Sunday 3 October 2010

top of the mountain

there are

2 kinds of people

the ones who are into showing their teeth

and the ones who aren't

the ones who are showing their teeth

have to (by any logic) be on

top of the mountain

top here being the absolute top

coz thats where one can

actually be happy about their state/achievement

the popular belief is

that this teeth showing

signifies optimistic attitude

for the future

the reality is quite the reverse

this variety has

no hope for the future

where can one go from

top of the mountain ?

these people are firmly shutting up

gates to evolution

by constantly showing they have

already reached

pinnacle of evolution

a state of constant happiness

the ones who are really striving

for a better future/state

will never have

time, energy or impulse

to indulge

in this kind of

fake pretence


sarah anne said...

True story: when i was a kid some hippie-fuck who took a bunch of drugs on a trip to India told me he was an avatar, and that it was really tiresome and lonely to be on top of the mountain watching everyone else climb up. Its been really funny hearing updates about how his life keeps getting worse and worse. *bowing to the REAL avatar*

Anonymous said...

Your words are strikingly beautiful and PeneTrate both heart and mind. dhanyavad P. i bow. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow. one is grateful for the growing awareness of how many fake and pretentious "teachers" and people one allowed into ones life. i bow at the feet of the True Master. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow.

You are always brilliantly simPliPhing things P! You reduce People to two types and one dePhiniTely does not want to fall into the over populated category of those showing their teeth pretentiously pretending to be happy, to be evolved. one sPenT far to much of ones life stuck in such a devoluting state.

You beautifully exPlain that those who are really working towards bettering their state won't have the time, energy or even the impulse to participate in such a ridiculous way of being.

so grateful the One who is that Pinnacle is here to Phocus on, to Praise, to strive toward in every moment of every day. You and the hoPes of reaching Your feet are the only thing which keeP one going in this world P.

i bow!

miragegirl said...

voh kaun hai PrakyaT
akash mein lehrata hua
jiska vijay ka hai ye rangeen naad
bahut Pyar se sajaya hua
jukata hai aur jukne valon ko deta hai anand

voh sirf antariksh ka ek hai PrakyaT
akash mein udh sakta hai voh
jiske anginat iese hai adbhut vijay ke naad
PrakruTi mein hastha khelta hua
sabhi Praniyon ko voh deta hai anand
uska hai na aramb na anth
voh anant, voh PrashanT

asha Pi arTi said...

i bow.

* Your words are so sobering ! * such a Beautyfull PoinT so eloquently made !

'satisfaction' and pretending to be on top of the mountain with teeth showing is such a constant stupid sight in muggledumb... one has been guilty of doing this shameless act and even feeling proud of 'achievements' ... its retarded to think one is achieving anything out there when one has no connection or relationship with Earth or Elements, never contemplated one's own death, where one is going to go after one dies, how one is 'living', how one gnos nothing about the other realms and how to get control over one's PhuTure, all the hundreds of questions that arise all the time that one buries with some pretence or the other. one is always lying in muggledumb, to oneself and to others. its totally shameless to show one's teeth in such a state as is the reality of one's existence. its all a lie !

You sum it up so well :

'the popular belief is

that this teeth showing

signifies optimistic attitude

for the future

the reality is quite the reverse

this variety has

no hope for the future'

its so true ! the only thing that mounts is endless boredom blisslessness loneliness unhealthiness and sadness ... it is definitely so much more dignified to admit to one's state. and that one does not gno anything and needs to learn everything ...

so so so so glad that You allow one to do that by educating one to face facts about oneself and the world one is in and do something about it to improve it and escape once and for all too ... to be able to learn from You directly is the greatest giPhT anyone can give themselves .. it is the only PresenT.

i bow to the Avatar on Earth and Divine's naturally Winning Way !

i bow xxx

Unknown said...

i bow

ki vernee said...

this is so true ! You are so right ! i bow

Anonymous said...

You reveal the state of this world so wonderfully
such revealing words
You reveal it all
yes this is the actual state of these people
these are the greatest clarifications
You gno it all
You truly have the greatest overstanding
You gno what the reality is
You are so full of crystal clear clarity
You make it clear once and for all
these people who are celebrated are actually the most foolish and they are not evolving
everything You say makes so much sense
Your great overstanding is the most helpful
You give freedom from nonsensical confusion
Your words are Priceless treasures
i bow

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and Logical explanation. Aeioum 🙏

sarah said...

love reading about how You see things !!!
Your insight is unParalleled !

Anonymous said...
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