

You really redefine this commonly used word !

what a beautiful explanation of it's misuse actually... Very detailed !

* bowing to Your liberating perspectives *

miragegirl said...

'marriage' 'alchemical term' hai

vah !

kitna khub kaha aapne !

marriage ke bare mein aapne bahut adbut vivran diya hai

bahut sundar hai

"real marriage

is between mind & heart

left side and right side

of the body"

tab to coherence paida hoga

aaj kaal duniya mein lagbag sabhi ke marriage ke shamband dikava hi hai

duniya bahut tarike se narak hai

Aap ParamaTma hai

Aap ko mera Pranam

Anonymous said...

i bow. we muggles would save ourselves stress, time and money spent on fighting, therapy and workshops by simply reading your Plogs. dhanyavad for guiding us toward simple solutions. The PosiTive, uplifting and healing effect of Your Truth is beyond measure or compare. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow. You are the ultimaTe PoeT P! You sPeak facts and Truth most eloquently! Your comPleTe comPrehension of all things translates so beautifully in Your Plogs and helPs one understand the True meaning of so many things that one has misPerceived. You are the ultimate examPle of One who is married in heart and mind, left and right, male and female. Your Divine enlightened insights are such a gift to this world and all who are blessed enough to receive them. i bow at Your treasured feet. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow!
Your words are always so striking P!
so fractal just like You! containing inPhiniTe gnowledge.
a little more unfolding each time one reads them.
and really Phun the way Your words lead to other Plogs to Provide more understanding and more mindblowing!
This is such a beautiful dePhining of what marriage really means!
it's astounding to see how far from reality, from You, from Divine, from Truth beings here have strayed!
that this false idea and action of marriage is what is 'normal'
so grateful for the chance to come to learn the Truth of words through Your Grace P!
for the chance move away from what is unnatural toward what is natural.
for the chance to grow closer to You!
You are the only Man one can Truly find higher and interesting!
You are the only True Man!
and the only Truly higher and intersting and alive Being on Earth!!!
The ONE who is enlightened!
the ONE who is Divine!
how lucky for all women that You are here P!
a relationshiP with You, as Your humble servant, is the only realtionshiP to seek.
real alchemy can only be found at the feet of the alchemist.
i bow.
no matter ones circumstances one is living in poverty and comPleTe lonliness if one is without You P!
stuck in the hells of a foolish society which is not focused on You! not facing the The Truth! without any sense of real evolution!
a life without P has nothing to offer but conflict depression and devolution!
it is comPleTely meaningless and empty.
there is nothing more frightening than living a lie only to die and do it again and again.
so grateful You are here P!
only You can helP one break free of all the lies one has bound oneself with.
only You gno and can guide the way out of hell!
i bow.

Unknown said...

i bow

Astro said...

Marriage is only real & can only last as long as the woman truly finds the man higher & interesting.. I bow

ki vernee said...

what an amazing PoinT ! You brilliantly gave the true definition of marriage ! it is no wonder why they do not last ! i bow

Kṛtti kā said...

You are always right, Your observations are so Precise! So liberating and relieving to learn that real marriage is between mind and heart!
Just amazing how PerfecTly You word it , You always keeP it simPle short and laser straight! You unearth true meanings behind every word for us, You Plogs are such an invaluable giPhT to us, You are the most Precious giPhT to all of us... So PhortunaTe we are to learn directly from You. Your comPassion to generously educate and enlighten all is true benevolence and mercy and beyond admirable, You do so much for us! You give us the eyes to finally see!
You are the ePiTome of all Divinely virtues! You are the best! You are the enlightened truthsayer, You are the most beautiful truth!
i bow /\ /\ /\

Anonymous said...
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ankita said...

wow very insightPhul ..people staying together without any evolutionary goal only leads to bickering conflict depression and devolution. .
no matter how much they show the teeth. ..Your writings make so much sense.. You can see through the charade
i 🙇

Unnati Dalela said...

i bow <3 _/\_
wow! <3 _/\_ that's such a liberating PerspecTive <3 _/\_ You are so kind to allow beings to work on real marriage between their own minds and hearts, left side and the right side channels to get to enlightenment <3 _/\_ You bring the gravitas to words and show their right usage <3 _/\_ The Vedic concePT of marriage is so right and Your PerspecTives on this toPic are so liPhe saving <3 _/\_ so kind of You to be here to educate beings about what they should be doing and give them the courage and understanding to not fall into any such traps of the society and mind programming <3 _/\_ consequences of the so called "modern marriages" and the "problems" associated with that are out there to be observed, so kind of You to helP beings see The reality for themselves and make the choice <3 _/\_ You make existence here meaningful, You helP beings asPire to work to keeP evolving themselves with You ~ The Only One who keePs on getting more Higher and interesting in time <3 _/\_ You are so Divine <3 _/\_ liPhe saving Angel <3 _/\_ so grateful to You for allowing one to Phocus on Real marriage <3 _/\_ You are so generous <3 _/\_ very grateful to You for Your Wholy Divine words <3 _/\_
i bow <3 _/\_