Saturday 30 October 2010

the human garbage bin


unwholesome thoughts

demonic actions

deranged obnoxious behaviour

skewed emotions

vampiric needs

negative mentality

incoherent lifestyle


all put under

one garbage bin


'being human'

how convenient

being human

is actually

nothing to

do with these

unwholesome states

it is


respecting &

praising divine


hanuman does

the origin of the

term 'human'

being human


being in harmony

with the

multiversal divine will


Shahid said...

ahhh,so thats what being a Human means:)
Glory to Lord Narayan.

sarah anne said...

This is a fantastic point. It is captivating to learn that having a human birth is no excuse for almost everything it is used as an excuse for.

It is, in fact, just an opportunity to earn the title "human" by getting in harmony with the divine will.

Anonymous said...

i bow. dhanyavad P! Narayan! Narayan!

miragegirl said...

wow ! what a great Plog !

Hanuman, the origin of the term 'human'

all You say is going to become the origin of saneness getting back into this decriPiT hellish world as it changes

You are & would be gnown as ProgeniTor of Divine entities who would enliven the earth

sarah said...

excellent descriPTion !!! You show what it means to be human, You are so warm, soPhisTicated, and comPelling.

Unknown said...

i bow

ki vernee said...

wow ! what a great PoinT ! i bow

sarah said...

wow !!! what an imPorTant and crucial insight into humanity !
only You can elucidate the origin of the word human and its Proper meaning.

Kṛtti kā said...

It is all so very true! You show the mirror which starkly reflects ones lowly miserable state of existence!
You say it all so straight and clear, hitting the nail on the head!
So comPassionaTe of You to show a way out of ones deranged obnoxious behaviour, skewed emotions, out of all these disgusting unwholesome states... through being like Shri Hanuman ~ ePiTome of humanness ~ ePiTome of loving devotion and service to Divine ~ Such a beautiful way of Being ~ Beautiful way of resPecTing n Praising Divine, Such immense Power in Your words!
How just how would have one ever come to gnow ones shamefull ridiculous wrongs and how to correct them through human forming rule of PBS ~ it's the ras/taste into Beautiful Divine's Bliss.
Without You nothing seems Possible! There is immense Power in just reciting Divine's name, Praising Divine ~ Praising You!
And one has exPerienced it maybe to the littlest degree but relieves one from ones faultfullness when in remembrance of Divine ~ You! one just has to PuT all of ones mind to You and one feel so light so ridden of ones deranged thoughts in moments which have Divine~You in thoughts!
Your grace saves one and one gnows now because of You that there is nothing without Divine, why go against heart touchingly heart meltingly Beautiful Divine ~ You when core of all of us will only want all blissful all joyful all loving eternal Divine ~ The Source of all beings ~ The Giver of all things truly desired by sPiriT/soul, mann only wants Divine and it just doesn't seem to be quelled with any other object of senses!
One owes it all to Divine and without Divine nothing seems working!

i bow at Your Sacred most Beautiful most comPassionaTe most merciful LotusPheeT /\

Anonymous said...
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