Thursday 31 March 2011

the trap that is 'lack of belief'

the translucents

have created a notion

for themselves and others

that nothing better exists

than the hell they have created

on this planet

of course they don't even label it as hell

and neither can their blind followers


it is hell despite

all the signs (blisslessness) in their own life

pointing to it

those who

can comprehend the hell to a certain extent


lack the belief


something better does exist

just because they don't see anything

in their immediate proximity

or small little hive matrix

will be caught in

this hell

as long

the lack of belief continues

one has to believe

in the very logical notion

with all their heart

that something better

always exists

until perfection is reached

there is a point/world/realm

of 100% bliss

goes without saying that

one also has to be ready to

move towards the better/higher

when it is seen


asha Pi arTi said...

wow very very inspiring compassionate words P !

so glad You are here as clear proof that there is Divine in this world ! !

it was all going downhill before You came here, even cropcircles have started gracing the world same year You were born... the arrival and llife are beautifully clebrated and always will be by those that keep believing and seeing and bowing !

* bowing to the Avatar *

sarah anne said...

It is so logical that perfection is possible, and totally inconceivable that the translucent hive is the epitome of creation.

miragegirl said...

bahut sachi baat boli hai aapne

bahut se log hive mein jeete rahte hai kyun ki vah nahi mante ki behatar jeevan sadya hai

bagavan ke murti ke samne to pranam bahut karte hai par mante nahi ki bagvan sacha anand de sakte hai

anand to adiktar log sirf paisa hona hi mante hai

nirantar aapke dikaye rah par chal kar mein kisi din kisi janma mein us lok ko pahunchna cahti hu jaha kisi tarah ka dard na ho

sirf aap mujhe rah dika sakte hai

sirf aap is ya phir dusre kisi bhi duniya mein meri suraksha kar sakte hai

Aap Shaktishali hai

Aap PraTapvan hai

Aap is yug mein darti par Kalki hai

Aap ParamaTma hai

Aap Param Pujaneeya hai

Aap ko mera Pranam

Anonymous said...

i bow. Your words are most uplifting and inspiring P. "one has to believe in the very logical notion with all their heart
that something better always exists until perfection is reached." :) dhanyavad for sharing absolute Truth and inspiring those who are seeking to continue to strive for Divine PerfecTion. dhanyavad for being a living, incarnate example of that Divine PerfecTion that one can safely and assuredly turn to, follow and bow to. i bow. Narayan! Narayan!

Unknown said...

i bow

Kṛtti kā said...

It is You who is showing that better states of existence can be reached, You sow in the seed of belief that that PoinT/world/Realm of 100% bliss exists and anyone can work towards that state!
You, Your beautiful liPhe is a PerfecT examPle for all to see it, realise it, believe it and get insPired.
It is only because of Your kindness and comPassion that one get the eyes to see the hell that is within and around, You show better way of liPhe, You show better worlds of existence, You show the way out of birth and death cycle!
You show the way out of this trap.

i bow to The One who has reached the state of 100% bliss /\

Anonymous said...

You are absolute PerfecTion. i bow to you PT.

ankita said...

wow... very clariPhying words
You are so illuminating
Your words deprogram and enlighten

You are such a great examPle of better existing.. You are so unique and out of this world
You give all the great and PosiTive messages!

there is a point/world/realm of hundred
percent bliss ..such beautiPhul revelations!
Your words are so huge!
the most imPorTant words ever!
You are the greatest truth
Your Plogs are so comPrehensive
You have such an above it all highly intelligent mind!
You can see it all!
it's lack of belief that is a trap!
Your observations and insights are the best
so eye oPening You are!
without a doubt the best being in this world!
Your Presence is immensely Precious!
Your Presence is the greatest blessing
i bow